6 people sentenced to the longest terms in the history of

In some jurisdictions there is a practice in which the court may impose a prison sentence, unrelated to the actual duration of human life. Of course, criminals are unable to live a few thousand years, so fantastic figures in the sentence should be considered a measure of what they have done.

Your attention - 6 sentenced to the longest terms of restriction of freedom.

1 will sit until the end of life ... and even 1000 years on top of

6 people sentenced to the longest terms in the history of

was recently issued a ruling on the court's verdict on the high-profile case a resident of Cleveland's 53-year-old Puerto Rican Ariel Castro, who held three women captive: Amanda Berry, Gina DeHesus and Michelle Knight. Castro many years mocked them and raped, and then beating, have provoked unfortunate miscarriage.

For the abduction, illegal confinement and rape in the perverted form Ariel Castro was sentenced to life imprisonment, and moreover - for the 1000 years in prison without possibility of parole.

2. 25 life sentences

A life sentence for murder with extreme cruelty - is true. But what if a person of conscience 25 such killings?

In 1973, a resident of the United States Juan Corona received one life sentence for each of those killed in California migrant workers, to cultivate his field in the period from 1970 to 1971. Year. The average life expectancy of American men in the time of the birth of Juan (1934-th year) was approximately 61 years, so to atone for their crimes, the Crown must spend behind bars nearly 1525 years.

3. Eats ...

6 people sentenced to the longest terms in the history of

One of the most famous serial killer Bobby Joe Long has an impressive list of "deeds" in the world, which in the course of 1985-1986-second period of high-profile meetings of the US Supreme Court sentenced him to one of 5 years in prison, four 99-year term, 28-life and one death. However, according to some reports, Bobby Joe Long is still being held on death row for one of the Florida State Prison.

By the way, if you take the average life expectancy of American men at birth Long (October 14, 1953-th year), the total of his detention period is 2305 years old.

4. Before a petition for reconsideration should think carefully

6 people sentenced to the longest terms in the history of

Darron Bennalford Anderson of Oklahoma in 1993, he was sentenced to 2,200 years for rape, robbery and kidnapping. Interestingly, when Darron sent a petition for review of his case, the court took into consideration the request, repeated hearings were held, and the resulting sentence was correct, but not in favor of Darron: after revision total period was more than 11 thousand years. One of his subsequent appeals also brought to fruition - he "mowed" half a millennium.

5. Once again, Oklahoma

6 people sentenced to the longest terms in the history of

the longest term of imprisonment prescribed in the sentence, "famous" Charles Scott Robinson, land in the dock for the rape of six children. For each episode of Oklahoma court case in 1994, the year he was sentenced to 5 thousand years in prison, so that in the aggregate Robinson "rattled" by 30 thousand years.

6. The postman on a note

6 people sentenced to the longest terms in the history of

Charles Robinson's sentence seems a trifle compared with what required in 1972. Prosecutors Spanish city of Palma de Mallorca for the 22-year-old postman Gabriel Granados.

He was accused of neglect of professional duties and evading delivery 42768-E-mails. For each of the undelivered postal charge called on to condemn Granados for nine years, so the whole prison term would have amounted to 384 912 years. Taking into account all the circumstances of the case, the judge sentenced Gabriel "only" to 14 years and the 2nd months in prison. It can be said lightly.