Morning exercise - a pledge of vivacity for the whole day

Waking up in the morning, all of us understand how important and useful morning exercise. After all, the human body - the battery. For its charge needed oxygen and nutrients. Oxygen provokes redox reactions, resulting in the conversion of nutrients into energy takes place. She, in turn, the cost of brain activity and any motion - turning the head, walking, lifting hands. When the oxygen deficiency of energy accumulation process is suspended and cells were paralyzed. So in the morning to create the energy the body needs a simple morning exercises without weights and traumatic stretch. In the sleep period in the human body, breathing becomes less and blood flow slows down. After awakening a deep breath, drinking a glass of water and a light set of exercises for the morning exercise will be different energy for the body.

Morning exercise - a pledge of vivacity for the whole day

The feasibility of a simple but effective morning load

  • improvement of blood circulation, metabolism, activation of the body's systems;
  • tissue oxygen saturation of the body;
  • activation of hormones responsible for the psychological state of the body;
  • stimulation of elimination of negative energy;
  • increased concentration;
  • tone physical and mental condition.
Morning exercise - a pledge of vivacity for the whole day

Morning exercises. A set of exercises

During the execution of all movements of gymnastics is done in a smooth and quiet pace under the light music without any sudden movements. 15-20 minutes for the morning warm-up will be enough to wake up and be ready for action. In carrying out stretching committed involuntary breath, dialed the maximum amount of oxygen and tighten almost all muscles of the body. By relaxing the vessels dilate, the blood flow is enhanced, and accelerates the oxygen to all the cells of the organism. Therefore, morning exercise should begin with stretching the whole body still in bed.

Morning exercise - a pledge of vivacity for the whole day
  • lying on the couch (or on the floor), it is necessary to bend 18-20 times the left leg at the knee, pull up to her and pulled her right elbow (the same movements are made with the other arm and leg);
  • turned over on his stomach, you should straighten the legs, arms stretched forward, lift the upper body and the maximum caved in, stretch the abdominal muscles. After a three-second pause to go back to the initial position (to make 3 times);
  • not widely spread legs in the vertical upright and his hands clasped in the lock, it is necessary to raise their hands, palms to deploy from the ceiling, stretch the entire body and pull up the whole body (repeat 3-4 times);
  • Take a breath, you need to get up on your toes, as you exhale - sharply down on the heel (perform 8-10 times);
  • turning and rotation of all parts of the body - head, shoulder and elbow joints, hands, feet, pelvis, knee (do all the movements of 6-7 times);
  • feet on width of 55-60 cm, it is necessary to perform 18-20 tilts the body, when it is necessary to turn the left hand to strive to get the toes of the right foot and right hand - the foot of the left leg;
  • , while trying to get his hands fingertips sitting on the floor and spread his legs wide, inclined to make 17-18 movements body turn to the right and left leg.

After the morning exercise is completed, it should take a cool shower or rub oneself with a towel.