10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

At noon on July 28 at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, where the exposition of the Leviev jewelry brand, burst into the unknown. Threatening with a pistol, he took a bag of jewelry worth $ 136 million. According to the volume of the stolen loot it falls into the category of the most daring. We remember 10 other thefts, which were lost as a result of stones.

on the Champs Elysees Fatal "women"

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: $ 118 million

In 2008, an American boutique jewelry brand Harry Winston Heist on the Champs Elysees, four men were in Paris. Two of them were in a dress. Threatening with a pistol and a grenade staff, they stuffed the suitcase with jewels and left the salon. This crime has been called one of the largest in the history of France. Police managed to find thieves and bring back a significant portion of the kidnapped. Quarter suitcases content found in the gutter, and three pairs of earrings and 19 rings in a plastic container found in the cement walled trough in the Saint-Saint-Denis.

The robbery of the diamond store in Antwerp

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: $ 100 million

In 2003, in the Belgian city of Antwerp Diamond Exchange criminals emptied. Of the 160 cells in which the diamond brokers kept valuables, a group of four robbers penetrated 123. Subsequently, the police figured out criminals. Investigators have found out and how they were able to empty the vault. It turned out that the attackers had planned the crime for two years: analyzed the security system, made copies of the keys to the replaced recording cameras. However, criminals have not confessed, where jewelry. The organizer was sentenced to 10-year term, a few participants theft received 5 years in prison.

The raid in Amsterdam Airport

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: $ 101 million

In 2005 robbers, dressed in uniforms of KLM's staff was attacked on a bus with diamonds at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. The robbery occurred at a time when the precious cargo on board the aircraft of Tulip Air, a charter flight which they were to be sent to Antwerp. The airport authority wondered how thieves entered the closed, accessible only to personnel area. In collusion with criminals and suspected police and airport officials and airline KLM. Most diamonds are not faceted, which increased their price in the market.

"robbery of the century" in wigs and make-up

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: $ 65 million

In August 2009, the store Graff Diamonds jewelry company British Bond Street were two men in London. At first they pretended to be buyers, but after a while took out guns and forced the staff to give jewelry. They managed to escape with a stolen, but the wigs and make-up did not help hide a person. The police figured robbers. They were British Aman Cassie Craig Kaldevud. They found through a mobile phone, which they have forgotten in an abandoned car. Police later found and the other members of the criminal group. organizer of the crime was found Aman Cassie - he received 23 years in prison. His accomplices Craig Kaldevud Solomon Beyene, Thomas Thomas and Clinton could get 16 years.

In police uniforms through countersunk hole

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: $ 40 million

In Milan in 2008, disguised in police thieves stole the diamonds from the salon Damiani jewelry house that like to visit a movie star (in particular, its products buy Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston). The thieves made their way into the room through a hidden trapdoor, they began to dig a few months before the robbery. Day of February 24 the seven criminals break through the wall and broke into the cabin. With the stolen earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, including a setting of white gold, the criminals removed through the same tunnel.

They came beautifully: a robbery on the Bentley

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: $ 20 million

In 2007, at the jewelry salon network Graff Diamonds in Sloane Street in London parked car Bentley Continental Flying Spur cost of about $ 250 000. From it emerged two well-dressed men, the third stayed behind the wheel. Going into the boutique, two "visitors" have got a staff of casual conversation in the guise of customers. Then he pulls out a gun and forced the stunned employees open windows with diamonds. The robbers took away about 100 jewelry, including necklace weighing more than 155 carats and valued at more than $ 2 million. Only one of the stolen diamonds later, in 2012, found in a pawn shop in Hong Kong.

to undermine the Louvre

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: $ 14 million

In 2004, during the trade fair, organized by the jewelry and antiques businesses in the Louvre, with showcases brand Chopard disappeared two diamonds. According to police, thieves broke into the company's booth in the afternoon, when her staff had gone away for 15 minutes. At the same time, according to investigators, supposedly a showcase was not connected to the alarm. One of the stolen diamonds weighing 47 carats, the second - 30.

Diamonds microwave

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: $ 8 million

25-year-old employee of the office of the Amsterdam diamond company Gassan Diamonds in August 2001 came to work with a box. He told his colleagues that in it a microwave that did not surprise anyone. However, all diamonds have disappeared the next day from the safe company. The offender himself came to the police to confess and told where the cache. He put the "jewels of microwave" in the statue on the streets of the city of Almere. For the confession employee received 2, 5 years in prison. However, to be released he succeeded much earlier: in prison appreciated his good behavior.

A series of burglaries in Cannes in 2013.

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: $ 3, 5 million

During the Cannes Film Festival in May 2013 was just two robberies. Swiss company Chopard jewelry worth $ 1 million that was intended for movie stars rolled on the festival, was stolen from the hotel room. According to police, the robbers pulled out of the wall safe with jewelry and fled with him. A week later, at a reception at the hotel in the municipal district of Cap d'Antibes lost necklace works of Swiss jeweler De Grisogono brand value of $ 2, 5 million. It showed in the window. Responsible for the safety of necklace 80 employees of a private security agency. However, they clearly were not enough: the end of the evening the necklace was gone.

King of African symbols of power lost

10 major thefts of jewelery of the 21st century

The cost of stolen: not yet rated

In 2012, the African people Ashanti King, who lives in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire, lost his family jewels in Norway. Monarch Otumfuo Osei Tutu II arrived in Oslo on a business conference and stayed at a local hotel. From there, his regalia, collected by many generations of ancestors handed robber. Police say surveillance cameras photographed an unknown carrying a suitcase allegedly jewelry African king. Assess the value of the stolen is difficult because of the king's regalia are considered priceless.