15 richest fictional characters 2013

Forbes magazine has presented the 8th top 15 richest fictional characters. All the participants - the fruit of imagination of the author (it is excluded from the sample of mythological and folkloric characters). To get into the rating, they must be popular in the real world and be associated with the audience with the richness. Assessing the status of heroes, the editors try to tie the value of their assets to real fictional stock quotes and commodity prices.

This year, the leadership in the ranking returned one of the main characters of the animated series "DuckTales" Scrooge McDuck (his fortune was estimated at $ 65, 4 billion). On the second line goes winged fire breathing dragon The smog (state $ 54, 1 billion) of "The Hobbit" J. R. R. Tolkien. Closes the three leaders of the head of the family a vampire Carlisle Cullen (the state $ 46 billion) from the teen saga "Twilight". The combined wealth of the richest characters in the past 12 months increased by 3%, to $ 215, 8 billion. For comparison, this is more than the GDP of Ireland.

Learn more about how and why to change the state of the rating, please refer to our gallery.

1. Scrooge McDuck

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 65, 4 billion

Source of wealth: Industry, hunt for jewels

Geography: Dakburg, Kalisota

Glory: "DuckTales," "Uncle Scrooge"

One of the main charismatic characters in the universe of Disney, Scrooge was coined by the artist Carl Barks as early as the 1940s. He inherited the name of the merchant from the novel by Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" and is rumored to have taken into prototypes famous industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Like Carnegie, Scrooge walked a thorny path of poor migrants to the wealthy. Compared to the year 2011 state of the hero has grown by more than $ 20 billion - not for nothing that the character does not trust banks and prefer to keep money into gold.

2. Could

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 54, 1 billion

Source of wealth: looting

Geography: Lonely Mountain, Erebor, Middle Earth

Honor: "The Hobbit, or There and Back Again"

Dragon-leader of last year's ranking dropped one place for 12 months be poor by nearly $ 8 billion. As reflected in the smog debut in Hollywood, while difficult to predict, but on-screen hero will have to leave (and then completely die) with his boundless wealth. However, while it is not without the help of gold manages to hold high positions in the ranking.

3. Carlisle Cullen

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 46 billion

Source of wealth: Investments

Location: Forks, WA

Glory, "Twilight"

373-year-old native of London broke into the ranking in 2010, immediately took first place. Over the past three years, despite the increase in the state $ 12 billion, the head of the vampire clan lost leadership to the more conservative of fictional characters. Go on recession risks and the popularity of the "Twilight" themselves.

4. Tony Stark

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 12, 4 billion

Source of wealth: defense technology

Location: Malibu, CA

Glory: "Iron Man"

Conceited genius inventor Stark transferred from the comic universe to the universe of Hollywood in recent years. The hero, Robert Downey Jr. has collected an impressive box office (the third part of "Iron Man" won the box office of over $ 1 billion), and has become one of the most popular movie characters of our time. In the ranking of Forbes chairman and owner of Stark Industries also went up - by one line. Stark condition for the year increased by more than $ 3 billion.

5. Charles Foster Kane

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 11, 2 billion

Source: Media

Geography: Zakadu Castle, California

Glory: "Citizen Kane"

Hero of Orson Welles, whose prototype was the media tycoon William Hearst, to this day remains a classic of world cinema. In the case of Kane in the assessment of the state can be based on the approximate cost of Hearst Corporation. Revenue conglomerate, which is still owned by the Hearst family, the Forbes in 2012 is estimated at $ 3, 8 billion. During the year, the state Kane nearly $ 3 billion increase.

6. Bruce Wayne

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Status: $ 9, 2 billion

Source: inheritance, defense technology

Location: Gotham City, USA

Glory: "Batman"

Wayne, aka Batman a superhero in real life, in recent years has also been reconceived as a character (with the release on the screens of several adaptations of comics authorship director Christopher Nolan). The interest of a wide audience for the hero played by Christian Bale has grown considerably. Rose Uyen and in the Forbes rating - two lines, richer by $ 2, 3 billion, compared with last year.

7. Rich Richie

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Status: $ 5, 8 billion

Source: inheritance, industry

Geography: Richvill, USA

Glory: "Richie Rich"

The son of wealthy parents Richie is popular in the US hero Richie Rich comics, and once even was played Macaulay Culkin in the movie version of his story. In the ranking of Forbes, he dropped to one position, the status of Rich dropped by more than $ 2 billion.

8. Christian Gray

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Status: $ 2, 5 billion

Source: Investment, Industry

Location: Seattle, WA

Glory, "50 Shades of Gray"

Main hero of the book, the best-selling "50 shades of gray" by EL James - Forbes rookie rankings. Gray - a young billionaire, whose secret hobbies understands the main character of the novel Anastacia Steele. Entrepreneur rigidly costs with employees and business competitors.

9. Tywin Lanister

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 1, 8 billion

Source: inheritance

Geography: Cliff Casterly, Västerås

Glory: "Song of Ice and Fire," "Game of Thrones"

Chapter House Lannister for the year poorer by $ 300 million. If you rely on the chronology of the film adaptation of the books by George Martin, the guilt contracted by Lord Bluff Casterly apparently protracted war with the house of Starks.

10. Charles Montgomery Burns

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 1, 5 billion

Source: nuclear power

Location: Springfield, USA

Honor: "The Simpsons"

Chief of the rich universe of the popular animated series Burns since 2006 has lost more than $ 10 billion in state. The reason for such dynamics, apparently, is nuclear energy issues, which is the basis of capital of the hero of "The Simpsons."

11. Walden Schmidt

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 1, 3 billion

Source: Technology

Location: Malibu, CA

Glory: "Two and a Half Men"

Internet billionaire with a broken heart from a very popular US sitcom recently replaced artist instead of a Hollywood "enfant terrible" Charlie Sheen is now playing the role of Schmidt Ashton Kutcher, and he is not the last person in Silicon Valley.

12. Lara Croft

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 1, 3 billion

Source: inheritance, the hunt for jewels

Geography: Wimbledon, England

Glory: Tomb Raider ( "Tomb Raider")

The legendary video game heroine in Hollywood embodied Angelina Jolie returned to the Forbes ranking for the first time since 2008.

13. Mr. Monopoly

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Status: $ 5, 8 billion

Source: Real Estate

Location: Atlantic City, NJ Glory: "Monopoly"

Symbol iconic board game, this character for a year lost more than 50% of the state.

14. Mary Crowley

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 1, 1 billion

Source: inheritance, dowry

Location: Yorkshire, England

Glory: "Downton Abbey"

Daughter of Count Grantham, Crowley - the main character of the British series, which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most talked about in history.

15. Jay Gatsby

15 richest fictional characters 2013

Net Worth: $ 1 billion

Source: extortion, investment

Geography: West Egg, New York

Honor: "The Great Gatsby"

the famous hero of the novel Fitzgerald last year got a new kinoobraz by Leonardo Di Caprio. The actor helped the film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" has collected an impressive box office, but to the character to become a role model for a new generation. Earlier Gatsby only once hit the rating - in 2009. The size of his condition since then has not changed.