"The Pool" in Sokolniki

In hot weather, many Muscovites dream to swim in the cool water. But due to the lack of nearby water bodies this can be a problem. "The Pool" in Sokolniki Park, opened in 2012, solved this problem. In the park, where in Soviet times was "Dolphin", now houses a modern recreation area with swimming pools, beaches and restaurants. Anyone can have a great time here.

"of The Pool" in Sokolniki

This place is very popular among Muscovites. Here you can relax on a lounger and soak up the sun, swim in one of two swimming pools, and in the evening to have fun at the summer party. For visitors with children there is a playground, slides and are constantly working animators. In the daytime, there are going to lovers of quiet summer holiday, and in the evening the youth comes and lovers of beach parties.

In the park Sokolniki outdoor pools for adults and children always have a comfortable temperature of the water as the heating system operates, in addition to this, the water is constantly updated. Children's area is equipped with water slides, there is always a lifeguard, so adults can leave without worrying your child swim alone. The surrounding area has everything for the convenience of visitors and for a rest:

  • sunbeds;
  • shower;
  • the locker room;
  • operates Wi-Fi;
  • area is constantly cleaned, it's clean;
  • has a toilets;
  • cafes and entertainment.

Despite the fact that here comes a lot of people in the park, you can feel comfortable, because the bandwidth is limited, so step over someone just do not have. And on the summer terrace can simultaneously fit 200 people. Due to the natural environment and trees, visiting the pool in Sokolniki, you can feel on the lake and the forest.

What else

In the park in a circle of like-minded guests can work out group sports: yoga or aerobics, volleyball or ping pong. Even here it is possible to eat tasty and the chef often pleases guests open master classes. Bartenders are happy to prepare a refreshing drink for guests and waiters serve visitors throughout the park.

In the evening there are incendiary parties, during which you can not only dance, but also to bathe in the pools. To visit the certificate is not required, in contrast to most other pools of capital. It employs a modern water purification system.

"of The Pool" in Sokolniki: price

Due to the fact that the number of places is limited at the park, the swimming pool is on a special schedule. Visit this place possible from 10.00 to 13.00, from 13.00 to 16.00 and from 16.00 to 22.00. You can pay for a full day if you wish. Ticket prices vary depending on which category the visitor chooses: VIP or standard. The difference lies in the categories of sunbeds. In the first case, they are softer and more comfortable, located on the first line of the pool. In the second case, it is the usual plastic loungers.

  1. Vip - from 600 rubles per session and 1,200 per day.
  2. Standard - 500 per session and 750 for the whole day.
  3. Children's ticket costs 200 rubles per session, deckchair is not included in it, and 400 rubles for the whole day.

In addition, the park visitors can rent: Mattresses for beach chairs, volleyballs, towels, table tennis, badminton and backgammon. The territory has a safety deposit box for safekeeping of valuables visitors.

Where is and hours of operation

During the summer, seven days a week, "The Pool" in Sokolniki welcomes all who want to relax, sunbathe and swim from 10.00 to 22.00. Find a place at: Moscow, Mit'kovskaya proezd, 1, building 1.

All residents and guests can visit the place yourself and relax in a very pleasant setting on a hot summer day.