Hockey player Valery Kharlamov: biography, personal life, sports career, achievements, the cause of death

Valeri Kharlamov was born January 14, 1948 in the Moscow region. This is the famous hockey player of the Soviet Union, honored master of sports, eight-time world champion, two-time Olympic champion, striker of CSKA and the Soviet national team. Biography Valery Kharlamov will be presented to your attention in this article.

Hockey player Valery Kharlamov: biography, personal life, sports career, achievements, the cause of death


His father, Boris Russian, has the profession of locksmith test. While mother Begonia Basque nationality, profession - turner revolverschik.

Begonia experienced quite a difficult childhood: she grew up in a specialized boarding school and worked in the pioneer camp. It should be noted that while all children were evacuated from the military point. This is due to the fact that the Soviet Union did not want to leave their children in the hands of predatory Franco regime. To the call for assistance responded: Belgium, France, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland and Mexico.

Kharlamov parents met at a dance factory "Kommunar". they have not been painted for a long time due to the fact that interested solely Begonia housing Boris. Only 3 months after the birth of Valeria they officially registered their marriage. Shortly thereafter, they had a daughter Tatyana.

Childhood and adolescence

As evidenced by Valery Kharlamov biography, his childhood was always full of playing hockey and football. Sporting inclinations thus been seen immediately. All the other guys are admired and imitated him.

Future champion's father for the first time put on the ice at age 7, when he went to train in hockey with his factory team.

Valery Kharlamov biography contains information that at age 13 he became seriously ill with angina, which gave a severe complication on the heart and the heart muscle. Because of the identified heart disease, doctors forbade him to engage in physical training, lifting weights and attend summer camp. But, despite all this, Kharlamov father thought otherwise. And in 14 years, he led him to record in hockey circle on the new summer ice rink. The mother did not know anything about it: it was a secret, because it would certainly have expressed their disapproval to this venture. It is worth noting that at that time in the section of the recruited boys 15 years of age, and the fact that only 14 Valery, one of the coaches did not know. The father went to the deception for the sake of his son. Of course, the matter was soon revealed, but young hockey players were not excluded from the section, because he is very interested in all of its outstanding ability. Every three months, Valery Kharlamov, whose biography is presented to your attention an article with his father visited Morozov Hospital, where he was examined by doctors. Soon, thanks to the sport he has overcome all diseases, and clinical specialists found him completely healthy. After it was not this hockey workout for anybody secret and took a serious turn.

Sports School

Later, the boy began to attend school and CSKA already in the age of 19 entered the main part of the sports club. He was one of the best players in the children's sports school. But despite his success, the coach did not place great hopes on him because of the low growth. For this reason, the young hockey player was sent in the second league of the army command. But as you know, a real talent can not be hidden, and in the first season game between the military districts Valery was able to score in the opponent's goal 34 goals. This success learned everything, including Moscow coaches. Then they began to come to the game and his team became direct witnesses of his great success.

Because of their common decision Kharlamov included in the main part of CSK team. At the same time came the famous trio: Petrov, Kharlamov and Mikhailov. Together, they used their power style and achieved the best results of the game. Career Valery Kharlamov has gone up rapidly, even when he was 20 years old. He became the youngest world champion in the Soviet Union.

By the nature of hockey player Valery Kharlamov distinguished courage, determination and will to win. He never whined and complained. Always I worked on my mistakes and achieved the top result.

Hockey player Valery Kharlamov: biography, personal life, sports career, achievements, the cause of death

At the peak of glory

40 goals scored in the championship of the USSR brought the 23-year-old athlete title of top scorer. A year later, Valeri Kharlamov become the best hockey player of the tournament in the national team of the Soviet Union and winning his first gold medal. A little later, having won 4 titles of the USSR, becoming three times world champion and two-time European champion, he was recognized as the best hockey player in Europe.

Its beautiful and clean style of play fascinated millions of fans and caused excitement among goalkeepers opponents. Especially feared and disliked Canadian hockey players. And even gave him the nickname "Kid" for his resourcefulness and wild stubbornness. But, despite this, even they recognized him as a true champion.

It is worth noting that Kharlamov became the first and only hockey player, whose portrait hung in the Museum of hockey glory.

Hockey player Valery Kharlamov: biography, personal life, sports career, achievements, the cause of death

Introducing the future wife

After another achievement Valeri Kharlamov went with friends to a restaurant. In the adjoining room, too, I was walking a young company in honor of the birth of one of the girls. Young boys team invited the ladies to the dance. Kharlamov then invited a pretty girl named Irina. At that time, she took her partner's undersized for the taxi driver, but still fun to spend time with him for dancing. Irina liked Valery, and it throughout the evening did not leave her, but by the end of the celebration offered to drive her home. Then the future wife of Valery Kharlamov finally convinced their guesses about the young man's profession, but still allowed to drive themselves. Home like a decent girl, she shared her story with her mother, who reacted incredulously to the companion of his daughter. After several weeks of communication, the mother asked Irina though from afar to show it to the young man. After that, my mother calmed down a bit, because she recognized the face Kharlamov not as a taxi driver, and as a great athlete. And, of course, he shared the information with an amazing daughter.

Hockey player Valery Kharlamov: biography, personal life, sports career, achievements, the cause of death

Children Valery Kharlamov

At the 28th year of life, the couple Valeria was born their first child - Alexander, who follows in the footsteps of his father in the future. A little later he was born their daughter Begonita. At that time, Kharlamov has become a six-time world champion and two-time Olympic champion.

It is worth noting that even after the birth of two children, Irina and Valery has not been officially presented to his parents. And they have never seen their grandchildren. But at one point, in this case it interfered with friends Kharlamov. They put all their efforts and still made a young family to go on March 8 to champion parents. And after that evening Valery himself went to his mother-in to explore.

Hockey player Valery Kharlamov: biography, personal life, sports career, achievements, the cause of death

Traffic accident

In the spring of that year, a young couple in a car accident on the way home. Valery Kharlamov children at that time were under the care of his nurse.

The car was shattered and could not be repaired. Valery suffered multiple fractures and a severe concussion. Valery Kharlamov's wife Irina is also not without serious injury.

An ambulance was summoned bystanders disaster. After that hit immediately taken to the hospital. Two months later the athlete was in the hospital, not getting out of bed. Teammates regularly visited him and even brought him to the House of the simulator, so it does not lose its shape. After another 4 months Kharlamov was back on the ice, more than captured the hearts of their fans.

Hockey player Valery Kharlamov: biography, personal life, sports career, achievements, the cause of death

The cause of death of Valery Kharlamov

In August 1981, on the Leningrad highway, husband and wife were in the second car accident. She caused the death of Valery Kharlamov and his wife. They left their children orphaned.

The reason tragedy served as poor quality asphalt laying: 5 cm protrusion formed at the interface of the new layer. Besides ehavshaya front truck was completely packed with spare parts.

August 31 have been burying the dead at Kuntsevo Cemetery and a memorial service in the palace of CSKA.

None of the companions could not say goodbye to the talented and young players, because at that time they were in Canada. Upon learning of the tragedy, they promised to win the match in memory of Valerie and kept their word by winning with a score of 8: 1.

Also, his name immortalized in the Hall of Fame of the International Ice Hockey Federation and the National Hockey League.

Game number "17" imprinted forever in the wonderful 2013 film "The Legend №17".

Also, 10 years after the tragedy, the site of a traffic accident was a monument.

Hockey player Valery Kharlamov: biography, personal life, sports career, achievements, the cause of death

The lives of children after the death of his father

After the death of Alexander and the athlete Begonita lived with his grandmother Nina (Irina's mother). Both children are actively engaged in sports, following the example of his dead father.

As a result, Alexander became a hockey player of CSKA, playing in the United States, married and with a son Valery. A daughter became a master of sports in artistic gymnastics, she got married and had two daughters - Anna and Daria.

5 years after the accident has died mother hockey player Valery Kharlamov. Father Valery died in 2010 after a failed surgery on the stomach. His last years he lived with his daughter Tatiana.

Alexander and Begonitu still invited to the TV show - to tell about the lives of their parents and that all the same happened on that tragic evening.