Gentleman's Code

• Gentleman's Code of

Rules of conduct gentlemen of the Victorian era, and expired today.

Strict adherence to the principles of etiquette and social norms - that is, as the Englishman made the second half of the 19th century model of decency and good manners in the eyes of posterity. Many of the standards of behavior of this age have not lost relevance today.

A few rules of the pocket edition every educated Victorian (Martine's Hand-Book of Etiquette, and Guide to True Politeness), guided by that and not hurt the modern gentleman.

Gentleman's Code

Modesty in dress is always preferable, as it has to others who wear it.

A modest man is rarely an object of envy.

Think like a wise, but talk like the people around you.

Gentleman's Code

Be a good listener - a great talent, which is not easy to develop. Well-educated person should possess them, no matter how difficult it has eluded him.

Every well-educated person is able to take off his hat gracefully.

Well-educated people rarely wear the latest fashion stuff. It is a privilege and dandy posers. Nevertheless, dress well - a great advantage.

Gentleman's Code

Lord Chesterfield said: "Excesses in clothes imply an erroneous perception of the world."

Prudence and dignified behavior, like silver money, is always valuable.

Every parent should teach your child the art of using cutlery. There is nothing more annoying than being in front of a dish that does not know how to eat properly. Lord Chesterfield said: "Dancing - this is a trifling and silly exercise, but this is a form of social insanity, which have time to sink even intelligent people from time to time."

Gentleman's Code

If you accompany his wife on the dance party will never dance with her, except that the very first dance.

Women's WC - the place where under no circumstances should not have to look no gentleman.

Gentlemen do not have to gather in groups and leave the ladies without attention.

Gentleman's Code

Climbing the stairs to the ladies, go to the side or in front of them, but not from behind.

Walking in the street by single women do not accelerate, and slow down a step. Do not consider too closely dress these ladies.

Receiving the guests, do your best to make them feel at home. Just invite them to be at home is not enough.

A time to talk to an idle man enough to hear everything that he knew in this life.

Gentleman's Code

It is not enough simply to nod lady encountered in the street, or just touch the hat. you need to remove the headgear, it is a manifestation of elemental respect for her sex.

The man who accompanied a lady smoking a cigar at the same time casts doubt on its reputation.

A gentleman should not stand in the door of the hotel or on the street corner, looking at passing ladies.

When a man marries, his past connection should end, if only he did not hint at a desire to resume them.

Gentleman's Code

Do not be selfish, but inferior in the details. If you imagine a person of higher social status, having met him once, you do not have to submit mind that knew him, until he shows signs of recognition.

If you can not or do not want to sing, tell about it seriously and confidently, to finally put an end to the requests.

Do not tell me about the musical talents of a lady the other.

Gentleman's Code

Making fun person in his presence or absence demeaning for gentleman. Witty ridicule could cause the laughter of others, but will not cause them respect.

Never read in society.

Alone - Watch your thoughts, with your family - the manifestations of his character, among friends - your tongue.

Society like circuit of a plurality of links. Take care to keep your part of the chain is not rusted and covered in dust.