White swimsuit: photo, types and models, recommendations for the selection and care

This year, as never before in the beach season, sung an ode to sexuality. It emphasizes how small elements bathing suit, and in its style and color. It has long been noted that girls in white bikinis hear more compliments in his address than anyone else. What is their secret?

Why white

Tan - it is always sexy. He was not taken to conceal and hide. He lures men to their contrast with skin. That white swimsuit can create contrast and to emphasize the skin tan.

Proof of the relevance of these ideas are pictures of celebrities. So, recently, Anna Semenovich showed in his microblog themselves in sexy swimwear. Guess what color he was? True, white!

If you think that white swimsuit fit only for the lush beauty, then look at Britney Spears. She has published photos of herself in dazzling white bathing suit and showed that he can underline any body type. The main thing - to choose the right style.

White swimsuit: photo, types and models, recommendations for the selection and care

On the difficulties of selection of

In the world of quite a few women who would be happy with her figure is 100%. In order to look their best, these girls are usually carefully pick your wardrobe and wear the things, which are able to hide figure flaws and highlight the merits. Is swimsuit is not a part of the wardrobe? What to do to avoid confusions with the selection of swimsuit? Here are some tips to remember every woman.

First of all, do not go for a bathing suit on their own. Take along a friend who can help you decide what is the best of several favorite options. Even if the coveted holiday remains very little time, do not rush to buy a bathing suit. In it you need to feel at least a million. If there is any doubt - this is not your swimsuit.

A few more tips

Do not forget to read the label. It should be specified combination of nylon and spandex. This is the best materials for the tandem white leotard. The first is quite thin and very quickly dries in the sun, while the second holds its shape perfectly, even after numerous washings.

Remember the details. In 2018 more than ever in fashion swimwear with guipure inserts, ropes, rubber bands. Popular models with sequins and even 3D prints. These seemingly insignificant details can perfectly hide some figure flaws. Therefore, an example of a swimsuit, consider yourself in the mirror: are you so good at it?

White swimsuit: photo, types and models, recommendations for the selection and care

Selection swimsuit on a figure

We have already come to the conclusion that the white color to suit everyone. But how to choose the right style? What are swimsuits?

  1. Bikini. This is a fairly common type of bathing suit. Usually it consists of two elements - a bra with thin straps and a small (can be miniaturized even say) panties. No matter how much you do not like this type of split swimsuit, it will suit only those who have a perfect figure.
  2. Bando. This French swimsuit that every year more and more gaining the hearts of many women. Leaf is usually performed without straps, but you can find other models. Its essence is that it seems to "wrap" the chest in the form of tape, and the resulting creases in the neck area can help improve even the smallest breasts.
  3. Tankini. This swimsuit for the most restrictive, because it is in the form of shorts and top. Such a model of separate swimsuit irreplaceable assistant for those who are shy about their weighted thighs and abdomen. Sometimes the middle part of the stamp replace guipure inserts. It looks expensive and sexy.
  4. Halter. Such white twin girls swimwear are valued at an average breast. Due to the fact that the bra is fixed by means of straps that tie around the neck, the chest is well maintained and looks great. Panties in such a swimsuit can be of different types. So you can choose a model that and chest tighten, and will not focus on the hips, if this problem area.
  5. Svimdress. Swimwear of this type are of two kinds. With regard to the separate option, the extended bra and panties high complemented by a short skirt. The combination of these three elements to hide flaws lower body.

In the light of the latest fashion trends, each of these types of swimsuit may be your style. So, on top of fashion is now white and blue swimsuit where her panties in one color, and the bra - in another. Thus it is possible to make the figure more visually perfect.

White swimsuit: photo, types and models, recommendations for the selection and care

Fused models

At the moment, distinguished eight major types of swimsuits fused. And each of them will suit a particular type of figure.

  1. Mayo. This classic white fused leotard, which is different from the rest Sew straps. On most types of figures looks great.
  2. Bando. This model is always going strapless. It is not recommended to owners of short stature. Swimsuit visually cuts the waist.
  3. Tank. Luxurious option for those who want to make their way to visually slimmer. By type swimsuit Mayo different view cut straps. Here they do not sew.
  4. Halter. In the fused models of this type of underwear is fastened or tied around the neck. It is recommended to purchase for those who want to visually enlarge the shoulders, chest tighten and reduce the large hips.
  5. Plandzh. Rather specific model that extends the body and very slightly increases breast. Some jokingly refer to such swimsuit shorts with suspenders. We do not recommend to owners of long legs.
  6. High Neck. Classic sporty swimsuit. Typically, the front has a small recess. Now in vogue black and white bathing suits of this type.
  7. Svimdress. Different from their separate variation only in that the whole is a whole article of clothing. On the part very much like a little cocktail dress.
  8. monokini. These are the top in 2018. Girls in white bathing suits this type of erotic and sexy look.

Knowing what are swimsuits, easier to choose something for themselves.

Especially careful should be the size of women 'plus size beds. " It is better to dwell on their choice of matte swimsuit with stones. Only need to acquire your size model. Options more or less spoil the beauty of the body.

White swimsuit: photo, types and models, recommendations for the selection and care

Do I need to wash swimsuit

Unfortunately, it is believed that bathing suits are not need regular washing. Some argue this is the fact that almost all the time these clothes is in the water. However, the beach - a place where the white swimsuit is always in danger. It is easy to dirty, sitting in the sand, putting itself on the skin sunscreen, and so on. And, in principle, to take care of any need to wash regularly. But how to do it with swimsuits?

The label can be found the mark on what is needed washing the subject's wardrobe. Almost all swimsuit manufacturers recommend wash by hand. However, there are some rules, observing that you can wash clothes in the machine.

White swimsuit: photo, types and models, recommendations for the selection and care

wash Rules

First of all, carefully trace components for washing. In no case can not use aggressive means of white type. Moreover, it is recommended not to use fabric softener.

The water temperature should not be above 35 ° C. Wash in the machine, placed in a special bag for use with delicate fabrics. Spin is better not to.

White swimsuit: photo, types and models, recommendations for the selection and care

drying Terms and care

As for drying, then it should be done away from the sun. Do not place on top of a hot radiator. Otherwise, do not avoid the unsightly yellow spots.

Store in a closed swimsuit can not pack. Instead of pressing just need to hang the clothes on the hangers.