KinoFresher - Sucker Punch

• KinoFresher - Sucker Punch

KinoFresher - Sucker Punch

Report: I looked. Impressed.

The death of his beloved mother becomes a hit for Dolly and her younger sister. Dark lifeless house and barely contained joy stepfather - all that remains of the girls. But the problem, as usual, does not come alone: ​​all testamentary inheritance extends to them. Not expecting such a turn of dad in anger rushes with fists.

Doll manages to stand up for themselves, but in the heat of the fight, she accidentally kills her sister. Using shock Dolls, immediately drove the stepfather of her in a psychiatric hospital, where an agreement with a corrupt orderly Blue on emergency lobotomy, to exclude the likelihood of being exposed. But while on the lobotomy expert does not come from the pupae have a chance for salvation - to escape.

KinoFresher - Sucker Punch

Many have probably already seen the trailer and saw the incredible battles, dragons, robots, huge samurai katana, pistols and a girl with blonde pigtails. This is bad fit with the previous paragraph, but I hasten to finish: Dolly all these fancies. In fact, it is, of course, it is in an insane asylum, and not anywhere else. Trailer in HD-quality, we are sure to watch in full screen mode.

Music - the strongest, many compositions are known, but Perepetui in his own way. Visual range causes a mixed reaction. Those who watch anime perceive adequately, while the rest will be somewhat shocked unreality battles.

KinoFresher - Sucker Punch

Yes, the film - nothing more than a mixture of video games and anime. But this wrapper, but inside - a deep meaning, forcing again and again to reflect on a given topic. A theme, meanwhile, is quite delicate. Self-sacrifice. Nature in us as in our smaller brothers, laid this desire, but


century is not something that has lost relevance, but became unfashionable. Wild. Especially for the sake of a stranger. But the subject is raised and the red line passes through the narration, making something in my soul to roll.

KinoFresher - Sucker Punch

Among the shortcomings can be called a frozen expression of a wounded bird in the pupa, and a couple of failed (or poorly translated) replicas. Disappointed and lack of hypnotic dance. And at some point too tight battle. The rest - chic. Even love line slipped. Like Madame Gorski and Blue - extremely talented villain. This main character Darling - vaguely similar to Nicole Kidman, mortality. But Dolly herself was not impressed. It is not clear what to do as many as three of the world. From the psychiatric hospital to a brothel, and the brothel of already in the world of dance. But it looks certainly beautiful, can be forgiven.

KinoFresher - Sucker Punch

I want to say right - those who want to see the Free of tension thriller - pass by. Do not spoil the impression of her cackling. The film is frankly not for the degrading of the population, a little higher, but not a masterpiece. Perhaps just this, what I would like to see every film: Action, seasoned at least in some sense, to not give the soul to be lazy. Better - more.

Verdict: 5/5 - good movie. For the sake of the image can be viewed in the cinema, to the indifferent to the special effects - easily watch at home.

T. Travk, especially for our website