Quotes incomparable Faina Ranevskaya

117 years ago was born the great theater and film actress Faina Ranevskaya.

Brilliant actress Faina Ranevskaya was primarily recognized master Distinguishing roles in theater and film, and remember that the viewer. She was extremely demanding on yourself as well as others, and therefore changed many theaters in his career. Quotes and replicas of her heroines (the famous "Mulia not nervous about me!") Can often be found in the most unexpected interpretations, at the same time, they are always relevant.

It's amazing how the words spoken by an actress many years ago, do not lose their relevance to the present day. And when they sound as if seen sly squint her eyes, a thin nervous hand with a cigarette and continued mockingly Curved lips ...

We chose the witty sayings of the great actress, who at one time were forced to keep silent for a long time companions.

Quotes incomparable Faina Ranevskaya

Stories about the actress

Once Ranevskaya was in his makeup room completely naked. And smoking. Suddenly it came without knocking director, manager of the theater Mossovet Valentin schoolchildren. And stunned froze. Faina asked quietly: "You are not shocked that I smoke?" (Ranevskaya "non-magical frog: the literary journal")

Explaining to someone why condom white Ranevskaya said: "Because the white color full." (Faina Ranevskaya "Cases Jokes Aphorisms.." / Publisher: Zakharov IV) Ranevskaya asked: "What do you think, women tend to be on the safe brunettes or blondes?" Without hesitation she replied: "Gray!" (A. Shcheglov "Ranevskaya: whole life.", 1998 / Publisher: Zakharov IV )

Once in the theater capricious young actress said: "The pearls, which I wear in the first act, must be present." "Everything is true" - soothes her Ranevskaya - "Everything: the pearl in the first act, and the poison - in the final." (D. Goldfinches "Faina Ranevskaya's monologue.", 1998 / Publishing:. Olympus Rusich)


All my life I swim in a toilet bowl butterfly style. (Shcheglov AV Diary "Faina Ranevskaya: Fate-slut)

We were taught to unicellular said kutsym thoughts, play after Ostrovsky! (From Sergey Jurassic actor memories)

Horseradish, placed on the opinions of others, provides a peaceful and happy life. (FG Ranevskaya "Blogs on scraps", 1999)

Under the most beautiful peacock tail hides the most common chicken ass. So less pathos, gentlemen. (Skorohodov G. "Conversations with Ranevskaya," 1999)

I like eggs: I participate, but do not enter. (Goldfinches D. "Faina Ranevskaya. Monologue," 1998)

Everyone is free to dispose of his ass as he wants. So I pick up his and uobyvayu. (At the theater Mossovet party meeting to discuss the behavior of a non-Marxist eminent actor, charged with homosexual) Why are all these women are fools? (Faina Ranevskaya "Cases Jokes Aphorisms.." / Publisher: Zakharov IV)

You know what is in the movies? Imagine that you wash in the bath, and to lead a tour. (Shakhov G. Faina Ranevskaya, 1985)

Life - a long jump of n ... zdy grave. (Shcheglov A. "Ranevskaya: All life", 2005)

For the actress, there are no neydobctv if nyzhno for roli. (Memories of the actress Ellen Junger, shooting the movie "Cinderella")

When I start to write his memoirs, then the phrase: "I was born into a family of poor oilman ..." - I have nothing. (Faina Ranevskaya "Cases Jokes Aphorisms.." / Publisher: Zakharov IV)

To be recognized - it is necessary, even essential, to die. (Shlyakhov AL "Faina Ranevskaya: Love alone scoffer", 2012.)

Quotes incomparable Faina Ranevskaya

Lesbianism, homosexuality, masochism, sadism - is not a perversion. Perversions, in fact, only two: hockey and ballet on ice. (Goldfinches D. "Faina Ranevskaya. Monologue," 1998)

Beautiful people, too shit. (Faina Ranevskaya "Cases Jokes Aphorisms.." / Publisher: Zakharov IV)

This lady can already pick and choose to whom she impress. (To the view "I was the Sistine Madonna not impressed")

I do not recognize the word "play." You can play cards, at the races, checkers. On stage, we have to live. (Theater. Moscow City Council, 1955) All pleasant in this world or harmful, or immoral, or leads to obesity. (From a letter Shcheglova in Kabul, 1983)

I hate you. Wherever I went, all look back and say, 'Look, this is Mulia not nervous about me goes "(From a conversation with Agnia Barto)

I get letters: "Help to become an actor." The answer is: "God help you!" (Shcheglov AV Diary "Faina Ranevskaya: Fate-slut)

Women, of course, smarter. Have you ever heard of a woman who'd lost her head just by the fact that men are beautiful legs? (Faina Ranevskaya "Cases Jokes Aphorisms.." / Publisher: Zakharov IV)

Pee in the tram - all that he has done in the art. (Ranevskaya about the director Yuri Zavadsky)

Talent - it is self-doubt and nagging dissatisfaction with himself and his shortcomings, which I never met in mediocrity. (Shcheglov AV Diary "Faina Ranevskaya: Fate-slut)

The fourth time watching this film and I must say to you that today, the actors played as never before. (Rethinking the movie "Life is Beautiful")

It is better to be a good person, "cursed" than a quiet, mannered creature. (FG Ranevskaya "Blogs on scraps", 1999 / Publisher of Russian Poetry Foundation, with the participation of the anthology "Petropolis")