Karting at the Volgograd prospectus: address, description. forza karting

Karting - an extreme sport that is becoming more popular among young people and not only. It is a race on the cards, simply breathtaking. If someone knows, they are small racing car, capable of reaching great speeds. For example, as SUPERMAP. It is possible to ride at speeds of 260 km / h.

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We have repeatedly written about the kart in various cities of Russia. The history of sports for sure is known to all. It was invented by pilots in the United States, quite by accident. They did not know that in our time it will become popular, not only as entertainment, but also an extreme sport. Today, almost every town has at least one professionally landscaped karting center. Capital of our Motherland - Moscow - simply can not be an exception.

Karting at the Volgograd prospectus: address, description. forza karting

It is said that Moscow is not one such center. Today we tell about Forza karting. A first of its appearance.

The discovery of karting on Volgogradki

Forza karting was opened in summer of 2010 in Moscow a year. Sixth of July held its presentation. The discovery is to say, it was quite big. In addition to the journalists, gathered a huge number of people who are not indifferent to this extreme sport. Opening was a success. It was a festive cocktail party, chat visitors and, of course, the first competition, held in honor of the opening. They are lucky enough to take part 33 enthusiasm for this sport. Among them chose semifinalists, and then the absolute winner.

A little bit about the company

It is worth noting that the go-kart at the Volgograd prospectus - is not the first center built in Moscow. Before him, there were already two projects of the company. With this in mind, it becomes clear that the company's experience is quite large in karting development. The new karting center on Volgogradki take into account all the nuances and mistakes made in the construction of the first two sets.

Karting at the Volgograd prospectus: address, description. forza karting

And what came of it? Cars, tracks, equipment, equipment - all this we will now describe.

On the maps, track and gear

A huge plus club - kart track. It is the largest of the rolling track in Russia and is under the roof. Most interestingly, the path does not include any of the column, making the track very practical and interesting. Its length of about 600 meters. Excellent lighting makes sport safer and more interesting. highway safety has been given a lot of attention. For example, the width in the most dangerous areas of about 12 meters. There are special protections that do not allow riders to fly beyond the route. They are made of special plastic. Such material is more safe to use on kart. Plus, the complex is also the fact that the driver after the race can get your hands on the results of our arrival. In addition, there appears and the time of arrival of each circle. Riding is carried out on modern maps, owned by a Danish company. It is the largest manufacturer of go-karts in Europe.

Karting at the Volgograd prospectus: address, description. forza karting

speed, manageability and reliability - these are the main features of the mini cars in karting. Many people ask: "And what is the equipment" This is you take care not worth it. In karting center has everything you need for a safe ride. In addition to the excellent facilities, modern and exciting kart tracks, kart "Forza" has a lot of pluses. What? Now we will tell about them.

Benefits Center

Karting at the Volgograd prospectus - is not only active sport, but also a great opportunity to relax. In it, in addition to the races, you can play laser game, a restaurant and bar. In the latter there are huge panoramic windows, which offer views of the track.

Karting at the Volgograd prospectus: address, description. forza karting

In addition to the races in real time, have a great opportunity to watch sports on the big screen. A chance to tickle nerves is provided not only for adults.

Children's School in karting center

Anyone can bring in the sport your child. Equipment, machinery, equipment for children separate. For example, there are even special children's cards. If your child likes a different kind of race, it is no problem he can manifest itself in this matter. And then a hobby or a real sport.

Karting at the Volgograd prospectus: address, description. forza karting

In karting at the Volgograd prospectus there is even a special children's school, where children are taught the tactics of driving, speed, overtaking and more. Once they can participate in the competition. All quite as adults. In addition to racing on the cards, the club has the opportunity to play with little toy cars on the radio control. They also arrange a variety of mini-competitions. Quite interesting to watch.

to spend the holiday fun

The karts at the Volgograd prospectus, you can not only engage in active sports and rest, but also to spend the holidays there. Whether it's a birthday, corporate party or any other celebration, including for children. Above all, in the karting center often discounts. One such example is a discount for students. Read more about this you can find on the official website. What to do if you've never been in karting, but want to go there ?! First of all, it should be recorded. It must be done in about a day. It will have to inform the date of service, the number of people, the number of arrivals and leave your phone number. All this is necessary to ensure that on arrival did not have any problems. You can call the telephone number that is also listed on the official website. There you can find an email address, and write, if any questions.



Everyone knows that for the pleasure you have to pay. If you decide to drive on the map, it's really worth it. Let's talk a little about the prices. Pleasure is to say, not cheap. You will need to pay for the equipment, race car, as well as a certain number of races. For example, only one map for rent on the average cost from 500 to 1000 rubles, depending on the type of machine. Kids cards and races are usually much cheaper.

Address, contacts

In conclusion, it should be said that, where is the "Forza" (karting):

Karting at the Volgograd prospectus: address, description. forza karting

Moscow, Volgograd Prospekt 32, k. 4. It was there placed kart complex with one of the greatest runs in Russia. Location famous sports center is quite convenient, and usually there are no problems to drive there. In kart has its own parking, as well as the hotel offers free Wi-Fi. All you need to relax.

The best place for recreation and sport

Speed, drive, adrenaline - these and many other emotions you get in Forza karting. If you are adventurous, you should not wonder. All you have to do is pick up and come to the karting center and into the role of the rider.

Karting at the Volgograd prospectus: address, description. forza karting

Just remember that no one can guarantee you that you will not want another. Karting Club ensures only the safety and vivid emotions.