Spirits "Hermes" - history and the perfume collection

Perfume - this is one of the indicators of the taste of its owner. Each fragrance is unique and self-sufficient, and is therefore a reflection of the personality of its owner.

"Hermes" Spirits belong to elite perfumery - they contain expensive and rare ingredients of natural origin, and bouquets are always different originality and refinement.


The history of the brand Hermes

Hermes fashion house was founded in 1837 and initially served only the representatives of the French aristocracy. Create high-quality brand clothing and shoes for riding and bridles for horses. That is why the emblem of Hermes became drawn chariot.

Later, the fashion house has extended its range - in the collection were accessories, watches, silk scarves and jewelry. Hermes came to the forefront of the fashion industry. This merit belongs to Émile Hermès - the founder of the company. It should be noted that his followers were given to work with equal enthusiasm. Today, Hermes is one of the most important fashion houses.

Creation of the first perfumes

Spirits "Hermes" appeared in the range after a while - the first fragrance was introduced to the public only in 1951. This step was quite risky - the postwar period left a bitter mark in the minds of mankind, and it was the firm's economic situation is quite unstable. However, the risk was justified - floral-woody fragrance Eau d'Hermes was warmly received by connoisseurs of perfumery. Rave reviews about spirits "Hermes" quickly spread around the world. Fortunately, the first fragrance produced to this day.

Perfume line

Complete collection of spirits "Hermes" has about a hundred flavors. Most of them consists of several collections, while others are available as separate. For example, the first perfume Caleche collection was released in 1961, and the last one was issued in 2009. The most numerous is the line of Eau des Merveilles Collection - it has 17 flavors. All the bottles are made in the same style, but each perfume is absolutely original.

Hermessense and Jadin - two collections of unisex fragrances. All of them were created in the 2000s, but even in 2018 there was already some interesting novelties.

Collection of 24 Faubourge saw the world in 1995. The name of the perfume - this is the address of the main boutique Hermes in Paris. Aroma with bright floral notes, amber and patchouli marked the emergence of a whole line of fragrances, the latter of which was released in 2015.


A collection of women's fragrances

List of women's perfume Hermes consists of 45 flavors, each of which is original and interesting in its own way. We can not say a few words about the unforgettable classics - Eau d'Hermes. This spicy leather fragrance conquered the world with their expensive and sophisticated sound. Despite the fact that Eau d'Hermes was originally declared as a female, it is quite popular and in males. Notes of flowers, cinnamon, bergamot and tonka bean create a luxurious multi-faceted way.

Caleche - new perfume was released ten years later. This woody fragrance with notes of white flowers and aldehydes. Its subtle and refined sound are sure to impress the ladies, and was a kind of emblem of the perfume of the time. Later there will be other variations perfume Caleche, which will be a collection.

Hiris 1999 became a favorite among fans of iris aromas. In the first few minutes, he sounds a little outside the box and not all nice, but after a short period of time begin to open tender, moderately sweet and some tart notes.


In recent years, there are interesting trends that continue to win the hearts of connoisseurs of perfumery. Many of them - the first fragrance options Hermes, for example, Rose Amazone. But Hermes perfumers continue to delight and fresh ideas. One of them - Eau des Merveilles 10th Anniversary Edition, which received the unofficial title "Water Wonderland" - so he fell in love with the public. The following two flavors of the same collection have been declared as a limited version - Elixir des Merveilles Limited Edition Collector and L`Ambre des Merveilles Limited Edition Collector.

Classic Hermes fragrances for men

The first perfume by Hermes - a fragrance unisex, so it rightfully can be considered the first men's fragrance from the fashion house. By the way, the chief perfumer of Hermès always uses exactly this scent even when engaged in the development of new fragrances.

However, if we talk about purely male spirits "Hermes", the same classic are three flavors - Equipage, Bel Ami Hermes and Rocabar.

The first one was released in 1970. Spicy woody fragrance with notes of pine needles, cloves and nutmeg colors of wood became the personification of aristocracy, refinement and nobility. Of course, the modern version of the perfume is somewhat different from the original, and many seem somewhat simplistic, but that does not stop him from being quite popular, not only among men.


Bel Ami Hermes bolder. Chypre notes and skin with a sweet base of vetiver and vanilla create the image of a strong man and status, without making it too catchy. Enough intense and persistent aroma. In 2013, there was a new version - Bel Ami Vetiver. Reviews are mixed about it, as well as of any perfume. The aroma is absolutely independent, but many did not appreciate it in comparison with its predecessor in 1986. Rocabar - spicy woody fragrance in 1998. He is considered the complete opposite of the previous one - is very interesting, but quiet and charming fragrance. Soft notes of Italian cypress and white cedar with floral pinks and violets form a very extraordinary bouquet.

Modern perfumes for men

XXI century has also brought some interesting novelties, such as, Terre d'Hermes, which will mark the emergence of a small collection. It is easy enough in a pleasant citrus scent of woody base. Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena has also added a bit of sharpness in a bouquet in a black and pink pepper.


"Hermes" perfume collection continues to grow with new and exciting flavors that will surely pleasing perfume connoisseurs and amateurs. Properly selected scent will be beneficial to emphasize your image, and the aroma of one of the best perfumers of the world will no doubt become a favorite of your collection. Residents of Russia can find most of the spirits "Hermes" in "Letual". This chain of stores has established itself as one of the best, t. To. Always offers its customers original products.