On the dispute

On the dispute

One guy, Alex, who studied with me in the group, had a rare quality - he was absolutely give a damn about what they think about it around. It is its quality he exploited in the tail and mane.

I argued with everyone that otmochite any number (for example, that will go down in a hostel completely naked to the first floor). But, since he had already lost a lot a lot of money on these bets, customers find it was becoming increasingly difficult.

Finally, once he found some noodle-freshman, with whom he had argued at the huge, at that time, the sum (25 rubles, while almost scholarship) that will reach from the faculty to the hostel (7-8 stops on the metro) in flippers instead of shoes.

An indispensable condition was stipulated that all this expedition should take place necessarily in the presence of burdock. On the eve of the test mug I was full of optimism and said that Alik goat does not understand one elementary things, why that will not work.

In short, the next day when leaving Alec removes his Yugoslav brown shoes, ties the laces, giving mug, and he climbs into the flippers with great difficulty, because the sandals he had enormously disproportionate, like a duck.

Then, lifting his feet and raising splashes (puddles, late autumn), quite deftly jumps thoroughfare to the metro station "Park Kultury". In the metro audience ohrenevayu, Alex, as usual, on this business calmly and puts drops into the subway. And there kontrolersha policeman and his inside is not allowed.

One more discouraged vyshlepyvaet out, approaches him beaming mug says, like, well, you now realized their mistakes, and offers to pay.

But stubborn Alex says, is not over yet, about the type of transport persuasion was not, I will go by bus. At the bus stop the rush hour, every storm the bus, and when all are pushed to climb, Alik always someone on the fins comes so that he could not move the place, no matter how much mother. Finally, another bus opens the back door right next to Alec, he jumps on the steps, and it turns out that the fins on the steps you can put and legs - no, he gliding, like Donald Duck in Disney cartoon, hammer the stairs a few times and thundering flops directly under the feet of the oncoming crowd.

Ruthless passengers pushing Alik feet to land, but he gathered his last strength, rises from the asphalt and manages to jump backwards on the bottom step. Burdock squeezes the front pad.

Now fins sticking out, and the door is not closed. The driver in the mirror sees some tails sticking out and announces that as long as passengers will not retracted his fish in the interior, the bus will not go anywhere. Meanwhile, the people who came up after boarding, notes that it is some idiot in flippers, because of which all the trouble, raised a ruckus.

Finally, some aunt takes the initiative and the driver yells, they say, will drive a little bit to the post of GAI, this reptile and bully there surrender police. Alex sees that turns out as something very bad, then he comes to mind is a brilliant idea, and he yells at the whole bus:

- Well, you kind of people! Beasts! I - an athlete, snorkeling doing here here next to the pool in "The Seagull", and I have just been in the locker room have stolen shoes. What am I going to do you, barefoot through the city to go?

Then once everything changes, everything begin to feel sorry for him, helping to climb. Boils total noble wrath against the thief, who divorced immensely. The same aunt is now shouting to the driver, do not, say, the police went fine.

Everyone starts Alik asking about the details, there were good shoes, and he fully entered the role with anguish tells how he took away the only Yugoslav brown shoes, besides the rare large size. At this point, the people's anger screwy guy standing next to Alec, suddenly sees that on the forecourt stands guy kept behind the counter, and his hand was hanging a pair of brown shoes hefty.

He yells, they say, to come there, look quickly, shoes Yugoslav? .. He was told that, yes, and he shouts "Here they are, your shkary" and "right now I'm crushed by this thieves" starts to break forward, he can not, then he shouts: "Keep this with shoes out there in front."

Again raised a ruckus, and again shouted to the driver, so he went straight to the police. Amok driver announces in a microphone that he would go, but not to the police, and the loony bin, all of them to pass.

At this point, pull up to a stop, the door opened, a mug with boots bullet comes out of the bus, being chased several truth-seekers, and on the back, in despair, Alex jumps.

But in that moment, standing at the bus stop almost happened mass insanity, when they saw the bus in a huge jump takes off a man with flippers, head over heels splash of mud from the puddle and screaming "Stop, everyone! I did it catch up! Well, all, prepare a quarter! " giant leaps rushing down the street.

A month later lasted proceedings, someone who has to pay.