Boats PVC "Hunter": the advantages and types

Boats PVC

for recreation and fishing, many prefer to take the boat. Now available a variety of products, different materials, performance and quality. Boats PVC "Hunter" in demand from fishermen and lovers of outdoor activities, as evidenced by the numerous reviews. The company offers a variety of models.


In the manufacture of boats, "Hunter" PVC is used high-quality material, which is a manufacturer of a popular German company HEYTEX. Density is in the range 750-110 g / m 2. Judging by the reviews, products serve for many years, and they can be used regularly.

Boats PVC

Other features include:

  1. Folded products are compact, so they can be used for long-distance trips.
  2. The assembly and operation is very simple, so it is even one person can perform.
  3. The design includes separate and independent parts. Thanks to what will stay on the water even when the puncture 1 compartment.
  4. The product has good maneuverability and it is convenient to manage.
  5. When assembled, the boat made of PVC "Hunter" has an excellent load capacity and excellent capacity.

According to the feedback, the product is excellent for fishing. When used properly, operation will be prolonged.


Options to the boat "Hunter" PVC consists of:

  • pack;
  • oars - 2 pcs .;
  • cans - 2 pcs .;
  • inlaid floor;
  • pump as a foot pump;
  • repair kit;
  • on the use of the manual.

Additional features

The standard kit for inflatable boats made of PVC "Hunter" includes only the necessary parts. And that fishing was comfortable, you can purchase additional gear. Rest will be more comfortable in the presence of:

  • anchor equipment;
  • timber to protect the sides;
  • rod holders;
  • soft seats;
  • bow bag for storing fishing equipment;
  • tent for fishing in bad weather.
Boats PVC

According to the reviews, the boat "Hunter" PVC allow us to stay more comfortable in the presence of additional tooling. With a variety of models, each customer can find for themselves the most appropriate option.


Compared with other types of swimming structures, "Hunter" products have many advantages. Products are renowned for:

  • Compact and light weight in folded form;
  • good resistance to water;
  • shallow draft, allowing you to get even in hard to reach areas of the reservoir;
  • quiet operation;
  • simplicity and convenience store.
Boats PVC


Even with the many advantages of the boat "Hunter" has the following disadvantages:

  • probability of damage on contact with a sharp object;
  • management complexity when wind direction changes;
  • repair can be time-consuming procedure.
Boats PVC

Although the firm product has flaws, still have a lot of positive feedback. Buyers point out that the characteristics such as a high quality, compact design and quiet operation make the boat indispensable for outdoor recreation.

The best models

All inflatables have their modification. The most popular are the following models:

  1. "280". A special feature of this product is considered to be the fact that it can accommodate 2 people with little baggage. You can set the hinged transom, which will make motor boat. This model has 2 sealed cylinder with a diameter of 40 cm.
  2. "290". Boat PVC "Hunter" of this kind is equipped with a stationary transom, through which it is possible to install the engine capacity not exceeding 5 liters. from. The main purpose of the product are considered to be long fishing trips. According to the reviews, they are suitable for hard to reach areas. Roominess suitable for 2 people.
  3. "300 LT". It is the longest boat "O" -shaped. Means includes a transom and sliding seat. It is perfect for mounting an electric motor. Design includes three airtight cylinder diameter of 40 cm. Capacity is 2 people.
  4. "320". Boat PVC "Hunter" has two versions: "320 LC" and "320 L". In both embodiments, there is fixed to the transom of the motor capacity is not higher than 6 liters. from. Especially considering the good maneuverability of the product, even at medium wave. The design includes a sealed compartment 3.
  5. "360". This small-sized swimming facilities. It hermetic container 4 of 48 cm in diameter. Boat bottom ceiling constructed from 12 mm thick plywood. Designs have good stability and maneuverability. Boats can accommodate 5 people.

Each of these models differs in design, performance, but is durable and safe. Choose the design you need in terms of capacity and size.


To extend the life of the need for careful treatment and proper care:

  1. In order not to damage the bottom, transom wheels must be used if a large size design. A small can be transferred to water alone.
  2. It is necessary to monitor the purity of the product, regularly washed and cleaned from dust, and to remove debris. Fresh stains better to wash immediately after their occurrence.
  3. There are special tools that protect the boat from rubbing against the rocks. Besides them the product becomes more resistant to sunlight. The main thing that was not a part of silicone.
  4. When transporting the trailer it is necessary to enclose under the bottom of something soft to avoid damage. Top does not cost anything to put.
  5. After arriving on the nature of the structure should be put in the shade, a little lower a little cylinders, reducing the load on the valve cover and tent.
Boats PVC

Thus, a boat made of PVC company "Hunter" reliable and durable. Due to the large range of products, each customer can choose the most suitable option. Using quality care product permanently retain its appearance and performance.