"Vichy": reviews beauticians

"Vichy" - brand french pharmaceutical cosmetics, the main component of which is a thermal spring water. The company is positioning its products as natural. Many Russian cosmetologists use funds from this brand in their work with clients. Reviews of cosmetologists about "Vichy" say that they trust their quality, since after applying the result does not make coming.

The best means of "Vichy" (for customer opinion)

The assortment of the company is rich in diverse line of skin care products. Available as decorative cosmetics, but also products for hair care. Cosmetics intended for moisturizing, cleansing, skin nutrition, including sensitive and for anti-aging care. Each segment Estheticians allocate the best products:

  1. Gel moisturizing and firming Mineral 89.
  2. Matting Cleansing facial wash Normaderm.
  3. Nourishing Cream Neovadiol to increase skin firmness.
  4. Lifting cream for the area around the eyes Liftactiv.
  5. The thermal water of high salinity.
  6. Tone Cream for Dry Skin Teint Ideal.
  7. Shampoo against hair loss Dercos.
  8. Nutritionally-restoring mask Dercos.

gel for moisturizing and firming Mineral 89

It incorporates a thermal mineralized water and a large amount of hyaluronic acid. Its action is directed at enhancing the natural protective functions of the skin, normalize pH balance deep hydration and control the loss of moisture.

The gel was stored in a glass bottle with a dispenser which delivers the necessary amount of the product. It is absolutely clear and odorless. Under the influence of heat of hands becomes more liquid, allowing it to easily be distributed on the skin. It is quickly absorbed, without causing discomfort, tightness and does not leave a film. The advantages of funds, in the opinion of the "Vichy", invisible to the naked eye - a light texture, so that the gel spreads easily and absorbs quickly. It perfectly moisturizes and does not cause fat, and allows you to immediately apply foundation on your face.

The gel-serum manufacturer is declared as a hypoallergenic product, free of parabens and fragrances in the composition. After application of the epidermis tone is leveled, smoothed peeling, and the skin looks radiant.

Matting Cleansing facial wash Normaderm

The main objectives, which put consumers in front of the foam - a good cleansing and skin matting. The tool is designed for oily and combination skin, which is prone to excessive sebum. The packaging of a liquid, but after clicking on the dispenser stands out facial wash. She spent quite economical when used daily, morning and evening.

foam is very soft and light in texture. When cleansing the skin must be massaged to distribute the foam on the face and rinse with water. When combined skin should first be cleaned more fatty areas face, and then drier. Thus the foam does not dry up the epidermis, but will provide a matte finish.

Cleansing Foam Face "Vichy", reviews, perfectly removes all impurities from the skin does not dry, does not cause the feeling of tightness. After several applications face remains matte longer. Foam removes the foundation and provides a narrowing far.

Nourishing Cream to increase firmness Neovadiol

Reviews of cream "Vichy" indicate that its action is aimed at deep nourishment, smoothing and firming. Cream marketed as a remedy for aging skin, but many young girls it is also used.

Cosmetologists say that it is better to prevent the appearance of the first changes on the skin, as then fight against them harder. Reviews of cream "Vichy" indicate that he copes with this task. The cream is quite thick in texture, but the distribution of the skin absorbs quickly and leaves no oily sheen. After applying you will notice improvement in complexion, smoothing the texture of the epidermis. The skin looks healthy. Girls in a review on cosmetics "Vichy" claim that after using the skin becomes smooth as a baby's. When the combination or oily epidermis type cream can be applied to wet face. Then cream consumption is less, the pores will not become clogged and do not shine appears.

Lifting cream for the skin around the eyes LiftActiv

The tool is intended for smoothing wrinkles around the eyes, lifting of swelling, imparting radiant skin appearance and reduce dark circles. Home Remedies task - wrinkles around the eyes.

Reviews of "Vichy Liftaktiv" emphasize that the cream is quite light texture, it is perfectly distributed on the skin. Gel consistency allows it to be absorbed quickly, so you can immediately start applying makeup. If the cream is stored in the refrigerator, it gives a pleasant cooling effect. After application, the skin around the eyes comes in the tone, it is smooth, and wrinkles become less visible.

A few minutes later the swelling subside, dark circles under the eyes and brightens eyes becomes fresher. Reviews of "Vichy Liftaktiv" argue that cosmetics are not slipping under the eyes and the tone is kept much longer. Consumption at a cream minimum, however a 15 ml tube long enough.

means high salinity

Thermal water "Vichy", reviews, versatile tool that moisturizes and refreshes the skin, makeup fixes, invigorates and even eliminates shine. It will suit girls with any type of skin for its moisturizing.

The composition are 15 active minerals that infuse the epidermis and nutrients needed for skin care. The water does not smell. The method of application is simple enough: you need to splash on your face and leave for a few seconds to complete absorption. Water can be applied both to cleansed for additional moistening, and to make up for extending its durability. Means hypoallergenic. It moisturizes and soothes the skin, prevents the appearance of rashes, creates a protective barrier, making the epidermis cools and incredibly smooth. Reviews of cosmetologists about "Vichy" say that the constant use of the thermal water improves skin and prevents the appearance of flaking.

Tone Cream Teint Ideal

Many beauticians recommend to use this concealer girls with dry skin that is prone to flaking. Due to the presence in the composition of the thermal water and moisturizing ingredients it not only hides the flaws, but also moisturizes the epidermis, preventing it from drying out further.

Although the light texture means perfectly conceals redness on the face. It is quite fluid, which contributes to the economical consumption of tone "Vichy". Reviews of girls claim that the cream adapts to skin tone and does not oxidize during the day.

In addition, it is not sinking into the folds and does not clog pores. The cream smooths existing peeling and promotes skin hydration. He does not feel on your face and is perfect for any season.

Shampoo against hair DERCOS

Manufacturers claim that the effect of shampoo is aimed at strengthening and revival of hair follicles, gentle cleansing curls without drying. Reviews of "Vichy" confirms that while using this shampoo the hair stopped falling out and grow stronger.

A few drops of tools provide an excellent stable foam that thoroughly washes the hair and is easily washed off. Since therapeutic shampoo, then it is recommended to hold for 1-2 minutes for best effects. With regular use of shampoo is enough for 3-4 months, indicating that its economy.

Means strengthens hair follicles, which is especially important in the off-season. Girls say that overall curls improved by using his course.

Nutritionally-restoring mask DERCOS

Reviews of "Vichy" indicate that this mask - an excellent alternative to oil for hair. It is very thick consistency, but is easily distributed over the entire hair. The mask is perfect for dry, brittle and split curls.

Recommended time of its use - 5 minutes. After applying the hair appears shiny and they do not get confused when combing. Split ends are moistened, look well groomed and healthy.

Many girls are attracted pleasant aroma masks, which remains on the hair and does not conflict with the perfume. The only negative - hair get used to the facility after a few months of use.

Reviews of "Vichy" cosmetics suggest that the pharmacy brand fully meets all expectations and perform the claimed function. This is proved by the fact that many beauticians, makeup artists and hairdressers use the proceeds of this brand in their work. The main difference from other cosmetic products - available in all means of thermal water.