Fashionable men's long hairstyles: photo and description of stylish haircuts

Quite often, long hairstyles for men can be observed in the representatives of creative professions, professional athletes and other male representatives whose work involves frequent finding in public. By the nature of their activities, they should form their image.

But this does not mean that long hair worn only public people. There are many men who are helping hairstyle stand out from the crowd and feel free, and for them it means a lot.

as hair Hairstyles

Fashionable men's long hairstyles: photo and description of stylish haircuts

Usually, stylists, choosing a hairstyle, first determine the type of hair. For example:

  • For a soft and thick head of hair suits any hairstyle. On such hair will look great even the simplest hairstyle, the main thing - should regularly trim the ends.
  • If a person has a rebellious, tough and besides more and curly hair, the hairstyle is best to choose a cascade or a stylish tapering.
  • those whom nature endowed with thin and sparse strands to grow long hair and do on the basis of their hairstyles stylists are not recommended. But with a strong desire, you can make a fashionable haircut, in which the sides and at the top to create a short ragged locks and curls at the nape leave long.

technique Hairstyles

Some fans prefer long hair to paint the individual strands. In this case, used close to natural tones, e.g., strands can be painted in the color of chocolate or honey. But sometimes it can be seen men who have discolored the individual strands, and thus create the effect of solar glare.

Pretty original looking man dressed in a business suit, and in doing so has long beautiful hair with light waves. Typically, such a haircut is associated with a man quite confident. Excellent option will be men's haircuts, long hair when combined with the length bangs. This hairstyle can be worn with creative types, as they do not need to comply with the business dress code. Also, this option can be used by those who enjoy going to night clubs and other similar entertainment, as their atmosphere is right for a stylish look.

But this hairstyle has its disadvantages. For bangs needs special care. It should be laid and pull using special styling agents. Not all men are willing to do it.


Fashionable men's long hairstyles: photo and description of stylish haircuts

Classic has always been popular. This style is characterized by the same head of hair length. Stacking involves smooth parting side of the head and smooth straight strands. If a person does not like parting, you can comb your hair back. Classic style pilings with success can be worn as a young and active people, and older men. Men's hairstyles with long temples look great at any age.


This style can be used as long, and the medium hair. It is characterized by a certain casualness and randomness. The basis of this placement are multi-clippers, emphasizing their linearity, but also highlights the negligence.


Fashionable men's long hairstyles: photo and description of stylish haircuts

The designers are constantly creating new hairstyles and trends, through which you can often change his style. Recently, a new style - grunge. To create it, you need long tresses. This style as it combines punk rock and classic rock. For this reason, the hairstyles are haircuts with disheveled hair, and even sticking.

Haircuts in grunge style perfectly suited to those men who grow long curly hair.

Smooth hair

To create the hairstyles strands should be straight. They can be perfectly smooth, using a special weighting styling. Once the hair is carefully combed, should make a side parting. It must be perfectly flat. When the hair is in the way, they can lay the ears. If you like, you can slightly raise the tips of curls.

Such styling looks good as the thick and thin hair, because they will not need a large amount.

With this hairstyle can go to the office, which does not require a strict dress code, and at a party. To her suit any style of clothing, from sports to business. possible wear and T-shirt, and the shirt Such stacking embodiment.

Full symmetry

With the help of parted hair is divided into two equal halves. Strands that are on the sides, can be tucked behind the ears, or a little to cover them. This variant hairstyles suitable for meetings with friends, and for work in the office, of course, if there is not required a strict dress code.

Very impressive styling looks so, if a man has a thick head of hair when the hair has volume and little pushatsya.

Hairstyles side

Fashionable men's long hairstyles: photo and description of stylish haircuts

Men's long hair should be divided side parting, so that the front side locks, which have a shorter length than the rear, fell over one side of the face. This image is suitable for young people, it is a good option for both work and leisure.

Strands of hair covering the face, can have different lengths. Long hair, combed to one side, looked quite stylish.

The tail of the long hair

On the long hair is very easy hairstyle. Her worn by both women and men. Make it quite simply, one has only to determine the height of the tail. Hair can be collected at the crown or top of the head - a high-mounted tail. When low-lying curls need to collect a little above the neck or in the nape area. In most cases, the tail worn so that the hair freely lie along the back, but they will look much more impressive if to throw them over one shoulder.

Some men prefer to combine the tail with her hair. This option involves gathered in a ponytail locks front and rear remain free.

Fashionable men's long hairstyles: photo and description of stylish haircuts

A good option is to double tail. At the top of the area of ​​the tail is formed from the front hair. Then gather the side and rear of the strands and attached to the upper tail.

Ease of hair collected in the fact that they do not climb in the face. In this hair from the bottom in the tail is not going, and left a free and easy to falls on the shoulders, neck closing. Such stacking embodiment especially effectively looks in profile.

To gum on the strands is not conspicuous, it should be the same color as her hair, in addition, it should not be wider.

Bright contrast

Men's hairstyle on long hair with shaved temples looks pretty shocking, for example, they are perfectly combined with a long tail.

Especially look unusual haircut, in which the region was shaved nape and temples, and the top is left a wide strip of long hair between them.

Those who decided to create for itself a hairstyle, you must keep in mind that free libertine strand of long hair looks less attractive than the carefully assembled tail. This is because the licentious hair will not be able to close all the areas of the head and shaved bald spots will still look out. To avoid this, the owner of such a hairstyle is better to use the gum and gather strands into a ponytail.

Fashionable men's long hairstyles: photo and description of stylish haircuts

Those who do not want to shave his head completely and whiskey, whiskey can simply mow very short. In the region of the crown of the hair is left slightly longer, and the back they should be quite long. To make the contrast more clearly, can be painted a bright color individual strands.

Anderkat long hair

So long male hairstyle with shaved temples suited to the sport and to the way of business. Temporal region was shaved and long hair gathered in a bun on top.

If desired, the holder of such a hairstyle can dissolve the hair, parted in the middle to make and thereby create a completely different image. If the hair combed to one side, you get an image that will go perfectly with the classic style of dress. Bottom photo shows long male hairstyle of this type.

Fashionable men's long hairstyles: photo and description of stylish haircuts

Teens using varnish may be raised to fix up the long strands and thus get a hairstyle similar to a mohawk.

Anderkat will look very extravagant, if the hair on one side of the head cut out is very short, and the other strands of the bangs and leave long. But those who dare to such a haircut, have a lot of time to spend on it to keep it in the proper form and often visit the barber.

Will a man to look stylish and beautiful, largely depends on how properly chosen hairstyle. If this is done professionally, the owner of this hairstyle will feel confident enough. When choosing a hairstyle to consider your face shape and hair type.