Bursting nail polish - a fashion trend in the nail industry

The latest innovation of nail art has become Bursting nail polish, which is still sometimes called craquelure. If we translate from French, "craquelure" will mean "crack".

How did craquelure?

These varnishes earlier used only for furniture and paintings to create the effect of an old subject. Hence, there was such an idea, which gradually merged into the nail industry. There are some ways to help you get the effect of crack, the "old" nail bed. It should be noted that crack manicure with varnish at the moment is a big hit and many of the girls who follow fashion and want to stay in the trend, choose exactly craquelure.

Bursting nail polish - a fashion trend in the nail industry

deposition method

How to apply Bursting varnish? It's all quite simple. To get the desired cracks, should make the coating cracelures over conventional varnish. In this framework should be a different color. A few seconds after the application of the first cracks appear, which can be seen through the shade of the lower layer. To extend the result is put on top of another layer - or varnish-fixer colorless varnish. Types cracelures

Bursting nail polish - a fashion trend in the nail industry

Based on the diversity of cracks, identify several types of cracking nail polish:

- lacquer, which after application are obtained small crack through which hardly visible lower layer;

- lacquer, after which the application form is quite large cracks. Through them you can easily see the color of the lower layer (such Bursting nail polish was prepared via the intake cracelures).

The recommendations on the use

The end result after use of the nail completely depends on the observance of a number of conditions:

1) It is recommended to thoroughly clean nails from varnishes, gloss and other coatings using special means in which no acetone. They degrease the surface and give the nails a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

2) The next step - applying customary lacquer whose color should be different from cracks that were visible through the cracks on the nails. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to choose the striking combination of matching colors. Classic black and white tandem will look original and very stylish, and to create an unusual manicure, you can experiment with bright contrasting colors.

Bursting nail polish - a fashion trend in the nail industry

3) To create a gentle manicure is recommended to use pastel shades. For example, combining white Bursting nail polish with dairy base can create a manicure effect porcelain.

4) In order to obtain more rigid and expressive cracks, it is necessary on each nail with a thin top layer of varnish, the dried using a brush.

5) Secure the total composition need with colorless lacquer. This final touch is a must, it gives sparkle effect, and cracking nail polish will remain for a long time.

Other unusual varnishes

Nowadays, there are many other unusual nail polish. In recent years become very popular granular sand and matte varnishes. The effect of the latter can be obtained even at home. It's pretty easy - after applying the varnish, not letting it dry, you must bring your hands to the couple (until dry coating).