Multiply charged Crossbow: description and characteristics

Many movie lovers of Old England's most deadly kind of medieval projectile weapons is considered a big bow. Less popular and well known is its competitor - Battle crossbow. However, according to experts, it formed the basis of infantry crossbowmen in the Middle Ages. Today, designers are armories crossbows different areas: sports, recursive, block. Shooting model suitable for sport or recreation. One of the interesting examples of throwing cold weapons is a multiply charged crossbow. Description, design and characteristics of the products are presented in the article.


The crossbow is a variation of projectile weapons. Its design has a bow, a special box, and the mechanisms that are responsible for raising and descent. Crossbows first appeared in China.

Multiply charged Crossbow: description and characteristics

Prior to this, the methyl main melee weapon was the bow. However experienced arrow noted that it is not able to conserve energy. In addition, when using a bow took a lot of time aiming. In this respect, favorably from onion multicharged crossbow. It is noted that the shots of these weapons are more powerful and accurate. However, according to experts, in such criteria as speed, crossbow bow is much inferior.

How does a gun?

Shooting the crossbow of a multiply is performed by means of special bolts located in the store. First, the shooter must pull the string, after which the bolt moves into the trough. Then fires the trigger, and the arrow leaves the groove. It multicharged crossbow equipped with a special arm which, in order to prepare the next boom must distort immediately after firing. The main element in the design of a crossbow are the shoulders, which provided an opportunity to turn. For cocking weapons need to take one arm until it stops, and then return to its original position.

Multiply charged Crossbow: description and characteristics

On the merits of

Multiply charged crossbow, unlike onions, can be a long time to hold cocked. The quality of the shot will not be affected. The first samples of Chinese crossbows were very cumbersome. However, the design of their subjected improvement. And today on the shelves of specialty stores attention of fans of cold missile weapons presented more compact multiply combat crossbows.

On the shortcomings of

Weaknesses multiply crossbows are:

  • The presence of noise (shot accompanied by a characteristic cotton).
  • The weapon is not intended for long distances.

MULTICHARGED crossbow own hands

Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers, make throwing weapons will not be difficult, and at home. Below is a diagram of a multiply charged crossbow.

Multiply charged Crossbow: description and characteristics

As craftsmen claim from scrap materials obtained handicrafts, whose characteristics are virtually indistinguishable from brand-name models. To do this, use the following parameters:

  • Mass improvised multiply charged crossbow should not exceed 3 kilograms.
  • arms. Length: 96 cm
  • Width. 82 cm
  • The weight of one bolt: no higher than '25

What is needed for the work?

Before proceeding to the manufacture of a crossbow, you must ensure that:

  • Chunk 0 automotive springs thick, 6 cm.
  • wooden blocks.
  • Steel sheet on 0, 3 cm.
  • fixing bolts and nuts.
  • 5h5h0 steel corners, 4 cm.
  • shaped tube.

Master should also prepare a set of keys, grinding wheels, pliers, screwdriver, awl and knife. Since the work will be carried out using the welding machine, circular saws and grinders, should prepare goggles.


According to expert craftsmen to work better in the finished drawing. Multiply charged crossbow to be equipped with the following components:

  • fastening. This is the central part, which is attached to the bed and shoulders. Manufacture of fastening can be made of sheet steel. Pruning is done by Bulgarians. Then, the sheet to bend, and the ends are welded to each other. The fixture is necessary to make a hole through which it will be connected to the screw bed crossbow.
  • The arms are made of automobile springs. Workpiece need to be equipped with four holes.
  • Block system. Is a special wheels, which slides bowstring. The advantages of the block system include ease by pulling the bowstring and high speed sliding, which positively affects the speed and range of a projectile weapons.
  • bowstring can be made of steel rope diameter 0 3 cm. Experienced Master not advised to use larger diameter wire. This recommendation stems from the fact that too thick cable to connect and mount will be much harder. If it will be thinner than 0, 3 cm, it is likely to be stretched quickly or a fall over. In order to produce the string, you need to at the ends of the rope to make two loops oak. Their connection to the block axis to perform better not directly but with the use of additional parts. The load on the rope in such a case will be distributed evenly, which will prevent it from chafing.
  • The bed crossbow made of aspen or maple boards 3 cm thick. Judging by the reviews of owners, these woods have a nice texture, and they are easy to handle. Furthermore, aspen and maple have a high viscosity and strength. Oak boards use is undesirable, because the crossbow will be too heavy. A bed of spruce or pine will warp when wet. Wooden surface missile weapons looks much more impressive after a thorough polishing. Many home craftsmen applied paint substance on its homemade.
  • The crossbow must be equipped with a special guide groove bolt. Shooting a weapon can be obtained if the groove smooth and polished quality. Its width should match the diameter of the bolt. At this stage, the house master will need a circular saw.
  • Hold the boom is performed by a special spring. Its mission is to firmly press the bolt to the bed, not allowing him thus leaving the guide slot before the shot.
Multiply charged Crossbow: description and characteristics

About sighting device

Domestic yourselfers equip their crossbows optical sights. These devices can be purchased at specialty stores. Judging by the numerous reviews on throwing weapon is quite possible to install an optical sighting device, intended for bullet shooting models.

Multiply charged Crossbow: description and characteristics

Also, the crossbow can be equipped entirely and fly. Rear sight is designed for vertical adjustments. He mounted on the lid release mechanism. The correction in the horizontal plane is done by means of flies mounted in place and the shoulder bed compound. According to many owners of home-made crossbow, it will be much easier to transport the weapons with detachable sight.

Multiply charged Crossbow: description and characteristics

About the arrows

Judging by the reviews, for homemade crossbow arrows suit brand designed for the bow. At the request of the home handyman can reduce them to weight or length. Before use it is desirable to test a group of arrows and put them under an optical sight.