Main gyms Krasnoyarsk

In this article we will present gyms Krasnoyarsk. Most often in such places offers weight training, cardio equipment, personal training. Often, visitors can enjoy learning martial arts. In a number of halls provides a sauna complex, such as a Finnish sauna. In large complexes, the visitor can get advice on sports nutrition.

With a fitness bar

Main gyms Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk gyms "Coliseum" are located in different parts of the city. this institution open to all sports fans. Here visitors will power trainers, solarium, common sauna, bar, bench presses, professional platforms, a wide range of cardio. Anyone can do yoga. It operates a fitness bar.

with shops

Main gyms Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk gym "Hercules" has two areas of the city. There are a solarium and a sports shop, staffed by experienced instructors. The visitors can purchase a variety of sports nutrition fitness bar. In the hall you can do weight training and cardiovascular equipment to use. Is developing a personalized program.

With pool

Main gyms Krasnoyarsk

In the city of Krasnoyarsk gym World Class Molokova located on the street, the house 37. Fans of the healthy lifestyle and fitness will find a high level of comfort. Visitors to the complex features a spacious swimming pool, as well as a large selection of author's group programs. The club is designed according to international standards.

Other establishments

Main gyms Krasnoyarsk

Next will be described briefly gyms in Krasnoyarsk, which also deserve attention.

Club Level Up is located in Republic Street, in the house 47. The restaurant belongs to the largest clubs in the city. An area of ​​4,200 square meters has everything necessary for the comfort of visitors. Here everyone is waiting for six rooms for group programs, nursery, water zone, spacious dressing rooms, underground parking.

Describing gyms in Krasnoyarsk, it is impossible to pass by a place called "Forward". It is located on the street Tambov, 2d in the house. This spacious room has new weights. Here visitors will treadmills, women's and men's locker rooms with showers, music. Is developing a personalized program.

If you are interested in gyms Krasnoyarsk, note the Pool & Gym Club. It is located on the street Tolstoy, house 17a. Here visitors will find a variety of group classes, sections of swimming, special weight loss program, and correction, a sauna complex, an office of functional diagnostics, personal training, massage studio, aerobics, yoga.

Club "Egoist" is located on Prospekt Mira, house 10. Visitors can look forward to a flexible payment system, an infrared sauna, large showers equipped with hydromassage, a modern gym. The complex has individual cabins for changing clothes. The club can do aerobics, yoga, pilates, pick up the dance program. Hall N-RG GYM is located on Yastynskoy, house 6a. Strength training is the main focus of the institution. Here the visitor will find all the necessary training equipment. The presence of free weights will help to make the body beautiful and strong. Is developing a personalized program. Among the additional services - selection of sports nutrition.

Hall "Antey" located on the street 60 years of October, in the house 110a. There are all the necessary equipment for a full-strength training. Is developing a personalized program. Available are cardio. The facility is located in the Sverdlovsk region of the city. On weekdays, the complex is open from 9 am to 22 pm, Saturday and Sunday - from 10 am.

Hall of "Gladiator" is on the street Shipbuilding, in the home 58. This institution is designed for those who care about the appearance and health. The hall is equipped to full strength training. Possible selection of personal programs. The complex acts infrared sauna. Additional services include a solarium and massage.

Club "Rocking" is located on the street Krasnomoskovskoy in the house 64. This institution is designed for sports enthusiasts. The club is equipped with the necessary equipment for strength training. Possible selection of personal programs. Facility with cardio equipment. The club is located in the Railway area of ​​the city. It works without output from 10 to 22 hours.