The simulator "Top fitness": reviews, descriptions, advice

The simulator "Top fitness" is an excellent option for people who do not have time for training in the gym. This small inventory will help get in shape in a short period of time without leaving home. A large number of rave reviews about simulator "Top fitness" confirm the effectiveness of training at home.


The simulator

The simulator "Top-fit" is suitable for people with any level of fitness. Only thanks to the simple design and easy adjustment expanders he earned thousands of positive customer reviews. The simulator "Top-fit" is so compact that it can be kept absolutely anywhere. Transport simulator is convenient because it has a fairly light weight.

The simulator helps to bring the body in tone, develops flexibility and endurance. And all this can be achieved by engaging in the house, as stated in many reviews. The simulator "Top-fit" allows you to do the exercises the whole body. You can tighten the buttocks, abdominal muscles, chest and hands. it also helps to strengthen the back.

How to use?

The simulator

According to reviews, the simulator "Top-fit" with expander easily replace several types of sports equipment: fitball, dumbbell, comprehensive fitness equipment. Before using it is necessary to:

  • Read the instruction that tells how to adjust the length of the bundles. After the adjustment, they must be secured so that sessions with the simulator were comfortable. In fact, to determine the appropriate length of wire harnesses is simple enough. To do this, turn the simulator platform and hold expanders through the tabs, choosing for themselves the length at which it will be convenient to deal with.
  • When practiced regularly, the body gets used to physical exertion. Therefore, after some time, the length of the wire harness need to be adjusted again, shortening them. Since resistance will increase, and exercises will be performed with higher complexity.
  • During the exercises with expanders is necessary to observe the correct exercise technique. Otherwise, you can not achieve the desired results and injure the muscle.


The simulator

In order to achieve the desired results, you must follow the important rule - to comply with regularity. Training should take place at least three times a week. Every day, you can not deal with too. The body quickly gets used to load and then you after some short period of time have to exert more effort to see progress again.

Before training definitely need a good warm up that activity took place more comfortable and did not result in injury.

With regular exercises need each session to raise the load. Moreover, repetition must be divided into several approaches with a break 1-1, 5 minutes. To increase the load, you can increase the number of reps, reduce the rest time, increase the speed of exercise, or do more sets. It is better to alternate between these methods. Standard load option for beginners 2-3 sets of 15 reps per exercise.

In order to exercise to be effective, it must actively pursue a lasting more than 30 minutes. Do not forget about quality food, which is the key to good health and a beautiful body. Workout - it's only 30 per cent of the result, and the food - all 70.


The simulator

The simulator "Top fitness" has both negative and positive comments. Members argue that it is suitable for people of all ages - even the 70-year-old having fun with him doing. A huge plus is that the simulator with expanders "Top fitness" - the universal. Customer reviews indicate that the equipment is suitable for full training to all or selected groups of muscles, and for the usual morning exercises. With it, it is also possible to warm up before the main exercise.

Of the negative reviews of the simulator "Top fitness" users have reported a number of contraindications, that is, the simulator is still not suitable for all, fragile gum, insufficient capacity for those who exercise regularly.

The simulator "Top fitness" is a good alternative for those who can not devote a lot of time playing sports. It can help you increase locomotor activity, which positively affect the health of the organism, as well as to bring the body in tone.