10 alpha characters of modern cinema

These women do not need men. Not necessary in the sense that such ladies, and do not get lost in difficult times, to cope with the fallen down out of nowhere troubles will retain control of the situation and take the right decision ... And stand up for themselves, they are able to at any time. Seeing them on TV, in the mind untrained men certainly whenever a question arises: who of us is still the stronger sex?

In our today's ranking, we have compiled 10 of the most courageous, resolute and militant heroines of modern cinema.

10 alpha characters of modern cinema

The Black Widow

10 alpha characters of modern cinema

The character under the sonorous name of Black Widow was first mentioned in the comic book series, published in April 1964. But, like any popular with the public character, sooner or later she had to appear in cinemas.

That is what happened in 2010. In the second part of the movie "Iron Man" and the subsequent series of paintings "The Avengers" Black Widow played by American actress and singer Scarlett Johansson. Assessing the success of the character of the audience, the creators do not exclude the possibility of filming and is now a separate film about the superhero.

Elizabeth Swann

10 alpha characters of modern cinema

Now, perhaps, it is very difficult to imagine in the role of Elizabeth Swann (the character of the famous franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean") someone other than Keira Knightley.

The quiet life of its heroine - the daughter of the governor of the British colony - ends at age 17, when Elizabeth is kidnapped by pirates ship "Black Pearl". But there is a silver lining: it is thanks to the pirates, she finds happiness with her lover, Will Turner (played by Orlando Bloom) and meets a charismatic Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). Acting success of the latter and his images also require special mention.

Ellen Ripley

10 alpha characters of modern cinema

For the American actress Sigourney Weaver role in the series of films "Alien" was a real breakthrough in his career. Her courageous heroine Ellen Ripley enters the list of the most charismatic female characters in cinema history, and she embodied the image of Weaver has been nominated for many awards.

During the four-part "Alien" Ellen is forced to deal with is not women's work: single-handedly control the space shuttle, go to jail and kill the stubborn monsters to save not only their lives but also the lives of those around her men.

Xena - Warrior Princess

10 alpha characters of modern cinema

The eponymous television series in the fantasy genre aired in 1995-2001 and consisted of six seasons (a total of 134 series). The role of the protagonist - knows no fear and doubt Xena - brilliantly performed the actress Lucy Lawless.

The plot is simple. In the past, Xena was a ruthless killer, who led an entire army. But now she has decided to embark on the path of good and together with them doing a long way in helping ordinary people in the restoration of justice, his companion Gabriel (observant viewer can see the lesbian motifs in this friendship without effort).


10 alpha characters of modern cinema

In the red-haired girl Lola (played by Franka Potente) is a guy named Manny. Because of their blatant carelessness he forgets a large sum of money in the subway. But the whole point is that this money should Manni for 20 minutes to bring to his boss, the mafia. Aware of the horror of the situation in which he found himself, the guy turns for help to his beloved, and was then, Lola comes into play. The plot consists of a description of the three future scenarios, each of which has its own ending, and begins with that very phone call.

Taking into account the agreed time limit - 20 minutes - the heroine of the film! "Run Lola Run" (1998) really can not sit still. The dynamic development of the plot and the charm of the girl Lola provided the film a huge success with young audiences. Also, in the amount of the account picture 25 different awards and 13 nominations.

The Bride (Black Mamba)

10 alpha characters of modern cinema

In the movie "Kill Bill", as in many films of Quentin Tarantino, the story is divided into chapters and largely non-linear. More interesting is the audience feel the author's intention and learn with a picture (if for some reason is not beyond comprehension that have still not done).

We single out the film excellent acting game Uma Thurman, whose heroine - the bride - life circumstances forced to commit many horrific acts from carjacking to double murder


10 alpha characters of modern cinema

Acting Milla Jovovich - indisputably one of the greatest advantages of sci-fi thriller "The Fifth Element", filmed in the now seemingly so far in 1997. The role of a beautiful girl, speaking in an incomprehensible language, and possessing incredible strength, has become a landmark in the career of the actress.

Together with a simple taxi driver, they are trying to save the planet from moving toward the Earth at high speed flaming ball Corbin Dallas (played by Bruce Willis). As a result, just feeling arising between the characters, and is thus a fifth element, able to prevent a catastrophe.

Sarah Connor

10 alpha characters of modern cinema

Militant Sarah Connor, whose role is played by wonderful actress Linda Hamilton - one of the main characters in the series Terminator movies.

The ups and downs of the plot, in which the heroine is so complex that to understand them, we could just as teenagers, 25-30 years ago (the first "Terminator" was released in 1984). We confine ourselves to mentioning the fact that the will of the writers Sarah fearless fighting against the cyborgs, travels back in time and save humanity from the relentless machine-killers.

Simple spectator character Sarah Connor remembered firmness of character and ability to become only stronger under new blows of fate. Catwoman

10 alpha characters of modern cinema

The film with the intriguing title was released in 2004. The main character brilliantly played Halle Berry.

Initially, Catwoman was a simple artist who one day had the imprudence to expose the evil plan of his boss. Moving away from the chase, she fell from a great height, and ... some time later revived, thanks to the cat. From that moment the heroine Berry got the ability to jump high and run across the ceiling and walls. From cats now its different except that there is no need to have a tray and sharpen claws on the sofa.

Realizing their newfound super powers, Catwoman, without hesitating for a second, to engage in battle with evil.

Lara Croft

10 alpha characters of modern cinema

On the big screen heroine Lara Croft has come from a series of computer games. The first film about the adventures of an archaeologist and adventure Seeker Croft (played by the stunning Angelina Jolie), was released in summer 2001. Throughout the picture heroine Jolie makes incredible somersaults, involved in fights, shoot at the enemy, and even kill them, without batting an eye.

After the film history of Lara Croft has been recognized as the most successful adaptation of computer games on a big screen, while Angelina Jolie has once again confirmed its title of one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood.