What to give your child for the holidays?

It would seem that it is very easy to buy a baby gift. In fact, the practical aspect of this case is exigeant. Once there is a lot of questions on this subject. This article will help you understand that you can give your child over the holiday.

What to consider when choosing a present?

How to choose the gift that is waiting for a child on the occasion? Children's preferences rather fickle and inconstant. Keep in mind that a gift should be useful, develop thinking, imagination and hidden talents. In addition, do not forget about the desires of the children. So, what to give the child and what to look for when buying a gift?

What to give your child for the holidays?

Gifts for children are selected based on the age of the birthday. Donated should arouse interest and desire to play. Year-old baby does not understand what to do with the house of Barbie, and teenage girls no longer need a soft toy or PUPS.

When choosing a gift, it is necessary to take into account the sex of the baby. There is also a universal gift, and suitable for boys and girls. Sometimes a stereotype "pink - for girls, blue - for boys" is not working. That is, a child wants a toy of a different color, which he likes most.

Presents interests

It is necessary to take into account the nature of the child. What to give your child, if he is an active and agile? Note:

  • on balls;
  • of the rope;
  • scooters;
  • rollers.

The young intellectuals suited for things like:

  • of the book;
  • educational games;
  • puzzles.

For those who like to engage in creative work or tinkering, will be a great gift:

  • Designer;
  • set of paints and pencils with the album;
  • handicraft supplies.

It is equally important, and wishes of the child. Game or toy, received as a gift, it should be good.

That is not necessary to give?

Before we talk about what to give your child, we will talk about that give undesirable. Top 6 antipodarkov:

  1. Gifts for his age. Probably, there is no need to explain in detail why it should not do. The child will be interesting to play with it. Gift will gather dust in a drawer or cabinet. After which all go in the trash.
  2. Clothing. The child does not appreciate a warm sweater or regular jeans. The exception in this case is: girl, five years old interested in clothes and boys after 9-11, are beginning to pay more attention to this issue. Children under 12 years old prefer to receive as a gift, and toys that will entertain them.
  3. Toys, loud noise. Yes, kids love loud noises, all the noise, rattles, squeaks or sings. However, sharp and shrill sounds of the night can scare not only children but also adults.
  4. Super-soft toys. Besides an adult who wants to please the little birthday boy, you have to look at such a toy and ask ourselves the question: what the child will do with it and how to play? Well, except that this toy will just lie on the bed or in the corner of the room. It is impressive for a few minutes.
  5. cheap or very expensive gifts. Speaking of cheap, should mean Chinese toys of dubious quality. What will be the disappointment of the child, if a thing peel paint or it will last long and quickly break. Not excluded, and allergic reactions to the materials from which made these toys. Now about the expensive gifts. Children do not understand the value of money, for the simple reason that they do not yet need. Expensive toy can become uninteresting as fast as cheap. Children do not know what to expensive things must be treated carefully and accurately. Broken, scratched or breaking it, the child does not understand the negative reaction from parents. And if you donated a toy and is not cheap, you should not scold the child for neglect. It is easy to explain how to use it.
  6. Useless things to children. As large soft toys, children are not interested in pictures on the wall, toy figurines, picture frames and the like. That is something with which you can not play. The possible exception of teenagers, keen drawing or collecting.

An important tip - giving children clothes and toys for the season and the fact that you can immediately experience the game action. If it skates or roller skates, you have to be ready on the same day to go to the skating rink / roller skating, to try out a thing.

It is likely that this list has more points, but they can be mistaken for the main.

Gifts for the New Year. What to choose for children of different ages?

Who will tell that you can give your child the New Year. This festival offers children especially. Another strong their belief in Santa Claus and the fact that they do not remain without the coveted gift. To become a gift like this, parents have to work and detectives to find out on the eve of the New Year, that their child wants to find under the Christmas tree. If the child is in school and can not write, you can invite him to write a letter to the Grandfather Frost and ask about the present. If with such a method does not work out or the baby will write about something intangible, then it is necessary to slowly elicit what gift he wants. There is nothing better pictures when the kids with a sinking heart unfolds wrapping paper and finds inside is what most want to receive.

What can you give a child on New Year? Universal presents for our children, which is equally suitable for both boys and girls:

  1. Materials for creativity. It can be a set of paints and brushes, plasticine. Currently, children's stores sell kits for the young painters and sculptors, including not only the materials, but also the tools to work on his own masterpiece. Modern technology offers children exciting fascinating fun with kinetic sand or silly putty various colors. These toys develop fine motor skills in children. Sets smart paper - an inexpensive and interesting entertainment. Gift may consist of several such sets. It is also a good option would be a present for the drawing board on the wall and accessories for her.
  2. Sports shells or sports equipment. For active children, it can be skiing, skating or a new model to replace the old sleds. If you allow the living area, you can buy a trampoline - a useful gift for a child and for the furniture, which will no longer jump. Trampoline complete with wall bars and ropes - has a sports complex for the restless. Such a gift - an expensive purchase, but in good health and immunity of the child's well worth it.
  3. Today's children quickly master the various gadgets. Toy manufacturers are parents the opportunity to teach kiddies things like:
  • 3-D pen to create different three-dimensional objects;
  • camera for children;
  • plate;
  • e-books for school children;
  • game console.

You can also give desktop developing games for children:

  • puzzles;
  • board game "Scrabble";
  • board games on plots of fairy tales and popular cartoons;
  • children's sets for experiments.

An excellent gift for a child will drive with your favorite movies / cartoons. A good option a present - a set of karaoke - drive with children's songs and microphone.

Presents teenagers. What to choose for your child?

Children 10-14 years old, you can make gifts with an eye to the future, there are some that can be used in spring and summer. If this is a welcome gift, the child he will be pleased. The list of gifts falls clothes. Since teenagers are paying attention to their appearance.

How to please the boy? What to give your child on New Year? If it is a teenager, then he will approach:

  • tracksuit famous brand;
  • Jeans;
  • sneakers;
  • mp3-player,
  • headphones;
  • a bicycle;
  • rollers;
  • skate;
  • Children badminton.

the desired gift will be an electronic gadget:

  • cell phone;
  • Smart Watches for children;
  • plate;
  • digital camera.
What to give your child for the holidays?

Thinking about what to give your child, do not forget about the books. At all times, the book - it is a good gift for children. Love of reading should be taught from an early age. For melenkih birthday this may be the book-cot and picture books. For children of preschool age - to develop, memorizing the alphabet and numeracy. For schoolchildren - educational books about the flora and fauna. Teens who love to read, have themselves choose which books they like most.

What to choose as a gift for a boy?

What can you give a child on New Year? Every year kids dreaming about something new, unusual and believe that miracles happen. The task of parents - to guess the child's desire and to try not to disappoint his gift.

What to give your child? The boy is under 6 years will approach:

  1. Water gun, space blaster machine that simulates the sounds of gunfire: the boys are always happy to receive a gift of a weapon.
  2. Musical Instruments.
  3. Railway with trains.
  4. Design for self-assembly models of cars or build houses.
  5. Set a policeman, builder or fire.
  6. Table games: football, hockey, basketball.

Presents for boys 7-10 years old. What a thing fit?

What to give your child for 8 years? Suitable for things like:

  • Remote Control Toys: car or helicopter;
  • interactive toy (dinosaur or a dog)
  • 3D Design;
  • skates;
  • snowboard.

For children important holiday atmosphere. Therefore, a trip out of town for a ski trip or a trip to the water park will be remembered for a long time. You should definitely bring your camera and capture all the funny moments. Very popular gifts quests. Fun for a group of children in the style of adventure:

  • spacecraft;
  • pirate brigantine;
  • maze of caves.

Adventure for children have an exciting storyline, puzzles in the game, in the end, at the finish - a reward for the shown ingenuity and dexterity. This gift will be a memorable one, be entertained and birthday, and his guests.

Presents for girls. What to choose for the young lady?

What to give your child on New Year? Girls - this little woman that replicate the behavior of mothers. They are from a young age I want to be a beautician with makeup, hair ornaments, hand mirror and purse, like my mother. Children's dishes, doll houses, dolls and strollers for them - it's all very pleased with the girls.

What to give your child for the holidays?

What to give your child? A girl 6 years old will also work:

  • talking dolls;
  • stroller with bobblehead;
  • sets of utensils;
  • backpack with their favorite cartoon characters;
  • set to play in the store, teacher, doctor;
  • Scooter;
  • tricycle.
What to give your child for the holidays?

The girls earlier than boys begin to show interest in the clothes, to the way they look. Gift that hi delight young fashionistas:

  • elegant dress,
  • new shoes,
  • bright hat with ears.

Presents for girls seven to ten years. What to choose?

What to give your child on New Year? The girl will be pleased:

What to give your child for the holidays?
  • house for dolls with furniture;
  • kits for needlework or crafts - the hook and thread, vyzhigatelny apparatus set for beading;
  • interactive toy (cat or dog);
  • appliances for dolls;
  • furniture and crockery for dolls;
  • set of children's jewelry;
  • set of children's cosmetics;
  • Kit + comb hair ornaments.

Presents for young children. What to choose?

Let the child is still small, and he does not remember her first birthday. The first festival - these are important moments in the life of the baby and his parents. What to give your child for a year? At this age, children are not preferences vary greatly by sex. Kids, both boys and girls are equally interested bobblehead, cars and bright cubes.

It is above all these toys, such as:

  • Plastic designers of three-dimensional objects;
  • colored blocks;
  • Mosaic for kids.

Useful toys for children under the age of 1 year:

  • develops a table;
  • musical instruments for young children;
  • Developing shoes;
  • rocking toys.

Girls Gift for a year

You're invited to a birthday to baby? What to give your child for a year? The girl will approach the following things:

  1. The book-a collection of nursery rhymes or songs with bright pictures.
  2. Small dolls that can talk, laugh and cry.
  3. Carriages for dolls and CPMP.
  4. The gaming arena or tent.

Children's sets for creativity of the smallest. Baby is enough to show how to use it, and it is a great interest in this occupation for a long time. These things include:

  • safe clay,
  • paints for drawing hands,
  • weight for sculpting.
What to give your child for the holidays?

Mosaic of the major puzzles will be enjoyed year-old girl. It helps to distinguish and remember the color. Children quickly enough remember that show adults, and try again. Details mosaics collected by means of grooves and slits.

Practical gift for the little birthday girl can be:

  • Clothing;
  • shoes;
  • baby bedding;
  • pajamas;
  • bath toys;
  • cosmetic bathing and skin care.

Present year-old boy

What to give your child for a year? It can be great cars and machines. And they must have a removable and moving large parts. Especially popular among children enjoyed tolokary - cars with seats for children. Sitting in a car, the child can start from the floor legs and move around the room. On the panel there is a large car keys. The machine produces sounds can sing songs and sometimes even blow bubbles to the delight of the little driver.

Also popular toy rocking or toys with wheels: horses, dragons, dogs. This sort of thing also allows the child to move independently.

Swings and play tents are equally suitable for both girls and boys, except that differing colors. By the same kind of gifts include:

  • "dry pool" - an inflatable pool with balls;
  • sports complex for the baby - plastic construction for outdoor games.

Musical toys love and boys. It is necessary to choose the tools with the pleasant, melodic sounds. Young musician will like:

  • percussion instruments - tambourines, drums;
  • keyboards - children's piano with color keys,
  • wind - pipes, children's flute.

Luxury and gifts to parents:

  • jewelery made of precious metals;
  • silver spoon on the first tooth;
  • silver box for the first curl of hair;
  • photoshoot for the child and the parents;
  • photobook about the kid - a photo of the child from birth to one year, decorated in the style of scrapbooking.

Study the labels!

When choosing toys for babies, should be carefully examine the labels before you buy something. Products for children should be:

  • are made from environmentally friendly materials;
  • does not have an unpleasant chemical smell;
  • must not contain in their composition of phenol and other harmful chemical compounds.

Specialty children's stores should have stock certificates for all items sold.

For kids should not buy toys made of small parts, or have sharp edges. Such items may be harmful to children's health.

Presents on the occasion of the birth of the child. Clothing for newborns

Additions to the family - a happy event for the parents themselves and for their environment. Gifts for the birth of a child? Clothing for small does not happen a lot. And if the newborn to six months for the most part lies swaddled, then after 6 months, he will start to crawl first, and then try to walk. Sliders, unitard raspashonok and will need a lot. Clothing for infants should be taken lightly for growth. If the baby is just born, you should buy things with a size six to nine months or 6-12.

Toys for the smallest

It should be toys from ecological materials. After all, the kids all strive to shove in your mouth, chew and bite. Plain, but bright rattles, teethers, bath toys - great gifts for the birth of the baby. Mounted rattles and turntables with soothing music for baby cot - also a great option.

Presents in the nursery. What to choose?

linen for cots, blankets or rugs, terry bath towels for children with a hood - young moms and dads will appreciate these gifts.

What to give your child for the holidays?

Little kids are growing and developing rapidly, soon the baby will need a playpen and walkers.

Gifts for new parents on the birth of a child:

  • sterilizer bottles of infant formula;
  • set of pacifiers;
  • rocking chair for lulling your baby;
  • photo albums for photos in the first year of life;
  • set of children's ware of plastic.

Close people are present and more expensive gifts, which will facilitate the everyday life of the baby mothers. These things include:

  • table for changing;
  • e-rocking Baby;
  • radio or baby monitors,
  • scales for newborns.

An excellent gift will pay the professional babysitting service for a few hours, which is slightly relieve the young mother and allow her to take a break from worries.

What to give your child for the holidays?

A small conclusion

Now you know that you can give to children at different holidays. As you can see, the options are many. When choosing a gift sure to observe the occasion, the child's age and gender. Only properly selected item will please the kid. Good luck in choosing!