World Future Forecast to 2099

• World Future Forecast to 2099

Technical director of Google and most well-known technology futurist Ray Kurzweil spoke at the beginning of this year with the next portion of the predictions. As one of the principal investigators of modern achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, Kurzweil publishes its forecasts in the 1990's, many of them have become academic. But if five years ago, he often operated long periods (ie 2030, 2040s), it has recently appeared in chronological harmony prediction scientist. Perhaps influenced by the accuracy of his work in the largest Internet companies, where futurist on frontlines of many innovative developments.

World Future Forecast to 2099

Kurzweil like to invite to participate in the intellectual game and collect the puzzle - a picture of the future of his old and new predictions. If you collect all the forecasts made in the 20 years in books, blogs, interviews and lectures, we can see that the future from 2019 to 2099 the scientist literally painted over the years.

2019 - Wires and cables for personal and peripherals every sphere thing of the past.

2020 - Personal computers made computing power comparable with the human brain.

2021 - Wireless access to the Internet will cover 85% of Earth's surface.

2022 - The United States and Europe will be accepted laws governing the relations between people and robots. Activities of robots, their rights, duties and other restrictions will be formalized. 2024 - Elements of computer intelligence will become mandatory in cars. People are banned to drive a car not equipped with computer assistant.

2025 - The emergence of mass-market gadgets implants.

2026 - Due to the progress of science, per unit of time, we will prolong your life for more time than the last.

World Future Forecast to 2099

2027 - The personal robot capable of fully self-contained complex operations, will become as habitual thing, like a refrigerator or coffee maker.

2028 - Solar energy will become so cheap and common, that will satisfy all of the total energy needs of mankind.

2029 - The computer will be able to pass the Turing test, proving the presence of his mind in the human sense of the word. This will be achieved through a computer simulation of the human brain.

2030 - The advent of nanotechnology in industry, which will lead to a significant reduction in price of the production of all products.

2031 - 3D-printers for printing human organs to be used in hospitals at all levels.

World Future Forecast to 2099

2032 - The nanobots will be used for medical purposes. They will be able to deliver nutrients to the human cells and remove waste. They will also conduct a detailed scan of the human brain that will help you understand the details of his work

2033 - Self-cars fill the roads.

2034 - The first date a man with an artificial intelligence. The film "It" in the improved form: virtual lover can be equipped with the "body", projecting the image on the retina of the eye - for example, using contact lenses or glasses of virtual reality. 2035 - Space technology will be sufficiently developed to ensure permanent protection of the Earth from the threat of asteroid impacts.

2036 - Using the approach to biology, like programming, humanity for the first time will be able to program cells to treat disease, and the use of 3D-printers allow to grow new tissues and organs.

2037 - The giant breakthrough in understanding the mysteries of the human brain. hundreds of different sub-regions with specialized functions will be defined. Some of the algorithms that code for the development of these regions will be transcribed and included in the neural network of computers.

2038 - The advent of robotic people, products transgumanistichnyh technologies. They will be equipped with additional intelligence (for example, focuses on a specific narrow sphere of knowledge, which fully cover the human brain can not) and a variety of options, implants - from the eyes of cameras to extra-prosthetic hands.

2039 - nanomachines will be implanted directly into the brain and exercise an arbitrary input and output signals from the brain cells. This will result in a virtual reality "total immersion", which does not require any additional equipment.

2040 - Search engines will provide the basis for the gadgets that will be implanted in the human body. The search will be carried out not only through language, but through thought and searches results will be displayed on the screen of the same lenses or glasses. 2041 - Limit Internet bandwidth will be in the 500 million times higher than it is today.

2042 - The first potential realization of immortality - thanks to the army of nanobots that will complement the immune system and "clean up" of the disease.

2043 - The human body can take any form, thanks to a large number of nano-robots. The internal organs are replaced with cybernetic devices, much better quality.

2044 - non-biological intelligence will be billions of times more intelligent than biological.

2045 - The advent of technological singularity. Earth will turn into a giant computer.

2099 - The process of technological singularity extends to the whole universe.

Well, in such forecasts are sometimes hard to believe. However, if we take into account the tremendous pace of development of the society, it becomes clear that in the near future is possible. While it remains to be seen.