Catrice Cosmetics: reviews, analysis of the most popular products

Every girl wants to always look beautiful, well-groomed and fresh. But with the modern pace of life it is not always obtained, besides the features of the skin such as acne and wrinkles, further worsen the situation. The only salvation in this case is cosmetics. That it gives the skin the necessary shade, hide flaws and emphasizes dignity.

Now, there are two categories of cosmetics: mass market and luxury products. The second category is much different in price, so most girls prefer the first option. Just for today, we'll talk about budget Catrice decorative cosmetics.

Lip Products

So, the first with which we begin, it is cosmetics for lips. It will help identify the part of the face, or save them from dryness. Proper lip makeup always adds the image of femininity.

So, Catrice cosmetics company there are several categories of lip products, each of which, in turn, includes a certain number of names.

  • Reticulation makeup lips Creamy Matt Lip Palette.
Catrice Cosmetics: reviews, analysis of the most popular products

Universal paletka matte lipsticks includes 10 different colors at once, from a transparent and ending bright saturated maroon-red tint.

  • lipstick Mattlover Lipstick Pen.

Matte lipstick with absolutely weightless texture combines a beautiful finish, it does not dry the lips. Convenient format in the form of stick allows you to apply lipstick neatly and accurately. This product series features 8 color options.

  • Topper lip Prisma Lip Glaze.

An incredibly beautiful shine with tiny particles that shimmer in the sun all the colors of the rainbow. 8, once the product has different shades. Tip: with the help of such brilliance can slightly increase the lips.

Eye Products

Expressive eyes always make the look and image of the more mysterious and sexy, you can achieve this effect by using Catrice eye makeup.

  • Reticulation shadows Instant Glam Eyeshadow Palette.
Catrice Cosmetics: reviews, analysis of the most popular products

Universal reticulation of shadows, which includes 8 perfectly matched colors, each of which can be worn alone or combining with other colors. The composition of the mosaic also includes a special applicator for applying shadows correctly.

  • Eyeliner Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen.

Persistent, deep-black eyeliner pen in the form of a felt-tip will allow to draw an arrow of any thickness, which will continue until the evening.

  • Mascara Allround Mascara.

Multifunctional mascara, allowing at the same time to create volume, length and twisting. This series includes several products: the classic version, ultracherny and water resistant.

Facial Products

The right face makeup - a pledge of fresh and attractive image. With the help of makeup Catrice this can be done very quickly and easily.

  • tonal framework HD Liquid Coverage Foundation.
Catrice Cosmetics: reviews, analysis of the most popular products

The legendary tonal basis, which already has hundreds of fans, and all because it combines the light weightless texture, high covering ability and incredible stamina. The product has a direct 4 Colors embodiment.

  • Liquid highlighter Galactic Highlighter Drops.

An incredibly beautiful pale pink liquid highlighter with light reflecting particles will ensure accurate, easy but very beautiful glow.

  • Powder All Matt Plus - Shine Control Powder.

Magnificent powder, which allows to remove the shine quickly and efficiently. Matte finish is created due to the absence in the composition of oils. Powder contains light-reflecting particles, which help correct the complexion. The product has four color options. Innovation was transparent powder, precisely because of this it has become truly universal. Now it can be used throughout the year.

Nail Products

Yes, this company produces and Catrice cosmetics for nails, which is why you can create a full image, using only products of this company.

  • Nail Spectra Light Effect Nail Lacquer.
Catrice Cosmetics: reviews, analysis of the most popular products

An incredibly beautiful lakes, each of which has its own special effect. All colors are multi-faceted, so they can be used to create completely any manicure.

  • Express Correcting Pen.

This tool allows to adjust any manicure, besides moisturize cuticles.


Talking about any company, please refer to reviews. They will help to understand whether you need one or the other product, what quality he has. In addition, based on the opinions of others, you can quickly decide which product to choose the color now.

First, as is often said in a review of Catrice cosmetics, it is, of course, their legendary tonal basis, as described previously. It is no coincidence, because of the relatively small amount of money you get a truly quality product.

Speaking about the review of Catrice cosmetics in general, it is worth noting that the company has high quality products. In addition, many people say that matte lipsticks do not dry lips and look beautiful. Also, many have noticed that the shadows have good pigmentation, well tolerated on the brush and lid, not showered.

Another important advantage is the price. Catrice All funds are less than 1,000 rubles, which rarely happens today. It is also worth mentioning that many pleasing constantly emerging new items, limited collections and collaborations with stars.