14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Seeing a movie copulating humans, we sometimes note: it is necessary, as is well played! Right though "Oscar" come on! The fact that sex can not be simulated, no one even think about it - we all know what an enormous amount of "foreign audience" is normally present on the set, and indeed, if all earnest, it is already in another called on the shelf conventional video store misses. But every rule there are exceptions, and in rare cases, the real copulation still penetrate to the big screen. We remembered the most notable examples of this series.

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym


The content of this material intended only for adults (18 and over).

Sweet Sweetback: git Song (1971) / Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Mystery / Drama / Thriller

Director: Melvin Van Peebles

Starring: Melvin Van Peebles, Simon Chuckster, Hubert Scales, John Dullaghan, Gail West

Indie filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles knew exactly what he wanted, when he wrote the script, shoot or edit a film about the misadventures of a black sex machine called Sweet Sweetback. The main character has to break the many that existed in the early '70s genre taboo to kill dogs and police, to urinate and, of course, a lot of sex, including Race. Sign on is someone was not easy, and neither stunt nor even on a stand-in Melvin's money is not there, because the director himself starred courageously spent before the camera a number of sex acts with a barely acquaintances. Confirmation that everything was for real, became caught up by them in the process of filming gonorrhea, for the treatment of which Van Peebles even managed to knock out a certain amount of Guild of Film Directors - although in the end, and the money spent on the production of paintings. The result turned out to be worth it, "Song villain" has become one of the most profitable and discussed films in 1971, simultaneously giving rise to a whole new subgenre - "bleksploteyshn".

Pink Flamingos (1972) / Pink Flamingos

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Detective / Comedy / Horror

Director: John Waters

Starring: Devine, David Locher, Vivien Mary Pearce, Mink Stole, Edith Massey

The film is famous kinoprovokatora John Waters of deviant entertainment semeek two imbeciles freaks strictly not recommended viewing for fans of "strawberries": your nerves can not stand the sight. As a director, by his own admission, he sought on audiences not applause, and vomiting reaction (at the premiere of the audience even handed out hygiene kits), then the methods he appropriate: Sex with crushed chicken, defecation and masturbation, eating one of the characters of dog shit, blowjob mother's own son. The fact that the "mother" played a famous transvestite Divine (real name - Harris Glen Milsted) pleasantness picture does not deliver; however, the sexual component is still somewhat darkened in all its filthy poop on the background that Devine, according to his interview in different years, or eating, or not eating. As a result, the director put an end to the gossip, responsibly stating that due to the almost zero budget for props and doubles his finances were not available. So everything was "on the garlic" (with the possible exception of cannibalism), and poor chickens, alas, too, died for real.

Wanted (1980) / Cruising

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Detective / drama / mystic / thriller

Director: William Friedkin

Starring: Al Pacino, Paul Sorvino, Karen Allen, Richard Cox, Don Scardino

William Friedkin thriller about a serial killer dismembering gay viewers remembered not only Al Pacino, but also scenes of gay sex, sealed chamber in numerous gay clubs. "It was really, - confessed later the director of" The Exorcist ", telling that the original New York gay, with whom he struck up acquaintances in spetsbarah, helped him with the collection of material for the tape, and then they're in it and played. - In my film, no member of the Guild of extras. We paid these guys as the extras, but in fact they are just hanging out in those places where we shot, and this is done the same. " Studio to finance the film, were not happy with the result, which shines pornographic rated "X", and made him terribly cut and left on the cutting room floor most of the "strawberries". But tape still failed at the box office - it is believed that she scored the final nail in the coffin of the New Hollywood era, gave a lot of money to independent filmmakers to shoot films "is not for everyone." Deleted scenes later, by the way, it was restored by James Franco in the Documentaries "Interior. Leather bar "- and correctly, knowingly Friedkin tried, really.

Realm of the Senses (1976) / Ai no korîda

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Drama / History / Romance

Director: Nagisa Oshima

Cast: Tatsuya Fuji, Eiko Matsuda Aoi Nakajima Yasuko Matsui, Meiko Seri

History of Japanese prostitutes 30s, despite the shocking revelation accompanying her sex scenes, even in his native Japan cost the tape censorship edits, and the director Nagisa Oshima - judicial charges, on the whole, do not have such serious problems with family, as a follow-up samples of erotic genre. She managed to earn a cult status, supported by indisputable artistic merit, and a standing ovation in Cannes. By 1990, the "Realm of the Senses" has managed to penetrate even in Soviet cinema (albeit marked "for children under sixteen viewing is forbidden"), snesya unsophisticated citizens roof demonstration of fellatio and other uncertain penetration and causing the media outrage "acts of true copulation without veils" . Since the Soviet people realized that sex in the USSR, maybe not, but he certainly has in Japan. By the way, the castration scene is present in the "Realm of the Senses", yet was not present - even for Japanese filmmakers, especially not to burden themselves with issues of morality, it would be too.

Caligula (1979) / Caligola

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Adult / Drama / History

Directed by: Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione, Giancarlo Lui

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Teresa Ann Savoy Guido Mannar, John Gielgud, Peter O'Toole

Those who are not familiar with the history of "Caligula", surprised, as Tinto Brass managed to lure in the porn actors such as Malcolm McDowell, John Gielgud, Peter O'Toole, Helen Mirren. Casket is opened simply: despite the reputation of the Brass, the tape did not think it as pornographic - amateur unshaven armpits really planned to make a historic painting of the bloody Roman emperor, and all the sex they filmed was simulated. But after the sponsor, the publisher pornozhurnala "Penthouse" Bob Guccione, demanded "true hardcore" (status "adult movies" would be allowed to increase the price of cinema tickets), Brass balked and was fired, and Guccione himself sat in the director's chair and dosnyal six minutes of pure pornography, which was quite rude mounted in a ready-made movies without warning other members of the project. Needless to say how loudly knocked on the floor of the jaw lead actors at the premiere.

Ken Park (2002) / Ken Park

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym


Directed by: Larry Clark, Edward Lechmen, Larry Clark, Edward Lackmann

Starring: James Ranson, Tiffany Limos, Stephen Jesse, James Ballard, Mike Apaletegi

After the scandal, but still not pornographic, "Babes" about the sex lives of adolescents director Larry Clark has not calmed down and took off, "Ken Park" - again about teenagers - which made their heroes come to the territory of cunnilingus, blowjob, masturbation, group sex and other simulated difficult things, shown close up. Given the fairly young age of the actors, who had to participate in activities of a sexual nature, the film caused no laughing swirling in the press and has been banned in several countries, including the United States. Arguments director, assures that all project participants are 18, that is, they have every right can be removed at any hardcore porn, little has changed in the eyes of most of the conservative society, judge: can, of course, teenagers and sex, but to show it after all it is not necessary in movie theaters. And then suddenly another audience something new to learn ...

Brown Bunny (2003) / The Brown Bunny

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym


Director: Vincent Gallo

Starring: Vincent Gallo, Chloe Sevigny, Cheryl Tiegs, Elizabeth Blake, Anna Vareschi

No one today would not remember this movie, if not for Chloe Sevigny in the leading female role that the central actor and part-time director Vincent Gallo tape (also known as a producer and writer) has prevailed upon to krupnoplanovuyu fellatio his beloved. In Cannes, "the Brown Rabbit" so booed Gallo promised to engage with the director, but, however, did not keep his word. Sevigny's career too predictably snapped - the next 10 years without any of its interview not without repentance speeches that she trusted in vain instincts of the director, who promised to remove the piercing festival hit. Today, in the era of hacking iPhones, so the video is already nobody will be surprised, but at the beginning of zero such scandals were still a novelty, so that the girl from the great society got. The fact that the plot of her character was a drug addict, and indeed scandalous blow occurred only in the inflamed fantasy character Gallo, little has changed: in the film, everything was more than real, what, and hastened to make sure the hordes of spectators, the next ten years actively Kacha scandalous tape from the network only for the sake of the view of the scene.

9 Songs (2004) / 9 Songs

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Drama / Romance / Music

Director: Michael Winterbottom

Cast: Kieran O'Brien, Margo Stilley, The Dandy Warhols, Franz Ferdinand, Bobby Gillespie

It is believed that the fashion of festival films in which an abundance of sex conceals the shortcomings of directing and acting, laid the musical erotic drama "9 Songs" by Michael Winterbottom, the contents of which can be briefly described by the words "a scholar and a student have sex in between - concert numbers" . Nesimulirovannye sex between characters Kieran O'Brien and Margo Stilley included full gentlemen's set: classic sex, oral, ejaculation and other overt pornozhanra attributes. The actors were given the opportunity to "rehearse" before the shooting (of this material was later used in the film), after which they agreed on the basic survey, but it is true when the camera was turned off, O'Brien and Stilley did together were not interested. Relations, shown in the film, most critics were recognized as "unappetizing" and the story - the absence (in the tape and the truth is there was no script). In addition, the British Parliament angrily condemned the director decided potrollit public taste sacramental question "why in the movie can not be shown making love, because it is so natural as to eat?", And fashion model, who played the main role, before the release asked to remove her name from titles. Later, however, Margo stopped hiding: however weak in all plans were neither "9 Songs", for it they became the start of a fairly successful acting career.

Fuck Me (2000) / Baise-moi

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Mystery / Drama / Thriller

Directed by: Virginie Depente, Coralie Trinh Thi

Starring: Karen Bash, Raffaela Anderson, Karen Lancaume, Raffaëla Anderson, Céline Beugnot It would be naive to think that the only real sex male directors may require the actors. Crime thriller "Fuck me", staged Frenchwomen Virginie Depant and Coralie Trinh Thi, from the outset planned by them as snaps fusion of genre films in the spirit of "Natural Born Killers" and "Thelma and Louise" with scenes of hard FUCKING (good in the second postanovschitsy had a great experience in this respect, the chamber on both sides). On the role of the main character - a prostitute and porn actress Nadine Manu - a real actress category "X" were selected, which allowed them to truly play pornostseny, which bustles with tape, and with a dramatic component to cope quite well. True, the story of the angry men girls with a difficult past that seeking revenge fuck and kill anyone who gets in their way was perceived viewer too brutal and feministichnaya and heroine have a truly repulsive. As a result, the tape has been banned for hire in several countries and had problems with censorship even in liberal France. However, it would be strange if it came out as something different.

Irreversible (2002) / Irreversible

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Detective / drama / mystic / thriller

Director: Gaspar Noé

Starring: Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel Albert Dupontel, Joe Presti, Philippe Nahon

We know what you're thinking. But no, we hasten to disappoint: the famous ten-minute scene of anal rape of Monica Bellucci in the underpass which has made a career of the young French director Gaspar Noé, is an imitation from the first to the last frame (as, incidentally, and anal penetration in "Last Tango in Paris", time I am speaking of the famous shock kinomomentah). But in the film, there are other nesymitirovannye moments, such as fellatio and masturbation. Noe and before and after fond pornostsenami - hardcore moments can be found almost every one of his film, starting with a full-length debut, "One against all" and ending with the shorts in different years, and in the "Enter the Void" He is subtle and all showed the sexual act from the inside true, it was already photorealistic computer animation. By the way, the erotic scene in which Bellucci busy with Vincent Cassel, also removed "naturally" because during the filming of the actors stayed together in a happy marriage. But in this case Noah spared the feelings of spouses and decided to do a light erotica.

The club Shortbus (2006) / Shortbus

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Drama / Comedy / Romance

Director: John Cameron Mitchell

Starring: Lee Jin-Suk, Paul Dawson, Lindsay Beamish, PJ DeBoy, Raphael Barker

In his romkome of the New York club amateur sex John Cameron Mitchell managed to show a whole range of "adult fun" - from masturbation and group sex before, how to say it more correctly, AUTOFELLATIO. The fact that all orgasms in "club Shortbus" real, the director at the premiere could not communicate: everything is visible to the naked eye. "I do not think the film pornographic, - he said later. - Since pornography is characterized by a lack of artistic problems, its purpose - to excite. And I do not think anyone there will an erection while watching my film. " Porn or not - on this subject can argue, but a similar looseness in the frame could hardly afford a celebrity, because the actors were recruited ad: Mitchell have looked five hundred videozayavok from different countries, before he found enough for movie brave men who are ready to drop the false shame. To those it was easier to be liberated, he operator worked naked on the set of explicit scenes. Despite the fact that the film was shot beautifully and really could boast the presence of a rather amusing story, a conservative public somewhat flabbergasted vyvalenny her kaleidoscope of sexual licentiousness, so that the performer of one of the main roles, the Canadian radio host Lee Sook-Yin, after "Shortbus Club" in hire almost lost her job. Fortunately, the tape like Francis Ford Coppola, and his intercession settled the matter.

Romance X (1999) / Romance

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym


Director: Catherine Breillat

Starring: Sagamore Stévenin Carolyn Dyuse, Rocco Siffredi, François Berléand, Reza Habouhossein France's Catherine Breillat drama debut back in the "real girl", banned wherever possible, and lain for more than 20 years on the shelf, showed how intricate things can suffer from boredom teenage girl do with her vagina. In "Romance X", she decided to follow what is ready to woman that refuses to sleep beloved. The aid was intended to pornoakter famous Rocco Siffredi, aided liberated heroine within certain limits - the critics counted masturbation, blowjob, intercourse, ejaculation and other kunshtyukov like gimp; All this, as you can see without any censorship, fear and reproach. Censorship began later, when some countries had difficulty in determining the age rating bands, so that a certain period of time the viewer is invited to choose between several versions of varying degrees porezannosti. As a result, the original version was shown at night television in several countries, and the audience calmed down: Well, Rocco Siffredi in a little frame ejaculates, yes ... That is nothing revolutionary. It would be more apocalyptic, if he instead of his usual work Shakespearean monologues aspirated read.

Intimacy (2001) / Intimacy

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym

Drama / Romance

Director: Patrice Chéreau

Starring: Mark Rylance, Timothy Spall, Mark Raylens, Kerry Fox

He - the bartender, she - theater actress. They have a little secret, which is not necessary to know the others. But the longer their secret relationship, the less satisfied lone bartender rules of the game ... "Intimacy" by Patrice Chéreau snagged the viewer's eyes not so much naturalistic show meetings between the two men, who besides fast sex on Wednesdays there is nothing as repulsive character of naturalism: no makeup, no makeup, add to that the hairy legs, acne, non-ideality of the figures, and you would not want to review the tape, whose sole purpose seems to be the disclosure of the ugly aesthetic. However, despite all the plot sagging krupnoplanovy blowjob by New Zealander Kerry Fox is widely discussed today on the Internet - thanks to him, as many believe, that on the whole quite helpless band took in Berlin-2001 "Golden Bear" and "Silver Bear "for best Actress, as well as the award for best European film" Blue angel ".

Nymphomaniac: Part 1 (2013) / Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

14 movies with sex nesimulirovannym


Director: Lars von Trier

Starring: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater

Lars von Trier has become famous as a pornographer at a recent "Nymphomaniac", abounding sexual acts with the stars, but in fact pornoelementy attended earlier in his films. In dramedi "Idiots", for example, the main characters, imaginary psihbolnye, arrange group sex, as in "Antichrist" is shown close-up penetration. Despite the fact that, according to the producer, in all cases, taking the most piquant moments were brought extras, rumors claim that sex Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg in "Antichrist" was quite real. A Shia LaBeouf, whose head, as he hath sworn press release "Nymphomaniac", pasted on a computer to someone else's torso to mate, after the premiere has admitted in an interview that nothing on the set is not feigned. In general, it is possible to argue, one in particular belonged personal belongings, but at least that in all of these tapes excited genitals neillyuzorno come into contact, can not be questioned.