Rules of life Winona Ryder

Rules of life Winona Ryder

I like it when people call me a hipster. And it is, by the way, is it?

I read a lot of biographies of celebrities and realized that if it was all so confusing and difficult in the life of these people, I should do with my life the same way.

In high school, I liked to dress like some girlfriend Bond - I was a real juvenile Pussy Galore (character in the film "Goldfinger").

I do not think that can affect even for someone other than myself.

In the working materials for the first film of my characters described in two words - dull and silly.

When I turned eighteen, I argued with Sean Penn. He said, "I'll bet you $ 500 that, when you're banging thirty, you will be sick of the actress's career." I still can not find the time to demand his money.

My life has never been so interesting, as they say about it.

I hate journalists. There are only two things that they are able to write about you: a blatant lie and something that you're trying to save from all secret.

I'll be a movie star. Your problems seem to people so insignificant compared to their own.

Now I am happy, as ever. But I do not want to turn into a Gloria Swanson (silent film actress, stop shooting with the arrival of sound), which sits in a family house, revising its movies and smoke through a mouthpiece cutesy. The most terrible error industry - the actors begin paying 20 million per film. And then it was the end.

More than anything, I'm afraid skopidomstva.

I can not remember that I ever wanted to be an actress. But I do remember that very much wanted to be a writer.

I like "The Catcher in the Rye" for the fact that this book is able to kill your sense of uniqueness. Until you picked it up, do you think you are the only person in the world that is going through all this way.

When I was nineteen, my boyfriend gave me a Christmas card, which in 1950 someone sent Salinger. There was nothing, except for "Merry Christmas" and a signature. I kept it for several years and terribly tormented. In the end, I decided to send a postcard back. I wrote: "Dear Mr. Salinger, this postcard I received once as a gift, but now I would like to return it to you, because it is infinite respect your right to privacy." And then, imagine, I received a reply - a letter with the word "thank you".

Being a celebrity - it's like to be the town square. You become a kind of public property.

We sat at the bar, when one of my friends said to me: "Did you know that here in America, you will never destined to meet a man who would not have known about your life?" I think too much. I think too much in advance. I think too much backwards. I think too much in different directions. I think about everything, and if it is at least somewhere there, hell am I already thought about it.

Have flaws, live aimlessly, fall, stumble - it is normal. The main thing to remember that your question, why is this happening to me, there is no secret answer.

"Strange" - this is the word I hate. The one who calls me weird, I would fire back in place.

In the area where I live, I have gathered, it seems, models from around the world. On the street, I feel like a dwarf circus.

Sometimes we all have to grow up.

I'm weird, crazy, educated, wild, soft, closed, thrifty, boring, romantic, selfish, proud, cruel, dark, sweet, and most importantly - I finally figured out this interview.

Forever ... My God, what is this strange word.