Elena Dementieva: photos, biography, career and interesting facts from the life of tennis

In 2017 one of the most successful Russian tennis players earned in his career, 13, 7 million $ (Forbes data), celebrated its 35th anniversary. The last six years Elena Dementieva dedicated to journalism and family sheathed tennis racket. The article presents the biographies of famous and interesting facts from her life.

Pages biography: childhood

A native of Moscow, Elena Dementieva (photo presented in the article) was born in 1981, October 15. If not for the love of her mother Vera Semyonovna to tennis, she could become a doctor. The son of an engineer-electrician Vyacheslav Dementieva brought up two children. In the future glorified tennis player has an older brother, Vsevolod, who always helped her with math. They are very friendly, even though the different interests in life.

Elena Dementieva: photos, biography, career and interesting facts from the life of tennis

From 7 years old Lena was sent to the tennis section, where society "Spartacus" basics of the game taught her Islanova Rouse. In the future, in all the official records of the coach will be attributed Vera Semyonovna. Since 1996, she moved to CSKA CO. Elena Dementieva studied at the prestigious 1225-th school, where the first grade students mastered French.

Lessons often had to do in the subway, as the regular training and tournaments took away most of the time. Lena even asked his mother to transfer her to a sports school, but she believed education is not as important as athletic performance. By the way, professional tennis - is an English speaking environment, so its development language she studied with tutors. Now she is fluent not only French, but also English.

Elena Dementieva: photos, biography, career and interesting facts from the life of tennis

The first successes

Already in 1995, she appeared in adult tournaments. However, its early successes associated with competition juniors. It happened in 1996, when Helen came in the final tournament in Indonesia. The best achievement was the fourth line of the rating, as well as the semi-finals of a Grand Slam in France, where she lost to Elena Dokic. But its assets brilliant victory at the prestigious tournament Orange Bowl. Dementieva star was rising at the same time the success of Anastasia Myskina, Jane Doe and the other leaders of the domestic tennis, would be one of the strongest teams in the Fed Cup, became the winner in 1997.

Since 1998 the status of a professional player whose ranking WTA year later allowed to enter the Top 200 will receive and Elena Dementieva. Tennis will for her life's work for a long 13 years.

Elena Dementieva: photos, biography, career and interesting facts from the life of tennis

Sports achievements

Dementieva best seasons in his career - 2004/2005. It will become the third player in the world twice and come to the final tournament battleship - in France and the United States. A member of the Russian national team Elena celebrate victory in the Fed Cup (2005).

For all the time the girl so never and will not be able to win a major title, but that does not detract from its merits. Professionals believe that the weak point, not allowing Elena to become a superstar level of Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, is to feed. However, her physical fitness has always been on a magnificent level. This allowed us to compete with top players and for seven seasons to enter the top ten.

Elena Dementieva itself sees as its major success at the Olympics. In 2000, she will win the silver, and in Beijing (2008), when all the Russians will take the podium, will celebrate its major victory.

She has 22 titles on the WTA tournaments, including 16 - in singles. In 2007, the athlete was able to get the better of Serena Williams at the Kremlin Cup. This will be her first victory in the confrontation with the American athlete.

Elena Dementieva: photos, biography, career and interesting facts from the life of tennis



In 2004, tennis player Elena Dementieva met her future husband - hockey player Maxim Afinogenov, the 2008 champion of the world. The meeting could take place a little earlier. It is known that in 1999 with his mother Elena attended a hockey game in Miami, when Max was playing in the NHL. Their places on the podium were close to Maxim's parents. Adult friends and even exchanged phone numbers, but then the main thing for Elena had a career, she did not want to get acquainted with the hockey player. In 2004, a young man and his friends arrived at the "Roland Garros" and was struck by the beauty of Helen. Hockey player athlete invited to sit them at the table, but the future finalist of the tournament, focusing on the game, but gave him a withering look. Afinogenov decided for myself that will necessarily achieve the beautiful location. He attended all of her matches, becoming one of the most loyal fans. After the final game they still met, then seven long years met, concentrating mainly on the career.

Elena Dementieva: photos, biography, career and interesting facts from the life of tennis

In 29 years, Elena decided to leave the sport to devote himself to the family of the future. In 2011, the pair painted, and in 2014 the couple Veronica was born, named after my mother athletes and the Greek goddess of victory. And two years later he was born the son of Sergei. Afinogenov remains an active player in his 38 years playing for suburban "Knights". And what busy Elena?

After completing a career

With a light hand of Anna Dmitrieva athlete invited to the TV. She commented on the match, and at one time led the author's program called "A Taste of victory." To do the job professionally, I was admitted to the Moscow State University. In 2015-m he is already holding a diploma of the Faculty of Journalism.

How to answer the question, why did you choose such a path Elena Dementieva? Personal life athletes are still interested in her many fans. The young woman said that it allows her to feel a part of the tennis world, which is not ready to give up.

Her name is forever inscribed in the history of the national sport. Dementieva put into Tennis Hall of Fame, saying:

I'm sure I'll remember themselves as Olympic champion. This is the best that has happened in my career.

However, the recent years, Elena moved away from journalism, fully engaged in family and children. She maintains wife in his career.

Elena Dementieva: photos, biography, career and interesting facts from the life of tennis

Interesting Facts

Surely the reader interested to know:

  1. Elena Dementieva is one of the most beautiful female athletes of our time. Igor Nikolayev invited her in 2005 to star in the video for "You're Beautiful". The video is presented in the article.
  2. She loves animals, her family has a pet - Yorkshire Terrier.
  3. Athlete is a fan of the films "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", which is the "Oscar" was awarded in the year of her birth.
  4. cherished dream of Elena was always victory at the Paris court. This happened in 2010, when she said goodbye to greater sports. She appealed to the audience in their native language.

I want to believe that Elena would return to the world of tennis and reach great heights in journalistic or coaching. Perhaps among her wards will own children.