Blue Topaz: The value of the stone and its properties

The most controversial of the minerals - blue topaz. The value of the stone will raise the veil of its mysteries, will help in making a decision about whether it is you need a powerful talisman.

Blue Topaz: The value of the stone and its properties

What is the strength of the mineral?

What is the effect on the person has blue topaz? The value of the stone can not be overestimated, recognizing its properties.

The Healing Power

At constant wearing of the mineral at its owner strengthens the immune system, which allows not only sick, but also to deal with existing chronic diseases, exhaustion. Topaz under force to overcome the CNS disease, arthritis, stroke, bone inflammation, problems with the spine. A woman -vladelitsy this mineral will not know what a hormonal disorder, uterine disease. Infertility it too safe. Short-sighted people also feel the beneficial effects of the stone.

Blue Topaz: The value of the stone and its properties

Reducing the

Blue Topaz relieves stress, reduces the time spent on the regeneration of tissues, even warns Basedow's disease, because the invigorating action of the mineral has beneficial effects on the thyroid gland, strengthening it.

The soothing properties of

The owner of the blue mineral will not torment of depression, insomnia, nightmares, mental disorders. Moreover, under the influence of his actions in epileptics reduces the frequency and severity of attacks. The magical quality of

The owner of the blue topaz powerfully develop the mind, intuition and instinct. This is one of the most powerful talismans of wealth, which helps businessmen, speakers, politicians, contributing to their popularity and favorable attention from higher-ranking people.

The properties that encourage creativity

Blue Topaz reveals creative potential owner, but only in people with more life experience wise.

The mystical quality of

The ability to tame a downpour, and even the storm - one of the most unusual properties of mineral blue topaz. He - Ward, patron amulet clairvoyants. People involuntarily drawn to a man with such a talisman, they want to listen to him, to know his opinion.

The stone with the character

Only blue topaz - a stone whose properties are not for everyone. He will be faithful assistant and talisman only for the brave, honest and dedicated person. If you - a woman, family oriented and traditional values ​​are important if you love life and peace, then forget about the blue topaz. The value of the stone, or rather, its purpose - to send the test. After all, this extraordinarily beautiful mineral determines the destiny of man, which is to win the battle of life. Not everyone can safely overcome critical situations. Wearing a blue topaz warrants bringing any, even the most innocent, lies and falsehood to its logical conclusion. So, playful response to the bad joke of a loved one: "Well, all I do not love you anymore ..." becomes a reality. Woman is more deeply entangled in personal problems and did not suspect that the blame for the unusually attractive blue topaz. Meaning stone - destruction catalyst decay. It is unlikely that the mineral beauty is worth the sacrifice. Blue topaz win Scorpio

Blue Topaz: The value of the stone and its properties

Then the next question: who fearlessly can wear blue topaz? Zodiac will answer. It shows a sky-blue mineral, primarily Scorpios - those who were born in the time period from 24 October to 22 November.