Beach volleyball: rules and features dynamic game

Beach volleyball - a relatively young team sport that captures and captivates with its beauty. Born in 1947 in California, he officially became an Olympic sport in 1993. And in Los Angeles (USA) was the first FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in four years.

Beach volleyball: rules and features dynamic game

Today, the sport is included in the program of the Olympic Games, World Championships (held under the control of the International Volleyball Federation), European Championship (organizes European Volleyball Confederation).


Volleyball - a game on the sandy field, separated by a high net, in which 2 teams relocating hands the ball to each other with a view to land it on the side of the opponent. Thus it is necessary to protect its half pad from falling ball. There are men's and women's beach volleyball. The difference between them is only in the height of the grid: males hang it at 2, 43 meters, for women - 2, 24 meters. Matches and training are always outdoors.

The amateur beach volleyball can be played at any age and in any combination. That is why this game is so popular in 140 countries, including in Russia.


The team consists of 2 people, one of whom is the captain. The competition takes place in pairs: 2 to 2 players. Replacement does not exist if one of the athletes is injured and could not continue the game, the team is going to offset loss.

During the match, players are free to choose the positions as their position on the court stated regulations. Communicate with each other during the game is not forbidden. Rest between sets will not work - break only lasts for 1 minute. However, for the game the team has the right to 2 timeout duration to 30 seconds each.

Beach volleyball: rules and features dynamic game

Beach volleyball requires good mobility players, endurance, jumping ability, strength, and excellent response "shock art", the ability to feel the ball.


It is interesting that in the form of the players are quite tolerant, men should be in shorts, and women bathing suit will suffice. In other words, it's the clothes that go to the beach. T-shirt or T-shirt - at the discretion of the players. Hats are not banned, they are, by contrast, are designed to protect your head from the scorching sun. There is a condition that the official competitions in athletes one team form the color must match.

The game is played barefoot. On T-shirts or shorts, if any, must be labeled 1 and 2. The numbers should be bright and contrasting color, with a minimum height of 10 cm.

It is forbidden to wear jewelry, bracelets, watches and so on, because they can cause injury to other participants.

Features of the

Playground beach volleyball has a rectangular shape of 16 x 8 meters, which is surrounded by a free area of ​​about 3 m along the perimeter. The surface of the field must be filled with sand depth of at least 40 cm without stones, shells, and other foreign matter that players not get injured. Pad limit contrasting relative to the color of the sand belts, lines 5-8 cm wide. The central dividing line is not provided.

Beach volleyball: rules and features dynamic game

is tensioned mesh should have a length of 9 and 5 meters, and a width of not less than one meter. Ball for the game of beach volleyball choose brightly colored, circumference - 66-68 cm, weight - 260-280 g If you compare it with the ball for a classic volleyball, it can be seen that it is a little larger in diameter, but less inflated . This makes it less jumpy.


Beach volleyball originated from a classic, so the rules are very similar.

Before the game the referee makes the toss: the winning captain chooses the side of the court and the right to serve or to receive the ball.

Beach volleyball: rules and features dynamic game

The rules of beach volleyball for men are no different from those established for women's teams. Serves play at a time, after the loss of points or the right of the error goes to the opponents. Players change after will play point. The game consists of the three sets, that is to score 21 points. To win enough to hold two successful party. If a game has reached the third set, it is played to 15 points.

The ball can represent any part of the body, but on the condition that the ball a member of one team can not be more than three times. The team loses a point if:

  • was fourth touch of the ball;
  • after the ball fell out of bounds;
  • One of the players made a net touch;
  • was landing the ball on its half of the playing field.

After drawing the 7 points, the teams change places. This is done so that one team did not play consistently against the sun or wind.

Referees for the game, which consists of four referees and two judges, one of which monitors the correct techniques, and the second - is watching the progress of the game at the net and helps the first. Referees observed in the site lines.

Interesting Facts

Quality of sand to play beach volleyball prescribed by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). Before the competition, samples, which were tested in laboratories in Canada. Cleanliness, flowability, grains size and other characteristics defined rules.

Beach volleyball: rules and features dynamic game

The sand reduces the load on the joints when jumping, so injuries while playing beach volleyball minimal. On beaches Brazil and Australia only sand is washed and cleaned, it is made in Russia specifically by treating natural silica, e.g. Voronezh.

Photo of beach volleyball are the most beautiful and sometimes quite modest, this contributes to short and open form: for men it is shorts and naked torso, women - bikini. Athletes jump barefoot on the sand under the hot sun, which creates an atmosphere friendliness and ease. Tournaments in this sport are often held at the prestigious resorts and cause unusual interest in the audience.