Curls for short hair: how to create

Many envy curly women as curly hair can make any of us charming. But the creation of women's hairstyles curls requires a lot of effort and time. However, it is worth it. But the curls for short hair needs special efforts. Choosing a hairstyle, you will need to take into account not only the shape of the face, but also the structure of the hair. But do not be upset, too unruly curls can look exquisite.

Curls for short hair: how to create

How to make curls in the short hair?

Modern styling allow curl hair of different lengths, using a variety of ways. Yes, and a short haircut for curly hair these days is easy to choose. Curls for short hair can wear the women who curls naughty and difficult to fit. A short haircut in this case will give the owners of such hair special individuality.

If your hair is short,

If short hair and straight, in order to build the curls will need a curling iron. If the hair is unruly, it is possible to lay them with a special gel or mousse. Curl need to wrap around the curling iron, a little hold and release. Then you must do it with all the remaining strands. Now, each lock can be placed so as you like, but if you do not want to change anything, just fix the resulting hairstyle lacquer. If you want to make curls in the short hair light, choose the easy fixing lacquers, and if you want to remain fixed hairstyle, take a more powerful tool. laying with a brush

Curls for short hair: how to create

to create exciting styling, you can use a round brush and a hairdryer. Masters in beauty salons are often used in a similar way. If you do not have such experience, have little training. But as a result you get a natural curls for short hair and a handsome amount. Hair at the roots will need to raise, and then tighten the hair using a special nozzle under hot air. Then whip curls hands and use the tool to fix the hair. Possible to create such hairstyles to use only one brush, but before that you need to put locks on gel or mousse. Screw the lock on the brush, you soak for a while, and then expand. It is better to wait until the hair is dry yourself, but you can use a hair dryer.

With curlers

Another way of stacking curls - curlers and bobbins. There are different hair curlers, for example, in the form of wire, wrapped in foam. Their size will determine the size and curls. These curlers convenient to use at night, because in contrast to other models, and comfortable to sleep. If the hair of curls should be done very quickly, you can use hot rollers. special Velcro suitable for short hair.

Curls for short hair: how to create


Professionals are advised to create a very short curls use a hair carving that allows hair to hold curls for a long time (from several weeks to several months). But to do this procedure, you must have healthy hair, otherwise their condition will only get worse.