10 psihofaktov about men and women

• 10 psihofaktov about men and women

10 psihofaktov about men and women

Witnesses-men and women-witnesses differently remember details of crimes. So, when the perpetrator grabs her purse, female witnesses remember details of the victim's facial expressions. Male witnesses is chiefly remembered details of the robber, but not the victim.

Earnings strippers dependent on the menstrual cycle. So, during ovulation strippers earned an average of $ 335 per shift. And during the same menstruation strippers earned 45% less - $ 185 per shift. Somehow unknowingly customers understand when a stripper has the greatest chance of becoming pregnant in those days, it seems to them much more attractive. These figures relate to women who were not taking hormonal contraceptives. Those strippers who took them (eg "pill" smooth hormonal peaks), earned an average of $ 80 less per shift, but even their income falls in the days of menstruation.

Between appearance and crime has a direct relationship. Criminals are less attractive than the average person. And people who are more attractive, much less go on the offense. Individuals prone to aggression, violence, lies, and so on. Often have characteristic external features, if the inclination of their genetically determined. Consciously we do not distinguish, but intuitively know how to "read".

According to an internal study of special services, 25% of attempts to smuggle in arms by air or dummy are successful. The figure rises to 60% when it comes to collecting components for bombs. Stores that have changed the price tag with the "peach - $ 0.25 / piece" to "Peach - $ 1/4 pieces" increased sales. The principle is universal, there are many ways to influence the selling price is not changing, but the price tag.

Teams who play in black uniforms, more often punished by referees. This has been proven at the theoretical level, when the judges were asked to "sue" staged entry matches with identical violations, but a different color uniforms and for many years the NHL and NFL statistics. Moreover, in the history, there are two teams that have changed their shape with a black or - Pittsburg Penguins and Vancouver Canucks. The black form are prepared by an average of 12 free minutes of the match, and the other of 8.

Good grades are remembered better than the bad. University psychologists asked freshmen and sophomores to remember their school grades in high school in the subjects, and then checked the data with the real. In the cases of five, in 89% of cases, students accurately recall their assessment. And only 29% in the case of triplets. As you might imagine, people thought that the evaluation was better than the reality.

You may have heard these figures - the average man had sex with 7 women (or rather, as he says). The average woman on the contrary - with four partners. Since the motivation of the opposite sexes - men have a lot of co-worker is considered to be a plus, and for women - promiscuity, then "remember" the number of partners they are different. But it is interesting not only that - there is a connection between wealth and sex. In countries with high GDP on average, men have a record 10 co-worker, and the low - 6. Most people are in an unfamiliar place make a right turn. This applies to right-handers. Left-handers vice versa. So if you want to avoid the crowds or standing in line for a long time, avoid signal "get right" and go to the left or to engage in all that to the left.

The most famous example of "deception through honesty" is the movement of the Radical Honesty (Radical Honesty) Brad Blanton. Blanton went to psihobiznes to sleep with 500+ women and 20+ men live at the expense of others, and it absolutely does not hide. With a psychology degree, he is well aware of the fact that the person who will announce his manipulative intentions will look like in the eyes of others are more honest than people who these intentions are completely absent, or it suppresses them. The same trick loved Nikolai Kozlov, who exhorted them all, that's what he honestly admits that manipulates all makes much more honest, because all the other supposedly "manipulated, but afraid of myself to admit it."