6 abuse of diplomatic immunity

On the diplomatic immunity of most of us know from the movies about the villains who use their status to transport drugs, weapons and commit all sorts of other horrible crimes.

In the real world with this same immunity is also related many interesting stories. For example…

1. The case of terrorist smoking

6 abuse of diplomatic immunity

In 2010, the vice-consul of the State of Qatar to the United States, Mohammed Al-Madadi was flying from Washington to Denver and really wanted to smoke. He was tormented, tortured, and then went to the toilet, found dymosignalizator, unplugged it, took out his pipe and puffed with pleasure. A few minutes later one of the flight attendants smelled smoke, became suspicious and began banging on the door.

Al-Madadi appeared on the doorstep - all in a cloud of smoke and a cigarette lighter in his hand. Stewardess in a stern voice asked what was happening.

The tone of the flight attendants seemed to Al Madadi offensive and he irritably replied that "only set fire to his shoes." This was an allusion to the so-called "shoe bomber" Richard Reid attempted terrorist attack committed on US plane in December 2001.

Then the flight attendant required to give a lighter, but received a flat refusal.

Now imagine: a suspicious young man (diplomat at that time was 27 years old) out of the closet all the smoke, alluding to the bombing attempt and refuses to obey. And all this in the air.

From that moment events began to move like a movie. The crew informed about the strange passenger to the ground, where the report was received with the utmost seriousness. In the air there and then climbed the two F-16 fighter, which was accompanied by a liner up until landing at the destination airport. And then our hero took the FBI. US media say that during the course of the operation personally watched President Barack Obama, who was at that time headed to Prague for talks with Dmitry Medvedev. Some official and non-official suggested that the diplomat deliberately provoked the incident, knowing that thanks to immunity, the trick is easy to get away with his hands.

We do not know, of course, that the man in the head, but given that it could easily shoot right in the plane ...

By the way, in Denver, the Al-Madadi must to visit the jailed Qatari citizen, convicted of aiding "Al-Qaeda" in the organization of the terrorist attacks in September 2001.

2. The Mexican press attache steals phone in the White House

North American Summit - an annual meeting of leaders of the USA, Canada and Mexico, which, in theory, should strengthen the links between these three neighboring states.

During the meetings, participants usually leave their phones on a table in a guarded room near the conference room. At the summit in 2008 all happened just as the same - a few important officials leave the phone and went to the negotiations. When he returned, their phones are, to my utter astonishment, could not find.

Telephones important officials - not just expensive toys. They are full of all the important and sometimes sensitive information. So that the disappearance caused a big stir.

After some time of searching and bustle, someone guessed review the recording surveillance cameras. On the film it was clearly visible, as the Mexican press attache Rafael Quintero Coeriel enters the room, raking in his briefcase a few BlackBerry smartphones and dancing, leaving the room.

Security Service immediately sent his men to the airport, where the Mexican delegation has languished in anticipation of departure in his native Mexico. Police stopped the plane and demanded Coeriel return stolen goods ... to which he smiled pleasantly and said he has no-ka-to-th representation of what actually talking about. Just imagine the scene: a man in the most impudent manner, before the cameras stealing phones the most senior officials of other countries, because it stopped the plane, and he was only slightly raises an eyebrow: "Problems, Officer?"

Of course, after Coeriel was presented with the recording of CCTV cameras, the tone has changed a little. But the fact that he apologized - not at all. Now version was this: he accidentally found abandoned smartphones, decided that some of their lost and going (of the kind, of course, motives) instruct his chauffeur, so he gave them to those responsible for the organization of the summit.

What security officials reasonable notice that it does not explain why he was rested and did not give them the first smartphones on demand as well as that, why do they had to take and the more to carry with them to Mexico. In response Coeriel waved in front of the officer's nose his diplomatic passport, saying that he would not longer be justified.

As a result, the phones were returned, and Coeriel due to his diplomatic immunity, flew home without hindrance.

Position her in the incident Coeriel still lost, but no charges were brought against him. Taking into account the scale of the scandal and the volume of stolen confidential information - very lightly.

3. Kidnapping using pouch

Diplomatic bag - a mail bag diplomatic courier, specially sealed and enjoys immunity. In essence, it is the transfer of diplomatic immunity on inanimate objects.

At that time, while the majority of countries used such pouches to carry skukota any kind of secret documents, there were also those who were able to appreciate the high potential of the pouch and showed great ingenuity in its use. In essence, you can commit any crime - if you can cram into a container decorated by all the rules of diplomatic label - no one will not say a word.

In 1984, the Government of Nigeria released a conflict with the former Minister of Umaro Dicco, as a result of which the latter moved to England. Dicco was a man of character and steep indulged in extremely harsh statements against the current at the time the government, criticizing his every move. And not only against their own government, but Israel, for example.

At some point, Nigeria and Israel have decided to unite to deliver Dicco back to Nigeria and silence.

At first, everything went like clockwork. Dickie caught on the street of London, drugged and brought to the airport united forces of the Israeli-Nigerian special forces group. Now I had it as a plunge in aircraft.

The task was simple. Dicco carefully packed in a wooden box, to stick diplomatic labeled and sent to Nigeria. Done!

But ... with joy that everything went without a hitch, they have issued a paper pouch wrong. Therefore, officials have considered themselves entitled to inquire the contents of the parcel. And very surprised to find the dead body of former Nigerian minister.

Kidnappers and arrested immediately.

4. 150 000 penalty Stamp

Diplomatic immunity is not only used in cases when it is necessary to avoid the hassles associated with serious and major crimes. Sometimes diplomats use their crust and impunity for violations of all sorts of small rules.

Take, for example, for parking tickets. Car messenger of another state has, as we know, a special license plate. Rare policeman would dare to write for such a fine machine, even if it is left to the host in the middle of a busy street. And even if they dare, the diplomat has every right to simply ignore the receipt. Although, in fairness it should be noted, these are not all right - many still pay. Between 1997 and 2002, consulates and diplomats from the UN only in New York, was issued 150,000 fines that remain unpaid. It is roughly 70 coupons per day for a total of $ 17 million.

Most fines accounted for by Russian diplomats - 32,000 unpaid receipts. Kuwait proved to be the champion in the number of violations at the messenger - one written out a receipt 246 diplomatic passports.

In addition, diplomatic cars driving style is so peculiar that Washington's police, for example, found it necessary to specifically instruct ordinary drivers to avoid driving behind a car with diplomatic plates.

5. The diplomat opens the casino right in the consulate building

In October 2006, placing behind Benny arrived in Senegal consulate in Singapore, where he served as Honorary Consul - that is ruled consular affairs, although he did not live in this country, and therefore did not have diplomatic immunity.

One consul visited placing behind the sudden brilliant idea. He thought: I have in my possession a huge building in Singapore, which is beyond any suspicion was. The most suitable place to open a casino and earn a lot of money for their old age.

No sooner said than done. The casino is open for a month and really turned out to be amazingly profitable business, bringing placing behind by half a million dollars a day ....

But in the end, the police became interested in the unprecedented intensification of social life and an inexhaustible flow of ladies in cocktail dresses and gentlemen in tuxedos to the building of the Senegalese Consulate.

And unlike embassies, consulates are not considered foreign soil. So the police with a clear conscience could stage a raid, which she did. Koons immediately declared his diplomatic immunity, and began to pack his bags to leave. The police for some time remained in disarray, until someone remembered that honorary consuls no immunity does not rely.

As a result, Koons went to prison, from which released on bail of 40 thousand dollars.

6. And even murder

In 1979, Burma's ambassador to Sri Lanka, he learned that his wife opened a side affair and shot izmenschitsa. After that threw in the yard of a funeral pyre embassy (that Burmese land deal perfectly legal) wife, and burned in front of the astonished members of the press and the police. Everyone knew about the incident of murder, but because of the notorious parliamentary immunity could not do anything.

This man not only did not answer for his crime - he remained ambassador of Burma.