Hair color "caramel". For blondes or brunettes?

Hair color "caramel" relates to the warm colors. He is best combined with a spring type of skin: ivory tones, beige or nezhno- bronze tint. Good emphasize the beauty of green-amber, blue and turquoise eyes. The main advantage of this color - its naturalness. Hair look great, of course, without a hint of that color was acquired by artificial means. Hair color "caramel" perfect blond girl - Light Brown by nature, blondes. On dark hair this color does not take, so brunettes first have to lighten up.

Hair color

Selection of the composition for dyeing

What should be the hair dye? Color "Caramel" is in the palettes of almost all well-known manufacturers. They are different in composition and durability. Formulations for coloring without ammonia and ideal for people who want to protect hair from damage. Such paint smell good, are easy to apply and does not flow. But they also have a drawback - they are quickly washed off. More resistant formulations are less forgiving. Therefore, they must be used to provide additional care to hair.

Hair color

A variety of "sweet" colors

Hair color "caramel" does not imply any one tone. Shades a lot: from the dark (about chocolate) until soft and golden. There is a separate series of caramel shades. Here there are no clear boundaries: what one called "caramel" other rightfully called "Iris" or "milk chocolate". The essence remains the same, all the same hue is "sweet" and surprisingly feminine. "Caramel" - hair color, which is also a symbol of success. This tone creates a warm, pleasant energy and mood of lightness.

Hair color

Possible staining

There are three options of how to effectively use the shade "caramel" in the coloring of hair: full coloring, as well as highlighting the dark or blond hair.


  1. Full painting - is the best solution for women with warm skin tone and bright dark eyes.
  2. Highlighting dark hair give them excellent color saturation.
  3. Highlights of blonde hair add depth with natural blonde hair. In this case, the tone will be combined not only with the warm colors, but also with the ash Blondeau.

Hair Care

Light "caramel" is suitable for the warm colors of hair and face, as well as dark-brown hair. For red curls should choose shades with orange or copper tint. Dark hair will require rich expressive shade of caramel. staining quality depends on the paint and its correct application. If you doubt that it'll be able to do everything perfect, it is better to see a specialist who not only carry out the procedure, but also help you choose the hair color "caramel" to your image. You have to remember that for colored hair need special care. Wash your hair will need special gentle shampoo, periodically apply masks and hair oil, always use the air conditioning and balms. Then your hair will not only beautiful, but also healthy.