"Pearls" of the Black Sea

• "Pearls" Black Sea

"Pearl of the Black Sea" - an international beauty contest, which takes place in Sevastopol for 17-th time. Event was organized by the model agency "Maria" and the National Committee "Miss Ukraine". This year, fourteen girls from Russia, Poland, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine fought for the crown of the winner on the Black Sea. I was invited to take part in the work of the jury and of course I agreed ...

The day before the competition, we decided to get acquainted with the girls and have chartered a yacht:

Regular readers know that pictures of people I do not get very much, so I took the camera to once again trained on the beautiful little girls:

Please do not judge strictly:

Pay attention to this girl. During the contest, I did not recognize her in makeup and a different hairstyle. By the way, she was the winner of the contest:

We stopped in front of the Cape Fiolent - is one of the most beautiful places in Sevastopol:

In the background of rocks sticking out the water Opest and Pylades. It cousins ​​from Greek mythology, they were so bound by friendship, that they were ready to sacrifice their lives for each other. But back to the boat: please note that some of the girls are on their toes. I have heard the version that this situation raises the breast, tightens the stomach, etc. -.. Women, whether this is really the case?

After a photo shoot all went swimming:

All the girls are very slim:

Two little girls asked me to photograph them "synchronous" jump:

Yuri Kondratyev, one of the organizers of the competition. He spoke to the girls only the word "bird". However, the "bird" has become a "fish" in this picture:

light snack:

The birds do not stop at the usual sandwich:

I decided to take pictures from the water. Took the camera, he climbed into a lifeline and set sail from the yacht.

Actually, I thought that the girls, knowing that the board member of the jury, will try myself somehow manifest. But everyone was very modest and shy - Yuri enormous effort to exhort one of them to remove the swimsuit photos:

Captain Yacht Glory, watching all the way for our company, in the end could not resist and asked to capture it with the contestants. By the way, we are not the first time use of its services and the ship, if you need a yacht in Balaclava - call (phone photo):

After a sea of ​​entertainment up to the mountains and ride a jeep.

Finally, the next day the competition itself. I confess that I went up to the organizer to clarify - is there any preferences or mistress? Yet they say that beauty pageants paid for and worked out in advance. But it turned everything to be honest - who wins, he wins.

Except for me the jury were: President modeling agency and an official representative of the international TV channel World Fashion Channel in Ukraine Aleksandra Britan, the director of the competition "Pearl of the Black Sea" and "Sevastopol beauty" Anna Levkovets, regional director of the jewelry factory "Golden Age" Anastasia Leontovich, winner of the first city ​​contest "Sevastopol beauty" Ekaterina Petrova Honored journalist of Ukraine and the Autonomous republic of Crimea Yuri Kondratyev.

The competition began with the release of girls in designer dresses. After that were local bands and again succeeded girls:

I was taken aback at first, I saw girls with glasses, no makeup and hairstyles, but on the stage they are transformed beyond recognition. Fortunately, I had with him were photos from the boat, and I have consulted with the other members of the jury who is who:

And this girl is not difficult to find out:

Ekaterina Petrova from the jury. We sat next to me and she explained what was happening on the stage:

After the dance numbers and we went to a nearby restaurant, we sat down at the table and everyone commented on the four winners. We agreed on the fact that large breasts, though she is the loudest applause in the hall should not win. Still, it's a beauty contest, and not a competition size.

Allocating places and signing certificates, returned to the hall:

First awarded girls not included in the four winners:

Then awarded three runner-up:

To the winner was so unexpected to hear his name, that the first few seconds, she did not react and stood rooted to the spot. Then she was moved and almost cried:

So, here it is, the Pearl of the Black Sea 2013 - seventeen Vlad Shcheglova. By the way, Vlad became the winner of the city festival "Miss Vinnytsia 2013" last spring:

The tape runner-up went to twenty-two models Sevastopol Julia Ustinova. 1st runner-up was the eighteen Anastasia Zakharchenko from the city of Sumy, and 2nd runner-up - a twenty-year student Ksenia kalyaki from Kherson.

After the competition the "bowl" dressed and went into the night in their ribbons: