Spanish facial massage: performance technique, results, comments

All women love to do caring procedures for the face. Hiking to the beautician become particularly relevant after reaching 30 years of age. I would like to make the skin more smooth and prevent premature aging. This can help not only the hardware techniques and caring cosmetic means. Improve the internal and external condition of the skin, you can use Spanish massage for the face.

Spanish massage - a balance of movements, their relationship with the energy of the body, as well as improvement with the help of hands. Many positive reviews about this method characterize it as an indispensable procedure to every woman who is careful with their appearance.

Spanish facial massage: performance technique, results, comments

The general concept of

Spanish massage technique was first introduced to the world nearly a century ago. She developed her chiropractor Enrique Garcia. Technique itself gemolimfodrenazhem hereinafter called because it includes the kinesiology and manipulation.

Enrique Garcia was convinced that the client has to experience pleasure from the procedure. After all, happiness hormones increase the rejuvenating and healing result of the Spanish facial massage. That is why in every massage plays a quiet, relaxing music, and in the air a pleasant scent of incense.

Spanish facial massage: performance technique, results, comments

Features gemolimfodrenazha persons

The purpose of the Spanish face massage - to restore healthy skin and increase its elasticity by deep relaxation. Enrique Garcia singled out the basic principles relating to this massage procedure:

  • In carrying out his professional should not combine several kinds of techniques. The effect of their combination can be extremely unpredictable. Therefore, to obtain the desired result should be a manual exposure in one technique.
  • The specialist performing the massage should be aware of all the nuances of a client state of the organism. Especially it concerns the availability of dermatological problems and allergic reactions to cosmetic oils.
  • Gemolimfodrenazh performed a huge number of different movements. Altogether there are about a hundred. Therefore, the face skin does not get used to massage and effect of the procedure can be seen even after the first treatment.
  • Beautician to work deep, plastic movements, but at the same time very soft, so that the client does not feel stress or discomfort.
Spanish facial massage: performance technique, results, comments

What do Spanish facial massage

This unique wellness treatment rejuvenates the skin. Thanks to massage smooth out wrinkles, the face becomes flexible, elastic and soft. After a few sessions, the skin color is aligned fade peeling. Among the most impressive benefits of massage are the following:

  • Removal of the second jaw.
  • skin tightening.
  • Correction of facial contours.
  • lift.
  • smoothing nasolabial folds.

Gemolimfodrenazh is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in many women. Numerous testimonials about the Spanish facial massage confirm this fact. Its feature as compared to other methods is that it has beneficial effects not only on appearance but also has a healing effect on the internal state of the facial skin.

Spanish facial massage: performance technique, results, comments

The results of the massage effect of

A pleasant change from this procedure will be visible after a few sessions. The main thing is to choose a good professional who has been trained Spanish facial massage. Gemolimfodrenazha healing effect is in the following benefits:

  • There is a normalization of metabolic processes. As a consequence of the skin begin to actively removes toxins, toxins and other harmful substances.
  • Improves blood circulation. With this facial skin absorbs better cosmetics to care.
  • evaporates excess fluid, which contributes to increased swelling.
  • smooth fine wrinkles.
  • improves mood and well-being.

Spanish massage is done not only on the face. During the procedure may involve the neck and chest area.

Spanish facial massage: performance technique, results, comments

The techniques

The combination of several sciences makes this type of massage is very diverse. The procedure can be made one of five performance techniques. Spanish facial massage gives a result in the selection of any of them. Each technique is selected only on the basis of the personal wishes of the client.

  • Miotensivnaya. It has a strengthening effect on the muscles of the face and joints.
  • Somatoemotsionalnaya. Due to the contrast of sensations and emotions it actively affects the nervous system. Beautician movement is constantly changing from deep to tender. It uses a variety of items: gems, yarn, feathers, etc.
  • ..

  • Neyrosedativnaya. Massage promotes the immersion into the "fetal development". This technique relieves stress, irritability, anger, apathy and depressed.
  • Gemolifmaticheskaya. It improves blood pressure and circulatory system.
  • lymphatic drainage. This procedure displays the Spanish facial massage of skin excess fluid and toxins.

In order to obtain the desired result can not be combined in a single session, several techniques. It is better to choose one for your skin option and make the course of several procedures.

Spanish facial massage: performance technique, results, comments

The number of necessary sessions of massage

Even after a session is significantly improved skin condition. However, to achieve an impressive result it is necessary to complete a full course of massage. Normally, it takes about 3 weeks. During this period, you will need to make at least 10 sessions. the massage time between 25 to 30 minutes. The procedure should be performed by a certified master who trained all the techniques of the Spanish facial massage.

How is the session

Massage is done as follows:

  • The client relaxes. Unlike other types of massage, which begin with warm-up, the Spanish method aimed not only at improving the quality of the skin, but also on the mental state of harmony.
  • All the movements are performed in a circular manipulation.
  • Beautician works with your fingertips and palms.
  • At first traffic light, and plastic, and then they are amplified.
  • In the middle of the manipulation of the procedures turn into a more energetic pinching and pulling strokes.
  • Particular attention is always given to the most problematic areas.

During the procedure Estheticians lit scented candles, but for a nice background and customer relaxation - calm melody.

Spanish facial massage: performance technique, results, comments

Reviews massage

Most women are positive about this procedure. They set him a huge advantage compared to other types of massage. Spanish simulating facial massage can achieve such results, which can not be achieved through home-based care. Women age say that regular courses gemolimfodrenazha provide an opportunity to delay all kinds of rejuvenation procedures in the office of the surgeon. The skin becomes smoother after a few sessions, it becomes more elastic and dense. The contour of the face is tightened, retracted chin.

Almost all say that the success of the procedure depends on the professionalism of cosmetologist. Not every expert has the right level of training for the Spanish facial massage. Reviews of the majority of clinics to help determine whether their beauticians ready for this ancient technique. Sometimes in order to achieve truly amazing results, many are turning to the chiropractor.