How to pump up the pectoral muscles at home

To pump up the pectoral muscles at home, you can use only the traditional push-ups with different variations. These exercises include the work of the entire shoulder girdle and pectoral muscles. Intense short-term nature of the load promotes the growth of breast muscles. Conventional push-ups in the quiet rhythm strengthens endurance and develop speed-strength, but does not allow the muscle to grow in volume. So before you pump up the pectoral muscles at home, should be clearly set ourselves the task: increasing relief chest muscles or muscle strengthening ligaments. Achieving each goal is done by the same exercise, but with varying intensity. To build muscle you should not go beyond 10-15 repetitions. It is better to increase the number of sets and complicate traffic in different ways.

How to pump up the pectoral muscles

The low level of complexity of push-ups is better to use at an early stage, preparing the muscles to the classic types of loads. Simple exercises are done standing or lying down, with an emphasis on the wall or on your knees. Inhalation hand bend in the elbow joint up to the level of the right angle, they are straightened during exhalation. Dips head up

The exercise is performed from the low support with different widths of the Hands.

The classic push-ups

Hands are placed as much as possible the shoulders, the legs can be slightly apart or close together. While driving your elbows are directed to the side, his chest lightly touches the floor, the body must be perfectly straight. Not allowed deflections down, lifting the pelvis, lower abdomen on the floor. To pump up the pectoral muscles at home, should be fine this exercise, burdened athletic pancakes. Can complicate movement focusing on the one hand or fist, fingers spread, palms turned outwards.

How to pump up the pectoral muscles at home

Dips head down

Perform routine classic push-down emphasis on the bench. During the movement of the head is below the level of the feet, the arms account for most of the body weight.

How to pump up the pectoral muscles at home

to Circular push-ups

Starting position - the standard emphasis lying on the floor. On the inhale should be moved to the body weight on the one hand, down, shift to another. At the exit you need to climb. The same is repeated in the other direction. This exercise involves working the triceps and deltoids. Uneven pushups

To perform this exercise you should Upland - step platform, any support or low medbol. It rests on one arm, the other remains on the floor. standard - performance technique.

How to pump up the pectoral muscles at home

Plyometric push-ups

Starting position - hands and legs emphasis on a flat surface. After tilting the shoulder portion of the housing with maximum force necessary to be wrung from the floor, and pull arm from the surface. Return to the starting position. This exercise has a high level of complexity. To pump up the pectoral muscles at home with the help of this exercise, the need for significant skill and hand speed. After mastering the basic plyometric movements can be trained to perform in front of a cotton while taking your hands.

How to build the upper chest muscles

In order to achieve the volume of the upper pectoral muscles need to perform the exercise in the gym under the supervision of an instructor and insurance. For its implementation it is necessary to go back on the bench, take the rod in a horizontal position reverse grip and perform classical presses.