Trend of the season: an elongated square


Women love to change their appearance. It is impossible for many years to have the same hairstyle and do not want to change. The modern woman is trying to change its image every season. Short or long, with or without bangs, straight or wavy - women are so many options to change. If we analyze who retired in 2012, the trend of the season was an absolute square elongated. The fashion for this hairstyle has returned to us from the past century. And, as we know, all good things definitely return. Thus, the nomination - a fashionable hairstyle departed in 2012, of course, have an elongated square. And what kind of haircut fashion this year? This elongated square with wavy curls.

Trend of the season: an elongated square

Sweet Home Alabama

Cut hair to her shoulders, you will be surprised how simple and at the same time stylish this hairstyle. Of course, should all think twice before you get a haircut, as this hairstyle is not to all the girls. But it is almost universal and can be adapted for almost any facial features. Laid waves curls and side parting - it is the perfect hairstyle for publication. Hollywood actress to keep up with fashion, follow the advice of their stylists to do so. TYPES OF CARE

Kare elongated - it is very practical and easy-to-wear hairstyle. It is very well corrects the girl's face. This hairstyle is able to visually lengthen a round face, considerably mask the cheekbones and plump cheeks. Square with bangs will hide the narrow forehead and reduce visual snook. With this hairstyle can be advantageous to emphasize the neckline and a proud profile. There are two kinds of hairstyles: asymmetric elongated and graded elongated square.

Trend of the season: an elongated square

asymmetrical CARE

Kare characteristic elongated front hair long strands from the person who opened the neck, becoming shorter in the nape. This hairstyle is very stylish looks on the girls, you can effectively complement her coloring or highlighting. Asymmetrical bob is recommended for women with thick straight hair.

Trend of the season: an elongated square

calibration CARE

This hairstyle is shorn "ladder", and eventually clean lines, as it were blurred, and is a more soft and feminine image. calibrating process imparts shearing volume, density and fluffiness. Such a penalty stylists recommend owner of fine hair. Haircuts and styling

In order to create an elongated square, need hair shoulder length or slightly less. Hairstyle looks impressive on the straight, curly and wavy curls. Kara is perfect for different face shapes and hair color. Bangs haircut supplement on request: long or short, flat or asymmetrical, loose or dense. Placed an elongated square comb with a hairdryer. A little wet hair is combed, divided into parting. Laying begin with the back of the head and gradually moving towards the temples and the crown. twist the ends of hair inside using a circular comb. If the hair has bangs, then laying should start with it, and then move to the back of the head. For evening options bob, curl hair curlers. Stranded thus locks must be dosushit hairdryer. Hairstyle fixed with hairspray.