8 shocking owners are incredibly thin waists

8 shocking owners are incredibly thin waists

Perhaps too thin

Many women want to have a thin waist, but there are those who do not just want, but they are doing everything possible. We suggest that you read about the eight women with the thin waists in the world.

1. Nerina Orton

8 shocking owners are incredibly thin waists

Nerina Orton from Birmingham, United Kingdom, wants to have the most slender waist in the world. She is only 22 years old, and, as is now the circumference of her waist is only 40 cm, it is on track to achieve their dreams.

Nerina is a corset with a 14-year-old. However, her obsession is associated with health risks: a woman's body to adjust to the constant wearing of a corset, and every time she takes it, feels like it is moving bowels, trying to take a natural position.

Nerina worked as a dancer on the show of burlesque. Corset she did not even shoot for the night: while many people prefer comfortable pajamas, sleeping in a corset Nerina. Without the corset around her waist circumference of 56 cm.

Her goal - to break the record of Kathy Young.

2. Katie Young

8 shocking owners are incredibly thin waists

The American Cathy Young was born in 1937. Height Jung - 165 cm, the circumference of her waist in a corset is 38, 1 cm, and without a corset -. 53 cm Her enthusiasm endeared Victorian fashion, so that the age of 38 she started wearing Waist waist belt, and her 66-centimeter waist has gradually become longer. However, it never made any transactions to the waist became smaller.

Currently, Kathy Jung holds the record holders of the thinnest waist in the world from a living person. Her waist about the same size as the jar of mayonnaise.

3. Michelle Koebke

8 shocking owners are incredibly thin waists

For most of us slim waist is the result of a careful diet and many exercise. But not for the 24-year-old Michelle Koebke: her waist dropped from 64 cm to 40 cm as a result of wearing a corset every day for three years, even during sleep. Despite the fact that her waist is smaller than most supermodels, the German wants to reduce it to a record 38 cm. However, thin waist already damaged her health: Michelle has difficulty may arise as due corset atrophied muscles of the back and abdomen. Her stomach is so flat that it can not eat normal food, and instead takes the food in small portions to 10 times a day.

For comparison, the average women have a waist 84, 9 cm.

4. Ethel Granger

8 shocking owners are incredibly thin waists

Ethel Granger had the smallest waist in the world - 33 cm. However, such a thin waist was not natural for her - a woman influenced her husband, William Granger, obsessed with a wasp waist in women.

After several years of wearing a corset waist Ethel found in 33 cm and hit the "Guinness Book of Records." Its hallmark was a piercing on her face.

5. Ioana Spangenberg

8 shocking owners are incredibly thin waists

No, it's not a photoshop and surgery - 50-centimeter waist Romanian model Yoany Spangenberg is quite natural.

The growth of the 30-year Yoany 167 cm, weight - 38 kg. She claims that eating three meals a day and indulging in fatty foods like chips, pizza and kebabs. When she was 13 years old, many of her friends could close his hands on her 38-centimeter waist.

Ioana says that trying to get better, especially eating sweets, but to no avail.

6. Ann Ward

8 shocking owners are incredibly thin waists

Talia Ann is so thin that people can easily clasp her hands. Given that its height - 189 cm, it is understandable why the audience the show "America's Next Top Model" were shocked. Thin waist Anne impressed organizers of the show Tyra Banks (Tyra Banks) and the jury, so that Ann won the 15th episode.

During an appearance on the show a student from Dallas, Texas, was 19 years old.

7. Dita Von Teese

8 shocking owners are incredibly thin waists

In 2012, the Dita Von Teese celebrates its 40th birthday. "Queen of Burlesque", the former wife of rock singer Marilyn Manson from 2005 to the year 2007, believes that it is in better shape than 20 years.

Star Growth is only 162 cm and weight - about 50 kg. She explains that maintains its 55-centimeter waist thanks to a healthy diet. Dita rarely drink, avoid starchy foods every morning and uses vegetable cocktail of ingredients including parsley, cilantro and spinach. She also performs daily exercise and wearing a corset with a 18-year-old.

8. Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova is a self-proclaimed "most famous woman" in runet. Several years ago, 21-year-old Ukrainian woman made a splash in his native Ukraine and neighboring Russia because of its resemblance to a Barbie doll.

After the first photos of her began to appear on the network, interested people began to dig into her old profiles on social networks - as was the catalog of all the operations that it has undergone, from plastic surgery to change the shape of the nose to remove the edges to reduce the waist volume. And her waist is, of course, is very thin.