Fitness at home

• Fitness at home

Simple Simulators for full workouts at home.

Home gym involves more than the ability to do the exercises while watching TV, but rather, the desire to train for well-being. One power plant purchase is not enough.

You can at least every pass of the hall, but did not start to play sports. Need a specific purpose, and should be addressed after the selection of tools - simple and effective.


Fitness at home

It is equally well suited for both men and women, because the exercise with dumbbells allow you to reach many of the muscle groups.


Fitness at home

One of the sports equipment, which is constantly used in rhythmic gymnastics exercises and boxing. Jump rope, as a rule, with a view to stretch your muscles or doing thousands of repetitions for endurance training.


Fitness at home

Weights are often associated with athletes of antiquity, particularly with the Olympic Games. No wonder Pythagoras, who was famous not only as a thinker, but even more as a six-time winner in Pankration competitions, advised to work with weights to develop muscle strength.


Fitness at home

While rocking time in the cellars for a long time had passed, the bar continues to be the main tool in weightlifting. Home to work out biceps and triceps on both hands often used EZ-shaped neck.

Wall horizontal bars

Fitness at home

Form gymnasts body envy of many bodybuilders, and those who do not experience hostile feelings should know that exercising on the bars perfectly develops coordination and flexibility of joints.

exercise bike and treadmill

Fitness at home Fitness at home

The two most popular cardio model. Designed for complex study of respiration, heart and, of course, lose weight.

Multifunctional complex

Fitness at home

The power complex, combining several individual simulators. It fits in small spaces because of the compactness.