Biography German goalkeeper Bernd Leno

Bernd Leno - a young German goalkeeper to defend the colors of London "Arsenal". He is known to fans for his performances in Leverkusen "Bayer" London "Arsenal" and the national team of Germany.

Consider biography Bernd Leno.


The boy was born on March 4, 1992 in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Parents - Russian Germans. Before the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union, his family moved to a permanent place of residence in Germany. In Russia Bernd parents lived in Anapa. In Bernd has a brother Daniel. He has successfully worked in an insurance company in his hometown.

Club career

In six years, the little boy started playing football. The first team of the young goalkeeper was the local club "Germany". After two years spent in "Germany", the guy moved into the famous German school "Stuttgart", where learned the basics of goalkeeping art.

By age 16 German footballer Bernd Leno was brought to the farm club, and 18 young goalkeeper has signed his first professional contract with the "Swabians".

Biography German goalkeeper Bernd Leno

In 19 years, the German goalkeeper was included in the application "Swabians" in the Bundesliga, as the third goalkeeper, but at least one fight a guy could not hold. Instead, the entire season goalkeeper spent in the second "Swabians" which defended the 57 matches at the gate. For the first team "Swabians" Bernd has not spent a single match.

After a season in the second team, "Stuttgart", the young goalkeeper loaned "Bayer", where Leno had to replace the retired due to head trauma famous Rene Adler. Leno's debut came in the first match of the national championship, where Bernd could not miss and defend game to zero. According to the result of the match goalkeeper received the highest praise from experts and critics. In the same season the young goalkeeper played the first match in the Champions League, becoming the youngest goalkeeper in tournament history. After six months of playing for the "Bayer", Bernd Leno was signed on a permanent basis. According to unofficial information, "Swabians" will receive 30% of the resale of the following player.

Biography German goalkeeper Bernd Leno

The following season, recovered from injury Rene Adler moved to the "Hamburg", which allowed the young goalkeeper to become the main team.

Already 21 years young talent interested in the leading clubs of the world. "Manchester United", "Everton" and Madrid "Real" to take an active interest in the young goalkeeper, but a formal proposal and did not. Catalan "Barcelona", following the departure of Victor Valdes, sought of two goalkeepers and Bernd had to become the second goalkeeper after Claudio Bravo. But the "pharmacists" put a huge price tag on his goalkeeper that scared off potential buyers. But she "Barcelona" lured into their ranks another German goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen from "Borussia". As a result, the German goalkeeper Bernd Leno continued to advocate for the "pharmacists".

For this German team goalkeeper has spent more than 200 appearances in the starting lineup.

Biography German goalkeeper Bernd Leno

After six full seasons at Leverkusen, "Bayer", Bernd bought London "Arsenal". In the summer of 2018 the German goalkeeper moved to London. The amount of transfer was 20 million euros. To gain a foothold in the first team, Bernd has not yet been able, however, in the near future the situation may change for the better, as the first goalkeeper Londoners ages and steadily losing the game for the game.

International career

Already at the age of 17 the young goalkeeper was challenged in the youth national team. In the first season, Bernd won the first trophy with the youth team, becoming the European champion among the youth teams. However, recorded in the asset goalkeeper of the tournament is not possible, because all the games young goalkeeper spent on the bench, and the "first violin" was Marc-André ter Stegen. In the summer of 2014 Leno began to call in the senior team. However, competition in the national team was pretty serious, so even get a bid for the games was problematic.

Biography German goalkeeper Bernd Leno

In 2017, Bernd went with the team to the Confederation Cup, which was held in Russia. The German team has achieved outstanding success, winning gold medals.

At the World Championship in 2018, Bernd has not got the lists, so could not go with the national team, which failed completely, not even coming from a simple group.


In his spare time from football Bernd holds a beloved parent. At the moment, the young goalkeeper is not married, has no children, as well as relations as focused solely on football.