10 things you should learn from the Italians

The Italians - the master of many arts. The art of the good life, the art to adapt and to get out, the art of living in the moment and enjoy it. And why not take a few lessons from them?

Yes, not all deftly turns the Italians can be "down to earth" in another country due to various objective factors. But their attitude to many things - it's just something that makes life simple Italian in the coveted "la dolce vita".

10 things you should learn from the Italians

1. Food - it's fun, food intake - is a ritual

Italians live on schedule. It sounds incredible, but true. Only this particular schedule. This strict adherence rate: coffee and pastries in the morning - Lunch with the family during the day - with an aperitif 17-19.30 - 20-21 h dinner at home or in a restaurant..

There are on the move? Escape with a glass of coffee in hand? Fast food? All this forced measure applicable only in extreme cases.

Even if the Italians have 30 minutes for lunch, it will paste in a cafe with friends / colleagues, rather than a snack at the monitor screen or a tablet / smartphone / book in his hand.

The best food - the one that grew up there, where you are just cooked and eaten immediately. And the food - it's fun, which necessarily need to share with someone.

Because savoring and sharing experiences - it is an integral part of the ritual, it makes the food taste even better.

10 things you should learn from the Italians

2. Communication - is the engine of social life, the conversation is an art -

You can freely communicate with the unfamiliar person, but not in the tortuous weather and natural themes, and so that was interesting?

Italy - a place where the organizers netvorkingovyh courses awaits the imminent bankruptcy, because this art all speak since childhood. The range of topics from crop species on citrus and comparison of wines from the Veneto region and Abruzzo to the relationship of Caesar and Cleopatra and the dominance of Romanesque architecture in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

These conversations provide food for thought, enriched with new knowledge, give new people and expand your borders. And these conversations do not take a lot of energy, but rather fill.

10 things you should learn from the Italians

3. Life - it is not the pursuit of something. It's just life. Here and now

Stop. Exhale. Take a look. Note that there is life around you.

Especially for the Italians fun to watch the Americans stopped at full speed. Legs yet sorted out, eyes still looking for the goal, and where to go, then? All have already taken a cup of coffee and look at them as half-witted: Slow down, folks!

It is very difficult to switch from the constant rush and a feeling that will not have time to get something - miss some opportunity, in the understanding that the possibility of sitting in peace along the road and watch as you sweep over it.

Italians live with the feeling that they have time to all. And it is very greatly reduces the level of stress around. You suddenly stop and begin to hurry to keep up. Even with a three-hour siesta. Even with constant lateness of everything and everyone.

Just your focus shifts to another. Give yourself a time for everything, whatever you may be doing (for food, for a long walk up to the house, to leisurely chat with a friend), and you'll be surprised how quickly these costs are justified.

Slowing down - this is the path to a better quality of life ... and more rapid progress in many areas of life.

10 things you should learn from the Italians


4. Quality of life - this is priority number 1. No compromise

Paradox: to ensure that your life has become better, does not need more money. On the contrary, in the pursuit of higher earnings, satisfaction of ambition, you start to lose quality of life.

Even if everything has already been achieved and built, you will spend even more energy to maintain their status.

The device itself is life in Italy is such that leaves room for enjoyment and quality of its accommodation.

Remember, we talked about the schedule? It is in fact done so that all those little things that are the basis of quality of life, are built into the daily routine.

There is a time for morning coffee and newspapers; time to be with his family during the day, pick up the child from school or take a nap; time to meet with friends and have a snack with an aperitif, and so on.

Let it repeated a hundred times, but not all the same has come! Do not live to work, and work, in order to have time to live. And manages to live well.

10 things you should learn from the Italians

5. Be forgiving yourself. "Why not?" - it is a philosophy of life

Italy is full of temptations: delicious coffee at every step, and delicious desserts, excellent wine, ice cream vkusnyuschee, interior shops and shops with accessories, from which it is impossible to leave without buying.

So, why not ?! The idea is not to indulge in small pleasures, and so - every day.

Note: this is not about sticking problems, this is not about excessive indulging themselves, this is a little bit, then when you want to continue to feel that life is beautiful!

10 things you should learn from the Italians

6. Spending time with his family. Family - is a fortress

When you run out of money, will forget your achievements, scatter over the world friends, all that remains - this is your family. In the context of ongoing political and economic instability, typical for Italy throughout its history, the family often remains the only place where you lodge, and will not betray. Now all is not as brutal, but the family is still important. Italian Sunday dinners, which bring together all the close and distant relatives, already legendary, Italians make fun of their family gatherings, but ... are met.

Because in spite of the noise and din, unbearable aunts, grandmothers tiresome crowning dish and constant talk about the figure and football, the family continues to give a sense of stability and security.

We often focus on quality as opposed to quantity. And the Italians believe that quality comes only after the number :)) And it does not matter where and what goes to your child, and how much time you spend together.

10 things you should learn from the Italians

7. Walk with the children. Everywhere. Children - this is cool

In Italy, all the children are allowed to enter. And, of course, not talking about formal, you can / can not, but about the fact, happy to see you with your baby everywhere or only in those places that are equipped with special children's rooms.

So, in Italy you are glad to see everywhere. You can see the children and inspirational restaurants and beauty salons and boutiques, not to mention the usual cafes, trattorias and shops.

You will quickly bring spetsstulchik, poteteshkayutsya Child, will find something to occupy three-year, - in short, if you have a child in her arms, then you're not an outcast, which denied access to decent places.

And another joy: children's menu is the exception rather than the rule. No dull chicken breasts and mashed potatoes! Children eat the same as adults, and eat well.

10 things you should learn from the Italians

8. HLS - this is not the choice of the individual, it's a lifestyle

Therefore, pasta and pizza do not affect the figure. The average Italian eats 26 kg per year pastes and wears size M. What is interesting is that almost difficult to meet the Italians dieters. Himself their daily diet have, in fact, diet.

It is based on a few simple rules: follow the balance of vegetable / flour / protein food / fruit, cook food only from fresh ingredients using simple recipes, control portions.

And the second aspect of the Italian ZOZha: on foot and by bicycle. Machine - is to travel to a large-scale shopping or work, if you are working away.

Shopping - it's not every week is packed into a car supermarket, is a daily entry in a bunch of small shops and on the market for freshly baked bread, prepared pesto caught fish.

Meeting with friends - a park, square, beach, party in the bar, or near it - all on their feet.

10 things you should learn from the Italians

9. The clothes make the man. This is your way to communicate

Italians are very concerned about the impression they make on others. And you know? It's good. It is beautiful. People on the streets a pleasure to look at.

They have clothes for every occasion: you do not go to the park is what you go to the market or to meet with friends.

Shorts, colorful shirts, slates summer in the city center somewhere in Rome or Florence - nonsense. If a man dressed like that - it is 100% tourist.

Be good (not necessarily expensive!) And thus environment-dressed - it is respect for themselves and others.

A very special story - how they look with scarves, neckerchiefs, hats and other accessories. As they say: "I am willing to sell the soul to learn how to tie scarf so!"

10 things you should learn from the Italians

10. Good manners make life nicer

Even if you can not complain about the lack of good manners at home, some things you need to remember in Italy again.

Very basic stuff, but their use is remarkably change the atmosphere around you. Wherever you went, smile and greet all the people there are.

If you go to a small supermarket near the house, then you greet each of his employee, whether he is engaged at the box office or whether laying out - it does not matter.

And people have greeted the first and go from there each time with the feeling that they were in some nice place, rather than just buying milk.

Talking to the man in charge in his opinion, keep in touch. If you are pushed, tell the first "Excuse me," and the incident will turn to exchange compliments.

Some would call these things social tinsel, so be it, but it pleasant to live than without it, and society as a whole becomes better.