Alexei Kasatonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

Alexei Kasatonov - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR in hockey. He played as a defender. It is a two-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion, Europe and the Soviet Union. He is the CEO of sports and entertainment district "Legends Park" in Moscow.

Childhood and Family

Alexey Kasatonov was born on October 14, 1959 in Leningrad in the family, which is famous for its heroes. Grandfather of the future hockey players killed in 1944 while in the army. Alexei's great-grandfather was a full Knight of St. George. His name was Athanasius Kasatonov. The boy's parents also suffered a lot of tests - they survived the siege of Leningrad.

Father, Viktor Fedorovich, worked as an engineer, he served as Chief Metallurgist of the plant "Bolshevik." Alexei's mother, Galina Pimenovna, a young man playing volleyball. She played for the team "Spartak" in its sports biography are winning the championships of the USSR. Mom childhood accustomed children - Alexei and Anton - in physical education.

Future hockey player was in the house, a house in which the athletes were given "Spartacus." Neighbors boys were well-known people, including a skier Nikolai Terentiev, basketball coach Vladimir Kondrashin and others.

The first steps in the sport

Future champion for three years starting from the first grade, engaged in the section of swimming on Nevsky Prospekt. Pool was then transferred to another district, the boy became uncomfortable ride back to training. He did not get upset, because his commanding views of sports compete more aggressively.

Alex went to the skating rink, which is recruiting beginners to ask, it can take in some sections. But the case decided everything for him. The boy made a mistake and went not stop at the rink and on the SKA stadium. There he learned about the recruitment of children in the hockey team. The first coach Alexei Kasatonov was Oleg K. Sivkov. He saw the potential in the boy, and praised his ability to think in an original and make decisions quickly. But it was necessary to solve one problem. Alexei was playing in the yard with friends without skates. We had to learn not only to ride on them, but also deftly maneuver, accelerate and take a punch.

Alexei Kasatonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

The coach was interested in a player like Alex, he saw in it great ability, so personally engaged in a child. Soon Kasatonov confidently stand on skates and was able to reach the high level of play.

Beginner hockey players had to get to training almost through the whole city, but the boy adequately overcome all difficulties.

Seriously engaged in sports, Kasatonov did not forget about studying in school, considering it the most important in the business. After high school, Alex entered the Institute Lesgaft. This university preferred to all athletes. Learning was not easy, the teachers did not make concessions for the victory in the competition. By this time, Alex is so loved hockey, I played in it even at home than did not cause joy among neighbors.

The first to achieve

Hockey player Alexei Kasatonov stayed in the home team for a long time. As part of the youth group SKA first significant results were obtained. Alex became the champion of the Soviet Union and participated in the national team.

Alexei Kasatonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

Then, for two years, from 1976 to 1978-th, hockey player playing in the adult part of the same team. During this period he took part in 42 matches and scored 4 goals.

At the end of 1978 on behalf of Viktor Tikhonov Kasatonov was invited to CSKA. Some time management hindered care talented player from the team, but then, seeing the young man's desire to develop, has given its consent. Later, in an interview with Alexei mother admitted that she had dreamed that the son took Viktor Tikhonov. Teammates did not want to get close to them, a new star, and tried hard to push the guy on the wrong path. Started restaurants and night adventures. Athlete was then 17 years old. That is why Tikhonov not advised to take the guy on his team, presenting it in the eyes of the coach as a violator of the order.

Before leaving for Moscow Alexei cut leg and could not buy a ticket. At this his career at CSKA could end, and it began. He came to the aid of his father, who was able to get a ticket.

CSKA Moscow

Young players had a very hard at the new location. It was not easy to gain a foothold in the team, as the competition was great. Tikhonov gave heavy loads, the body of Alexei could not stand.

Being a young man in the team was under threat, but the other coach, Yuri Moiseev, insisted on his presence in the lineup. In addition, he took Kharlamov newcomer under his wing. The good turned to friendship with others in the same youngest player - Vyacheslav Fetisov. Together it was easier to survive in the new environment.

Kasatonov able to fully develop their talents, when he was in the top five of the USSR national team and CSKA Moscow Igor Larionov. Here he became a partner for the protection of Vyacheslav Fetisov. Below you can see the legendary five in the photo, Alexei Kasatonov left in the back row.

Alexei Kasatonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

During the scandal of players with the coach, which occurred in the late eighties, Alexei Kasatonov was the one who defended Tikhonov. Five members did not appreciate this act and considered a traitor to Alexei.

Tikhonov for every match the team introduced the game novice - so he prepared a new shift for the current composition. Coach gradually prepared the team for the 1992 Olympic Games. But held star hockey is not satisfied, because the complicated process of achieving a result. Alexei Kasatonov played for CSKA 487 matches and scored 115 goals.


In the early nineties Kasatonov retired from the army with the rank of Major and left in the NHL. There he was well received and helped to adapt to the new environment. Sports biography Alexei Kasatonov continued in the team "New Jersey Devils". In this club the athlete has successfully conducted three consecutive seasons.

Later, Alex played in several commands. In the biography of hockey player Alexei Kasatonov is an interesting fact. In one of the matches against club "Tappara" from Finland, champion played as a defender, but was able to score just four goals that rarely get even a striker.

In 1994, Alexei Kasatonov participated in a match of "All Stars" NHL.

End of career,

In 1996, Alex returned to CSKA Moscow and began to play again under the leadership of Vyacheslav Tikhonov. Then he was appointed captain of the team and invited to become a player-coach. A year later, the champion ended his sports career.

Further activities

Within three years, Alexei Kasatonov served as manager and was engaged in the invitation NHL players for a game of the Russian team at the Olympics. At this time, the champion lived in New Jersey. Here he occasionally participated in the NHL veterans matches.

At the beginning of the two thousandth hockey he founded a sports school in the US New York City under the name "International Hockey Academy Kasatonov".

Alexei Kasatonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

The Russian champion was the head coach of the club Podolsk "Lynx", and then - "Wings of the Soviets" in Moscow and St. Petersburg SKA.

About a year Alex served as general manager of the Russian national team. After the team performed poorly at the Olympics in 1914, Kasatonov fired. He is currently a board member of the Night Hockey League.

Personal life and family

His future wife Jeanette Alexei Kasatonov met in Yalta in the early eighties. In 1983, young people were married.

Alexei Kasatonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

She had no idea that when something becomes the champion's wife. She knew now that her husband's life will be full of expectations with the training, matches or competitions. But with such difficulties Jeannette had known since childhood. He and his mother had to wait for his father's business trips of several months, as my father was a polar pilot.

A year later, the couple had a son, Leonid. The boy did not continue his father's work. Sport he chose to study. Family and today is the main stimulus for Alexei.

Anton's brother also tried to make a career in sports, but during one of the immunization, which pricked before the Olympics, the guy brought the infection. Since then, he banned exercise. He is married and has got two children.

Alexei Kasatonov and Anna Mironova, the wife of hockey Babenko, - relatives. The girl - the niece of stellar hockey. In an interview, she said that a child went to the stadium to root for his uncle. Now Anna did not miss a single match of her husband.

Alexei Kasatonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

Alexei Kasatonov today

Currently, Champion is a member of the team "Legends of Hockey". Alexey holds the post of General Director of sports and entertainment facilities "Park of legends" in the Russian capital, which was built "Ice Palace". It is an ultra-modern residential area, in fact - a city within a city. This is an amazing place, which is headed by hockey player Alexei Kasatonov. His home - in the photo below.

Alexei Kasatonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

Next to the palace is a museum and the Avenue of hockey glory, in the opening of which took part Kasatonov. It hosts all sorts of events in honor of the Soviet champions. In the museum you can find a corner of Victor Tarasov and read the diaries coach CSKA history education. At the mall has monuments to many legends of hockey. In November 2017 in the city of Iskitim, Novosibirsk region, the opening of a sports complex "Arena 300" named Alexei Kasatonov. At the ceremony, he was invited himself famous hockey player.

Immediately after this event, the champion went to Murmansk region, where he played in a friendly match against the fleet command. The event was held on a grand scale, the game was attended by many hockey stars. All the stands were filled with fans. The victory went to the team of professionals.