"The Lord of the Rings" from 200,000 LEGO-parts

• "Lord of the Rings" of 200,000 LEGO-parts

Masters LEGO-building, Finch Alice (Alice Finch) and David Frank (David Frank), have joined forces and inspiration to recreate a copy of the hidden refuge of Rivendell, taken from the works of John. R. R. Tolkien.

On the complete recreation of one of the outposts of the Elves in Middle-earth masters took 200,000 LEGO construction details. "The last refuge to the west of the mountains" is one of the most favorite places of the authors, which is why they chose him for the project.

Before its start, the duo masters revised several times franchise films, and has also studied a lot of literature. Including Alice Finch (Alice Finch) and David Frank (David Frank) found unique sketches of Rivendell.

Unfortunately, not all parts are original, made by LEGO. Only a few elements have been taken from alternative manufacturers altbricks.