10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

Surely each of us at least once wanted to go to school at Hogwarts with Harry Potter, or dance with a real prince or princess in a Disney castle. Unfortunately, it is quite impossible. However, there are places on the planet, which were either used in the film itself, or were taken as the basis for the creation of animated films.

Alnwick Castle - "Harry Potter"

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

Perhaps every child who spent his childhood for the Harry Potter books, wanted to get the most cherished letter from Hogwarts. Although, of course, in the castle of Alnwick not conduct any lessons magic, this is the place where they were taken off the first two Harry Potter movie - "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets." The inner courtyard of the castle may seem familiar to visitors - it was filmed the famous scene of the first flight lesson.

Alnwick Castle has also played an important role in the history, it was an important place during the Wars of the Roses between the dynasties of York and Lancaster. Alnwick was one of the three castles that Queen Margaret (supported by Lancaster) was able to win, after her husband Henry VI was deposed York.

Bourne Wood (Surrey Southeastern England) - many movies

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

Bourne Wood - a very popular place, there were filmed scenes for dozens of films. This forest has been removed not only the first battle of the movie "Gladiator", and there were shooting the film "The Golden Compass," "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," "Captain America". In addition, Bourne Wood has a value for the environment, is home to rare species of animals.

Conservationists seriously concerned about this place is so popular in the film industry. The fate of the forest and its inhabitants at risk. Explosions and other loud noises accompanying the survey, are harmful to forest dwellers and people living near it. restrictions were introduced, according to which the shoot in the forest is allowed for only six months, and Night Snapshot is limited to only seven days a year.

Doune Castle - "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

During the filming of the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" Doon Castle has been removed as the different castles throughout the whole picture from the wedding scene to the episode with the rabbit-killer. Doune Castle went down in history. It was used by the Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart, as a place of detention for the dissidents. Also in the castle garrison was located Dong Scottish army in the battle against Oliver Cromwell.

However, the castle was not always so reliable. There have been cases of escape of enemy soldiers using linked sheets to escape. This makes it even more amusing scene with Lancelot and effeminate prince, trying to escape through a window.

Mentmor Towers - "Batman Begins"

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

In recent years, movies about superheroes have become darker than they were before. Compare, for example, the movie "Spider-Man" and more recently filmed "Iron Man." But there is one superhero that has always been a dark horse comics world. Batman - one of the most brutal superhero, he lives in a beautiful castle. Residence Wayne undoubtedly amazing, but her copy of the real world, Mentmor Towers has its own fascinating history. Mentmor Towers created by Joseph Paxton (the creator of the world-famous Crystal Palace) for Baron Mayer de Rothschild. It is said that Mentmor Towers had a much more important purpose. During the Second World War, the British government has chosen this place to save many national art. One of the most valuable treasures were Ceremonial golden carriage, which was used in the coronation ceremony of all English monarchs since George IV.

Neuschwanstein Castle - "Sleeping Beauty"

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

I guess everyone is able to learn the Disney castle. First, the castle appeared in the animated film "Sleeping Beauty", but after has become as iconic as Mickey Mouse ears. Not many people know about the existence of a real castle, which became the prototype of Disney Castle. Neuschwanstein Castle was commissioned by the king of Bavaria. It was created not only as a private residence, but also as a tribute to the famous composer Richard Wagner. Unfortunately, the king did not have long to enjoy its beautiful castle, he died less than a year after the completion of construction. Richard Wagner himself died much earlier. Today the castle is a tourist attraction in the summer it hosts more than 6,000 visitors a day.

Angel Falls - "Up"

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

If you did not cry while watching the animated film "Up", you probably do not have the heart. human history, who decided to fulfill the dream of childhood which united him and his now dead wife - to build a house in Paradise Falls, a truly beautiful. Angel Falls, which is the counterpart of Paradise Falls in reality, are breathtaking no less animated. Angel - the world's highest free falling waterfall, the height of the continuous fall of over 900 meters (3000 feet). The waterfall is located in Venezuela, named in honor of pilot Jimmy Angel, who discovered him when his plane landed on the top of the waterfall. He and three passengers, including his wife Marie, were forced to go down on foot, trek took 11 days. When Jimmy Angel died, his ashes were scattered over the waterfall.

Timberline Lodge - "Glow"

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

If you do not consider yourself a fan of horror movies, it is unlikely that the idea of ​​visiting the spooky hotel from the movie The Shining, you will find good. Initially, the hotel was created as a project of Works Progress Administration during the US Great Depression. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was personally present at the opening of this hotel. Despite some slowdown, due to financial difficulties, these days Timberline Lodge is very popular. This place can be interesting to fans of skiing, there are music festivals, there is a possibility of organizing weddings. There's even a heated swimming pool, if you suddenly want to swim by being here, at an altitude of 1,800 meters (6,000 feet) above sea level.

Matamata - "Lord of the Rings"

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

Lord of the Rings Most fans know that the colorful landscape depicted in the film, was filmed in New Zealand. Not everyone knows that most of the scenes filmed in the town of Matamata. Hobbiton Matamata became a popular tourist attraction. Here you can see these places from the movie Lord of the Rings, as the Green Dragon pub, as well as 17 houses Hobbits (initially there were 37) in the hillsides.

Matamata town is also known for race sports, there are horse racing.

Martha's Vineyard - "Jaws"

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

The film "Jaws" strongly acted on the audience: sharks became panicky and afraid, as a result, people will have a life-long fear of the beaches. In the film, things are moving on Amity Island, in fact, the island, which hosted the filming, is the name of Martha's Vineyard, he is not far from the coast of Massachusetts. It's not just a summer resort, but also a nature reserve. Previously, he was used as a testing ground for the US Navy. Also, Martha's Vineyard - it is one of the first places in the US, where they formed the deaf community. In fact, here is a unique version of sign language, which occurred on the island. More recently, tourism is developed here.

White sharks are always sailed to the north-east coast in search of prey. The population of gray seals has grown, attracting a lot of white sharks to beaches. And so it happened that these white sharks have become famous thanks to the sharks-murderers of the film.

Henry River Mill Village - "The Hunger Games"

10 cool locations from the movie, which you can visit

There is no doubt that the District 12 area where Katniss Everdeen lives (the heroine of the wildly popular trilogy "The Hunger Games"), was conceived as a dark, depressing place, devoid of hope. The filmmakers have done a very good choice. The village of Henry River Mill Village was once a bustling place, it was inhabited by people working at the plant for the production of yarn. This continued for half a century, yet, like other small settlements, based on dead-industries, village not collapsed. The last person left it in the 1970s, and it has become a truly desolate place. Curiously enough, the village belongs to one man Wade Shepherd that has little interest in her, until one day the producers of The Hunger Games did not call him. Now Shepherd is trying to sell Henry River Mill Village for the meager sum of $ 14 million.