Anatoli Tarasov: photos, biography, personal life, sports achievements and interesting facts

The life of every athlete and coach is very interesting, and often full of highlights. However, there are such persons in the world, the Soviet and Russian sport that stand out and that will be remembered for centuries. One of these individuals was, is and will remain for a long time Anatoli Tarasov - the famous and the famous Soviet hockey player, football player and coach. It is very rare when the coach was still and beautiful talented player, and in two toughest sports, and by their example could teach and train the athletes. Its activity is simply impregnated with love for life and sport. This man from the heart always gave all of himself to his favorite cause - the sport. Their heroes must know in person, so below we suggest you read the biography of Anatoly Tarasov.

Tarasova Childhood

Anatoly Tarasov was born in Moscow on December 10, 1918. When he was 9, his father died, and since Anatoly was the eldest son, he took on the role of the older men in the family - dramatically showed his male leadership qualities and the ability to assume the obligations and responsibilities. For example, it is cared for and looked after his younger brother, and a lot of help at home mom. At that time, his mother, Ekaterina Tarasova Haritonovna, worked as a seamstress, machine operator.

Anatoli Tarasov: photos, biography, personal life, sports achievements and interesting facts

From early childhood, the brothers Tarasov tried to lead a healthy lifestyle and interest in sports. In the younger age boys disappeared on the "Young Pioneers" stadium, where trained football team "Spartak". Since their home was being built near the sports complex "Dinamo", it determined their fate and the Dynamo sports color for years to come - children enrolled in the school, "Young Dynamo". At that time, Anatolia was 11 years old. Possessing leadership skills, ability to take responsibility for themselves, and ambitious character, he became a captain very soon and one of the leaders of the Dynamo youth team, and after a while and the team of Moscow was appointed captain. Anatoly graduated seven classes of secondary schools and some time to unlearn a locksmith in a vocational school.

According to the recommendations received from the "Young Dinamo", Anatoly Tarasov, in 1937 he was enrolled in the High School coaches in the Moscow Institute of Physical Culture.

Football career Tarasov

Anatoly Tarasov began his football career in Odessa, "Dinamo", as part of which it occupies the last place in the group "A". Further as a player, he went on to play for the Central House of the Red Army (abbreviated CDKA): 4th place in the Championship of the USSR in 1940, and the 1941 season for the CAC footballer did not finish due to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Tarasov went to the front.

Start coaching career

With the war athlete returned to the rank of major, he went to the reserve and on the recommendation of the Army football coach B. Arkadbeva was appointed coach of football and hockey teams Air Force MVO - so was born coach Anatoly Tarasov. At the same Tarasov left the field, and as a player, so that he was one of the unique phenomena of the Soviet and world sport - playing coach. He played and coached equally well and is one of the most interesting facts of the biography of the great man! Successes as a coach was such that he was seen "at the top" and in 1947 was appointed player-coach CDKA team, which also bore the name of the CDSA, and subsequently - CSKA. In the club Tarasov spent on the field for a total of 100 appearances, scoring 106 goals and became three times champion of the USSR in hockey. In 1950 Tarasov decided to end his playing career to focus on the coaching profession. As CSKA hockey coach Tarasov won the championship of the USSR 18 times (the first - in 1948, the last under the guidance of a coach - in 1975). In the photo below the frame of the movie "The Legend №17", in which the role of a talented coach played O. Menshikov.

Anatoli Tarasov: photos, biography, personal life, sports achievements and interesting facts

Tarasov and USSR national team

Anatoly Tarasov for success in hockey was awarded the title "Honored coach of the USSR" in 1957, and in 1958 he was appointed to the USSR national team head coach for hockey and this post has achieved great success. During the first two years of the Soviet Union team won silver medals in the World Cup (1958 and 1959), the Olympic "bronze" Squaw Valley (1960), and then came the era Tarasova. Since the early 1960s, Tarasov became the head coach of the Soviet Union, and appointed senior coach Arkady Chernyshev. Together, the two coaches have worked for over 10 years, and during that time the USSR national team won nine world championships in a row (1963 and 1971) and was captivated by the Olympic podium three times (1964, 1968, 1972). Photos of Anatoly Tarasov with the national team of the USSR is presented below.

Anatoli Tarasov: photos, biography, personal life, sports achievements and interesting facts

At the Olympics in Sapporo (1972), an event occurred that cost and Tarasov and Chernyshev coaching position of the national team. According to legend, from the higher political leadership of the Soviet Union before the game with Czechoslovakia received an order to bring the match in a draw, the team of socialist countries took second place in the group. Victory in the end won the USSR national team with a score of 5: 2, and the second place in the group took the American team, after which coaches suspended from work. This case speaks to the exceptional dignity Tarasova and as a coach and as a person who for political convictions of individuals did not go to a violation of the free spirit of sport, sport and the principles of their personal beliefs. The story was a sad one thing: coaching a talented duo did not prepare the team for the USSR Summit Series-72 Canadians.

The period after the Soviet national team. Soccer CSKA

Anatoly Tarasov some time coached CSKA hockey, when in 1975 at the initiative of Marshal Grechko was appointed to the post of head football coach of CSKA. The idea was very simple and clear: as a coach Tarasov shot to fame very hard man who always goes to the end, practicing his techniques staging of the training process and the strictest discipline. To tell the truth, this approach brought him good results in hockey, football did not give the same effect.

His training methods were not different for mankind and, at times, a greater sense of art as part of football: football, playing soccer, hauled the barbell on your shoulders, practicing known Tarasovskoye exercise "Canadian Bay" (a running shoulder to hit a tree). As a result, they significantly increased in the level of physical fitness, but lost the football technique that has led to the fact that the players do not receive the accurate transmission and shocks. Another "Greetings from hockey" was set to "pass only forward", as Tarasov was always in hockey and football for the attacking game. As a result, the ball is often lost, and to the real shots on goal it came rarely. For violation of this rule, the entire team got a scolding and a fine: tumbling on the lawn, or even something more interesting. However, it is worth noting that Tarasov was one of those coaches who by example showed the players how to do the exercises. There was a very emotional person.

Despite these methods, the players (Astapovsky Vladimir, Vladimir Kaplichny et al.) Then is very positive about the coach.

Tarasov thoroughly deepened in the selection of "calling" players in the army, that then with the help of his personal ties to draw them into the army command. For example, what happened with Sergei Olshansky, Vadim Nikonov, Yuri Chesnokov, who later became the legends of the Army Club. Unfortunately, all these incredible movements and efforts have not yielded the desired result. Under the leadership of CSKA Tarasov took the 13th place in the top league. Apparently, all the same, in two completely different sports is impossible and there is no sense to apply exactly the same approach to the game and the training process. But for such a cautionary tale, as well as for his contribution to the crazy Soviet sports we will always remember, and will always be grateful to the great coach. It is therefore important to learn about the lives of successful people, and the biography of Anatoly Tarasov - this is undoubtedly a kaleidoscope of bright and unique stories, experience and personal example, how can you love life and his work.

The great people raised Tarasov

Anatoli Tarasov: photos, biography, personal life, sports achievements and interesting facts

A great coach has brought a huge number of players who have become champions and winners of world championships and Olympic Games (all hockey). The first is, of course, Valery Kharlamov and Vladislav Tretiak and Anatoly Firsov, Boris Mikhailov, Victor Kuz'kin Alexander Ragulin and many others.

Anatoli Tarasov: photos, biography, personal life, sports achievements and interesting facts

Other achievements and regalia coach

His experience and skill Tarasov passed not only on the hockey rink, but also through the book: "The tactics of hockey" (1963), "Hockey Future" (1971), "Hockey. The founders and the newcomers "(2015).

Coach in 1964 founded the tournament among all the republics for children's teams, "Golden Puck", and after the coaching presided in the children's hockey club "Golden Puck" (until 1991), which has trained many masters.

Anatoli Tarasov: photos, biography, personal life, sports achievements and interesting facts

The family of Anatoly Tarasov, and the last years of his life

Tarasov married girlfriend Nina in 1939. The couple met while studying at the Moscow Institute of Physical Education (Higher School of trainers), where Nina also trained and later became a teacher of physical education. Introduction took place in studlagere near Serpukhov. The couple were very beautiful and harmonious couple. In family life coach Tarasov, as they say, was a different person, but was brought up by his two daughters (Tatyana and Galina) in the spirit of the Spartan camp. Although Tarasova wife, Nina G., thinking about him, always spoke of her husband positively and warmly, calling him a caring and considerate, a great father and a good husband. Many people believe that it is thanks to his wife Tarasov has achieved such outstanding success.

Anatoli Tarasov: photos, biography, personal life, sports achievements and interesting facts

It is worth noting that his daughter, Tatiana went to his father's footsteps and became involved in sports, so that the Soviet Union and Russia for many years received an outstanding figure skating coach.

Tarasov died in 1995, on June 23, at the age of 76.