Makeup for blondes. How to choose colors?

There are no particular limitations in the technique of applying makeup to blonde no. The only rule that should guide states: natural blondes should focus on your eye color, but dyed the girls - on the skin, because it is usually slightly darker hair.

powder, blush and foundation

Experienced makeup artist advises to do makeup for blondes, using matting powder shades zero, which is able to perfectly align the skin. Powder is best to choose with gold particles, the so-called bronzer. As for blush, the blondes are perfect brown, apricot, peach, beige and gold colors. In order to get a nice make-up for blondes, professional brush should be used only as tone lies perfectly.

Makeup for blondes. How to choose colors?

Select the shadow of

Orange and golden shade suitable for light-brown hair. Blue or green eyes can be emphasized by using different shades of gray. For the current gray eyes are smoky-brown shades. The main color of the shadow is necessary to shade the brush on the upper and lower eyelids. If you do make-up for blondes in the evening, it is permissible to use the rich colors of the wine color. Mascara

Almost all natural blonde eyelashes tone (or even more) lighter than brunettes and brown-haired women. Making eye makeup for blondes, it is recommended to use a blue or brown mascara. While some stylists say that the black ink is universal, therefore it can be applied to any tsvetotipu. Blondes are particularly difficult to be painted in black ink, because when one awkward movement immediately visible all the errors. To prevent such troubles buy mascara with short bristles on the brush.

Makeup for blondes. How to choose colors?

Eyebrow Color

Eyebrow, use light brown or gray pencil. You can also take a toning shade that are well suited for daytime makeup. Experts admit the use of black pencil, but they need to skillfully use, so if you - new to makeup, then discard the black. In addition, there are now on sale toning gel for eyebrows - this option is ideal for the blonde beauty.

The choice of lipstick Makeup for blondes should not be calling so it is recommended to use the classic pastel colors. It is also allowed to use a peach or coral lipstick. If you want to buy a beige, then it is necessary to be careful, because your face can become pale and expressionless. In order to use the lipstick to achieve a gentle way, add a little color to the main shimmering shades. For evening makeup shade of lipstick is best to choose not glossy and matte berry or brick tones. In addition, to create the ideal image is not superfluous to use a lip liner the same shade as the lipstick.


Makeup for blondes. How to choose colors?

As you can see, make-up for blondes - it is simple, only need to know some tricks and the basic rules.