Pools Belgorod and their features

This material will be called pools Belgorod, addresses and their features. Each visitor will be able to do a wellness swimming in such institutions. Some pools are specially designed for children. Visiting one of these places, you may be given a number of additional services. For example, sessions with a trainer.

At the university

Pool Belgorod valid industrial college. There is provided a package of health services. It is located at Michurina street 41. pool size is 25 X 12, 5 m, a depth of 0, 8-3 m in disposal visitors 4 tracks.. Services are provided both on weekdays and weekends.

Pools Belgorod and their features

For the little ones

Pools Belgorod and their features

If you're looking for a children's pool in Belgorod, look at the complex "Golden Fish". This place is designed for kids between the ages of one month and up to 7 years. Classes are held with the assistance of a specialist coach, and suggest an individual approach to each visitor. Gymnastics Complex strengthens the musculoskeletal system.

Another children's pool in Belgorod called "shorthead". It is located on the street Nicholas Chumichova. The complex specializes in wellness swimming infants and preschoolers. Here provide comfortable accommodation for both the baby and for his mother. A hairdryer, a children's playroom and the necessary accessories.

Under the sky

Pools Belgorod and their features

If you're looking for an outdoor swimming pool in Belgorod, visit the complex "Belogorye". You can also take advantage of spa services. The pool is located on the street Sand 1a. Complex operates around the clock, and includes a heating water slide. There are adult and children's pools. In addition, there are waterfalls, Jacuzzi, sauna and a bar on the water.

Other establishments

Pools Belgorod and their features

Pool in Belgorod and acts on the territory of the sports complex "Ray." Here it is 25 meter, able to take in one shift up to 50 people, has five tracks. For the children acting special small pool. It may take up to ten people in a single session.

Pool operates in a club called "Planet Fitness". The company, which includes said complex, active since 1990. The purpose of this institution - to make fitness accessible to people with any level of physical fitness, by whatever financial capabilities and irrespective of their age.

Note the pool, operating in the sports park "Alexis". The idea of ​​creating this complex supported by the president of Russia. The park is located on the street Sport, 54. The main objective of the project - providing opportunities for a healthy lifestyle. This complex is one of the largest in the entire country. You can visit the pool at the club "City Fitness". The main activity of this institution - fitness activities that involve work related to both physical training as well as to the psychological. Thus, the visitor can reveal previously unexplored opportunities.

Within the walls of SDYUSSHOR "Spartacus" also operates a swimming pool. The complex is located on the avenue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Here the visitor will feel a therapeutic effect that is has on the body floating. Anyone can do increase their level of physical development under the guidance of qualified coaches.

It can be a swimming pool and DYUSSHOR № 3. Located outside 1Calyuta, in the building 6. In addition to swimming in the institution operating a plurality of sections of interest, including chess, checkers, weightlifting and recreation direction.

Pool operates Youth number 2. This establishment is located on the Avenue of Glory, the house 69. There may be engaged in swimming, children and adolescents. The complex also operates judo, karate clubs, athletics, Greco-Roman wrestling.