The main pools in Stavropol

Today we present you the pools in Stavropol. Some establishments are family passes and discount schemes. The pool is kept in summer and warm crystal clear water. Visit one of the described systems, you will be in a special home. At your request trainers teach children to swim without the use of belts, wheels and arm ruffles.

For the little ones

The main pools in Stavropol

Children's recreation pool "Duckling" located on the street 50 years of the Komsomol, the structure 14b. There are always glad to caring parents and their infants and kids up to 8 years. For the kids enjoy swimming is difficult to overestimate. Such grudnichok starts earlier crawl, hold the head up, roll over and even walking. Swimming has a positive effect on mental and physical development of the child.


The main pools in Stavropol

"Sports complex" Stavropol located on the street Tukhachevsky, 2. Among the advantages of this institution called the best prices. At the same time visitors say that after six in the evening restaurant is often crowded. The shower also sometimes place. For swimming, there are 5 tracks, water is always clean and warm.

Other Options

The main pools in Stavropol

Then briefly describe the pools in Stavropol, which are also worth visiting. Complex "AkvaYasli" located on Rogozhnikova, 38. facilities for babies and toddlers up to seven years. There are individual approach to each child. Classes are held in accordance with the procedure, which is approved by the world's leading experts.

If we describe the pools in Stavropol, we can not talk about the sports complex X-fit. It is located on Vasilyeva 2. Here visitors waiting pool at 25 meters (and a separate one for children), gym, playground for martial arts with the ring, Pilates, Qi-studio, a large parking lot, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, beauty salon, cafe , personal training.

If you are interested in swimming pools in Stavropol, pay attention to the center of Fresh fitness. It is located on Lenin, 244/2. Here it is possible free attendance, teaching swimming and water aerobics classes. In particular, it acts AQUA BASIC program. This activity is for beginners, involves the study of the basic elements of aqua aerobics.

Fitness Center "Youth" is on Suvorov, 7. Available cash, as well as payment through a bank. The complex acts solarium. Visitors can apply for a subscription pool. Available and single visit. Pool length is 50 meters. There are 15 tracks for adults and children. There are also classes in water aerobics.

Children's Health Center "Flipper" act in Lenin's address 264. It can engage children on the 1, 5 months. There are special programs for joint visits to parents with toddlers. Private lessons and free swimming. Those interested can learn water aerobics. Among the additional services - water polo.

Club "Sphere Fit" operates at Tukhachevskogo 20/2. It provides relaxation zone may float freely and studying water aerobics. The Club is modern and well equipped for children and women. In this place, you can get the most popular and unique services in the field of beauty and fitness. There is also a gym acts.