Biography football coach Aleksandr Grigoryan

Aleksandr Grigoryan - known Russian football coach. Known domestic fans as head coach of Makhachkala "Anji", "Khimki", "Tosno" and "Luch-Energia".

Consider the biography of Alexander Grigoryan.


The future Russian mentor was born September 28, 1966 in Yerevan. In his early childhood with his parents moved to Kislovodsk. Passed military service in the infantry. Even in the 20 years to realize that to achieve much success in not succeed as a football player, so decided to become a football coach.

Coaching career

After graduating from the Institute of Physical Education, Alexander began coaching activities. Early in his career he worked in a Youth of the city of Kislovodsk. In 1995, one season headed Kislovodsk "Olympus". This was followed by work in the "free labor."

Biography football coach Aleksandr Grigoryan

From 1999 to 2009 he headed the women's football clubs. It is noteworthy that women's team of young mentor achieve the best success in his career. Voronezh headed "Energy" since 1999. After two years in the team of Voronezh, Alexander moved to Togliatti "Lada", which has won three Russian Cups and once the national championship in three years.

After three successful years in Tolyatti "Lada" football coach Aleksandr Grigoryan headed "Hope" for one season, and after perm "Star". Perm team led by Grigorian became one of the leaders of the national championship for the next two years.

In 2009, Grigorian was called to the position of head coach of football club "Nizhny Novgorod". For lack of a license, he served as the team's coach and head coach took the then club president Victor Seidenberg. Upon Grigoryan responsible only for the training process. In the first season under the leadership of Grigorian "Nizhny Novgorod" took the third place in the championship - the club's best result in its history. At the end of the season Grigoryan resigned at his own request. In January 2011, Alexander Grigoryan was invited to the post of chief coach of "Khimki". He spent only six months, he was fired because of poor results.

Biography football coach Aleksandr Grigoryan

three months later, after the dismissal of the "Khimki" Alexander led Khabarovsk "SKA". After working for 14 months, Grigoryan has resigned because of disagreements with management over the recent results of the team.

Two months later the Russian expert headed the football club "Mashuk", where he worked until the end of the season.

Alexander led the "Ray" in the next season. The "Ray" Grigoryan has been successful, the team won the cup FNL. The following year, the club had difficulties with finances, because of which Alexander expressed a desire to leave the post of head coach, "Ray" and go to "Tosno".

At the end of 2014 Grigorian headed "Tosno". After only three months in the new team, he resigned due to serious illness of the mother. Under the leadership of the Russian expert "Tosno" occupies the last place in the First Division.

Biography football coach Aleksandr Grigoryan

In the next few months the Russian mentor took a break from coaching career.

In the summer of 2015 I worked part time consultant in "Pakhtakor". Initially Grigoryan signed a contract with "Ray", which is not good speak to the press after the first firing.

Over the next two seasons in "Ray," Grigoryan was able to lead the team to the bronze medal of the FNL.

In the fall of 2015 Grigoryan unflattering comments about stadium attendance.

In early 2017 the Russian instructor led Makhachkala "Anji". After only six games, five of which were lost, a Russian specialist in live TV announced the resignation of his own accord.

In August of the same year he led the football team "Ararat", but two months later filed a regular retirement. According to unofficial data, Grigoryan resigned because of alleged imminent closure of "Ararat". The team's management later suggested that the coach joked, because the team will not go away. At the end of the year Grigoryan returned to "Ray", where he soon was fired because of strained relations with the fans, who every time expressed dissatisfaction with the purpose Grigoryan, the head coach.

To date, the Russian expert returned to the women's club and led the team CSKA Moscow, which operates to this day.

Biography football coach Aleksandr Grigoryan


In football, Alexander Grigoryan - not the best coach. Under his leadership team:

  • became champions of Russia 4 times;
  • received Russian Cup 7 times;
  • won prizes in the Russian Championship 3 times;
  • received FNL Cup 1 times.


To date, Alexander is married and has three children. Over a lifetime, Alexander was three times to marry. And every time married to the same woman.

Since the end of 2017 moonlights as a football expert in the well-known organization "Rating bookmakers."