How to make your legs thin with the help of simple exercises

Being slim is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also good for health. However, the fair sex seeking to lose weight, as a rule, in order to look beautiful. Especially women are concerned about how to make your legs thin. Someone wants to remove the smaller one - more, however, a rare woman is happy with her figure. And rightly so: there is no limit to perfection, the main thing - do not overdo it. And how to make skinny legs? The answer is simple: with the help of regular exercise, proper nutrition. Make very thin legs to help special exercises. Remember that if you want to achieve is harmony, not their kind of sport refrain from intensive sit-ups, long bike rides, cross-country long distance and so on. Even exercise "walking on tiptoe" can lead to the fact that pretty soon you will have pronounced roe.

How to make your legs thin with the help of simple exercises


Perform stretching exercises to make legs because they help thin.

  • Sit on the floor, legs outstretched. Uprites palms on the floor, trying to keep your back as straight as possible. Aim the tip of the right leg over and begins to raise its short jerks up. Try not to touch the floor calves: leg should like to float in the air. Breathe often: moving up - exhale through the mouth, move down - inhale through the nose. Take 20 runs, and then repeat with the left leg.
  • Lie down, rest your elbows on the floor, with the touch of his hands. Toe of the right foot pull, imagining that he should reach for any point located behind you. And now begin to make up the jerks manner similar to the first exercise. Just repeat 20 times, then do the same for the left foot. Do not forget about proper breathing. How to make your legs thin with the help of simple exercises

Stand up and "shake" their feet, throwing off their stress.

  • Spread your legs wide and his hands on his waist, as slowly as possible begin to move down (squat). Reach position in which is formed a right angle at the knee bends. Wait a few seconds so, and then start to make spring up and down movement. Repeat 20-30 times. Without leaving this position, begin to perform the following exercise.
  • Alternately, tear off the heel from the floor. Try to keep your balance. Repeat 20 times.

The final phase of

Attention! After you complete the last two exercises, slowly begins to rise. If you do this rapidly, it is very high probability that you will bring strong legs, after which they will get sick. When you gently back to the "standing", do not rush to reduce the legs together. Do the following: first, at the same time send to the center of the socks, then heel, then the toes again ... And so until then, until you are standing straight. Now again "shake" their feet. Perform these exercises every day, so how to make skinny legs slim they too may well be. It is desirable to make them easy workout, which will consist of Mach hands and feet, slopes pair squats.

How to make your legs thin with the help of simple exercises

Something about nutrition

Special diet for the feet does not exist. Therefore, make it a rule not to eat fatty foods, sweets, and pastries. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Now that you know how to make skinny legs.